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My Finnish friend and I met up with a plan for the day: visit a wat, eat, lounge by the pool, eat again. For a holiday, this is as good as it gets. We took the ferry to pier 15. From there it's nearly a straight shot down Phitsanulok Road with a turn and then you've arrived at Wat Benchamabopit Dusit Ratchaworawihan, otherwise known as the Marble Temple. But, of course, something so simple wouldn't make for a good story. This is an account of which road to NOT take to the temple. We were walking down the street and I realized it looked familiar. I then recounted the story of the last time I'd been walking in Dusit back in 2011, and had accidentally managed to not only wander into a protest, but also the ... read more
The Marble Temple
Side building

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 15th 2014

Songkran is the Thai new year and is marked by a huge water fight for a few days. The water is a cleansing step, like a fresh start; the clay is like a blessing, I'm told. It started in my neighborhood on Saturday but the holiday officially is on Monday and Tuesday. Water fights aren't quite my thing, but from what I could see (from all the people running around with huge water guns, covered in clay) it looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps if I had some friends here to go with, I would. (They've all left for the beach. Like most of Bangkok. Most of the city is pretty quiet this week.) Maybe next year. Most Thais will be nice if you ask them not to squirt you (I'm clearly unarmed) but there ... read more
Ready to go!
The crowds
More waiting

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 13th 2014

Once again, I entered Thailand from India with the intent of going to Vietnam. We stopped over in Thailand because it is a natural jumping off point to get a visa to Vietnam. Vietnam is one of just a handful of countries that still require a US citizen to get a Visa. Ashlee was not feeling well so I brought her to the hospital in Bangkok. They admitted her for 4 days and put her on an IV drip for a Kidney infection. So we ended up spending more time in Bangkok than we thought, but the doctor has ok'd our travel to Vietnam. We need to rush to Vietnam before someone else gets sick or ends up in the hospital. Last time I tried to go to Vietnam, my father fell ill and passed away ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 13th 2014

I took the ferry all the way to pier 3 for my outing today. After a few turns down quiet streets I found myself at the Bangkokian Museum, or Bangkok Folk Museum. It's an older house, set up like a traditional middle class home from around the time of WWII. Everything inside is from before 1957. There are four buildings to visit. When I arrived I was enthusiastically greeted by the people who work there and one of the men poured a little water on my shoulder for Songkran. I pretended he'd gotten me really wet and dramatically reacted, giving us both a good laugh. The main building is the house. The main floor is just a few rooms but the layout is very open air. Ornate slits are at the top of the walls to ... read more
Living room
Living room
Dining room

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 12th 2014

After living here nearly a year I finally get to visit the one place I've been itching to go: Chatuchak market. I visited it when I was here doing my CELTA two years ago and I've wanted to return every since. I'm even more interested in it now, since it's been made very clear to me that this is where all the Thais shop for good deals. I had one thing on my shopping list as a “need” and hoped to perhaps find a shirt or two for a good price as well, since I left most of my clothes in China and after 9 months I'm sick of the few shirts I do have. Plus it would be nice to have something a bit nicer and not faded to wear to parties and a nice ... read more
Chatuchak Park
Chatuchak Park
More food!


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 11th 2014

I awoke early, filled with anticipation. It's my first day of staycation and I have a lot to do. There are three places on my list to see. Part of me wants to lay in bed and rest; part of me is anxious to get going. I took the ferry to pier 13 and walked to stop number one: the National Art Gallery. I'd read online on a third party website (the museum doesn't have one that I could find) that the gallery is small and would only take about an hour to see everything. However I was not prepared for the ticket price: 200 Baht. This is definitely priced for tourists. I'm sure there are a great number of treasures, but for that price I opted to skip it. The workers who'd looked so excited ... read more
Oldest known Thai writing.  1292 CE
War on elephantback!
Now THAT's a cannon!

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 8th 2014

Today I would start in Bangkok and by the late evening I would be in Siem Reap Cambodia. I had until 4pm in Bangkok and I had a few options for the day. I could have taken a well reviewed food tour or do some shopping and go to chinatown to try the wolfpack trail. I decided to eat first before I made my decision. This hostel did not provide breakfast but the 7 Eleven nearby had various baked goods. So my breakfast that morning was a orange bun with some fanta drink. Not the healthiest breakfast you can have but what the hell I am on vacation. Over breakfast I opted for to do some shopping and Chinatown. I couldn't book the food tour through the hostel and that was a disappointment because hostels are ... read more
Beneath the Skytrain

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 7th 2014

It's mango season here in Thailand, and what a wonderful season it is. I've never had sweeter mangos in my life. Everywhere you go there are mangos for sale. I'm lucky enough to have a pick-up truck selling them just down the road from my apartment. I stopped at it one night on my way home from dinner. I inquired about the price and it's 100 Baht for 1 kilo. ($1.50 USD for one pound.) My Thai coworkers have assured me this is indeed a fair price. I decided to buy two mangos. The woman weighed them on a little scale, effortlessly cut them up, and put them on a tray and covered it in plastic wrap. She also offered to sell me some sticky rice and coconut milk, so I could enjoy the traditional dish ... read more
My mangos
Mango sticky rice

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 7th 2014

Exchange Rate $1AUD = 29.6Baht We inhaled the pungent steaming air and the moisture stuck to our dry bodies the moment we started down the Thai Airlines stairs, having landed in ….and of course the answer to the title’s riddle…. Bangkok! We had been dreaming of this moment since shivering our brass balls off in Dragnag, Nepal, all those weeks ago. Yes the air was thick, it was hard to breathe, sweat was dripping from every pore in our bodies, but we loved every minute of it. During the couple of evening hours after landing we spent our time venturing to our one night transit hostel, Link Corner, and a quick jaunt to get dinner at the local corner Thai restaurant. Once settled and ready to eat we devoured delicious pad thai and sipped refreshing young ... read more
Lone Monk in the Grand Palace grounds
Biggest gold buddha in the world - Wat Traimit
Chinatown street view

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 6th 2014

Next hiccup of the trip. I had told the hostel that I would leaving early and they assured me someone would be waiting for me. Surprise, no one was there. I left my sheets and key at the door and lost my key deposit :(. Flight path for today would take me from London to Helsinki to Bangkok. Taking the tube from central London to Heathrow only costs 4 pounds and takes about an hour or so. First flight was with British Airways and was uneventful 3 hours to Helsinki. I had a few hours in Helsinki and I decided to count that as having visited Helsinki (Take That Christine). Airport in Helsinki is very close to the city so wouldn't take that long to get into the city. I will do an actual visited to ... read more
Feet in Sandals
View from Skytrain

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