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July 22nd 2011
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Wow, what a day! Sleep last night was minimal, followed by a journey back to airport to catch my minibus. I bought my ticket and was told to wait on the benches outside and someone will come and call me when we were leaving (I was 30 mins early). I was very aware that a group of people were buying tickets from the same desk. They then all left the terminal together to get a bus, in an organised group. It didn't seem to be for me as they all neatly walked together to a bus. This also took place at the same time my bus was due to depart. I very nearly stayed put, following my instructions to stay put until someone called me, I just thought the minibus was late. This was followed by a mini panic that I need to apply more common sense than that and follow my instincts which told me that they forgot about me and iot was my bus! Phew, it was my bus, but there were no logos on the minibus to confirm this and no one asked for my ticket.

To my suprise I still haven't bumped into any backpackers! The minibus was full of foreign older couples who were obviously on romantic holidays, so I wasn't going to disturb them. 3 hours down the road one of them said the bus was going to a different destination than mine! Yes, as you may imagine, my heart started to bounce. I hurried over to the driver to clarify the situation, fortunately for me it was going to Ko Chang and was dropping this couple off somewhere enroute, phew. It has been grey and chucking it down all day, literally. After about 6 hrs we made it to the ferry. Again, there were no backpackers, so I started to feel a little alone now, quite obviously sat on my own on the upper deck of the ferry.

After what felt like a very long and slow ferry ride, we all boarded the minibus again for arrival at Ko Chang. It was advertised that the bus was intended to drop us all at one place, my intention was then to follow some other backpackers or just suss things out. On arrival on Ko Chang it was clear that there wasn't a sole in sight other than a lady at her drinks stall and the rain was so heavy that it looked desserted, my heart is pounding at this point. The very kind driver asked everyone where they wanted dropping off. OMG! was my first though. When he came to me, I said ' I don't know, I will just jump out somewhere'. By now my heart was in mouth. I tried so hard not to over organise and therefore left the booking of acc'n until I arrived to start the adventure with some degree of effort and courage. This courageous plan didn't help when I was sat on the buss with thudding rain, heavy eyelids and no fluent english speaker to talk to.

Anyway, at the first drop off I just got out and walked to the nearest acc'n. In short, I walked away quite promptly, faced with a hut surrounded by unbuilt huts and builders working- eek! I then started to walk and found some bungalows on the beach front, which were affordable, so ta da, bed for the night sorted.

A couple of things today reminded me of movies, for instance, from the ferry, the island was hidden under a duvet of fog and mist! The island only became clear on actual arrival. The other...my e-nsuite in the beach hut is a mini toilet and shower head, over the same tiled floor (i need to get used to this!). Anyway, there was a minor leak from the base of the shower, so I tried to tighten it to stop the leak and the thing came off and started gushing out all over me!!! I refixed the screw thing and it was fine, but a momnent which brought a cringing smile.

Aside from a tiring and emotional day of traveling, this place is stunning. I just wish I could share it with you all.


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