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Even we didn't realise quite how special this birthday was..!
Remnants of Red
Bullet holes
Operation Clean-up Apparatus
Translates roughly as 'This is all Taksin's Fault'
Even the policeman
Everybody wants a look...
Still smoking
Shopping time
A typical attitude by the upper crust of Bangkok to the Red Shirts
Please don't take my photo
Returning to the ether
Looking towards Asoke station, which is hidden by the smoke
Setting the barricade alight
Now a fire worshipper?
Can I get past please?
Black shirt without a shirt?
A scooter makes his way around the burning barricade
Courtyard front at Rambuttri Village
The general and his troops
You gotta love some of the Red Shirts
Guarding a flower garden
Nice to be popular
Locals dress up in red and join in the festivities
Construction workers take time off to welcome the Red Shirts
Soldier watches from behind razor ribbon
It was a festival atmosphere, but the message was clear
A patrol passes a closed Burger King
The ordinarily busy Silom Road. Dodge the razor wire to go up to the Sky Train platform.
In the city where the colour of your shirt really does matter....
Photo 13
Border Crossing
Songkran - our weapons
Bar Fizz at sunset, Koh Tao
We love it!
Chinese New Year 14/02
Photo 139
Photo 66
Photo 63
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