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Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 21st 2013

At 3pm I met with Dee Diezo (from Russia) at the Grand Palace – he is one of the friends I made in the hostel in Pattaya. We saw a little play in Thai and visited a local shrine. We then passed through the demonstrations which luckily were still peaceful. We took the commuter boat to Taksin BTS station. The water in the Praya canals are so polluted that they have to put covers up on the sides of the boat. It was difficult to get out of the boat, you have to jump and hope for the best. It wasn’t so easy in a long skirt but somehow I managed it. We went to Siam Paragon one of the many big shopping centres and went down to the aquarium. There was a show for kids ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 21st 2013

As it was my last night with Susan she promised me that I could have my photo taken with her two dogs Lola and Samba. That was difficult as Lola is really un-coordinated and can’t sit still as she is a labradoodle and that is her nature. Susan put a xmas hat on Lola and tied a red ribbon around Samba’s neck and we had the xmas tree in the background. Ong and Pan had to help out as I couldn’t get the two dogs to sit still. Today was my last full day in Bangkok and time has just gone so quickly. There is so much to learn and study and interesting people to meet with interesting stories. It’s like taking a trip around the universe and discovering different planets and then always wanted to ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 20th 2013

I was all excited and dressed up to go to the Grand Palace this morning and meet Dee Diezo but unfortunately I only got as far as Siam. I got up late, I went to the bank and stopped off at the shopping centre in Siam, at a Korean restaurant, I had a very big meal and then decided it was too hot, too busy and too late to do anything but have a cappuccino in a café and catch up on my travel plans via WiFi.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 19th 2013

I'm back in Bangkok now. I had an early start this morning as I wanted to join the English free tour which starts at 9.30am on Wednesday and Thursday at the National Museum of Thailand in Bangkok. I was an hour late so luckily met a french tour group just at the end of my visit when we reached the royal carriage part of the museum and found out lots about the royal family (which is one of the topics I was most interested in.) It's a good job that I understand French. I visited the National Museum, the Royal Carriage Museum and the temple complex in the grounds and ate at a restaurant there with a nice French couple. I spent 3 hours in the museum as it was so interesting. I was surprised to ... read more
the temple within the museum complex
statue outside the temple

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 15th 2013

Spent the first afternoon in Bangkok getting our bearings. Nice lady assisted us as the information centre was closed. Visited a Thai jewellery and silk outlet shop - nice but too expensive for us. Wandered around one of the many department malls - a lot like Smith and Caughey's or Ballentynes. Next day took lady's advice and caught the skytrain to Saphan Tabsin. Then caught a long boat to take us up to the Grand Palace. Should have taken the locals ferry as it would have been much cheaper - but an exciting experience on one of these long boats which are powered by a car engine and long prop off the end. At the Grand Palace we were not allowed entry because we were both wearing shorts and I was exposing the top of my ... read more
Dressed for the occassion
Grand Palace
Detail on Palace walls


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 15th 2013

Susan and I got a taxi from hers at 8am to avoid the traffic. We went to Carol's house for breakfast and sat out on the terrace whilst it was the coolest part of the day. I met her thai husband and her daughters and we all sat around the table drinking coffee and eating from eight different exotic fruits. Carol dropped me off at Chatuchak market near Mochit. It was enormous, very crowded and hot. I didn't spend much time there and returned to Susan's for early afternoon to enjoy the pleasant air-conditioning in her house. I had a nap and was relieved not to be returning home in rush hour traffic, and to be back before 3pm which is when the day is at its hottest.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 14th 2013

Today I really indulged in western food in Susan's local neighbourhood Punawithi. I had a nice ice-cream sundae in Mcdonalds, a mixture of thai food from a street vendor and an enormous café latte in S&P which is a thai chain of restaurants (like Vips in Madrid.) I woke up late and walked around the neighbourhood and to finish the day I had a fish spa at a Thai massage parlour. In the evening Susan ordered food from S&P, and I got Skype working at Susan's and chatted to Dad on it. That was a very pleasant surprise!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 13th 2013

I'm just having a relaxing day. I got the metro to Lumpini via Asoke BTS (see the view of Bangkok from Asoke in my photo.) I went to Starbucks to catch up with my blog and this afternoon I went lizard spotting in Lumpini park (see my photo.) I walked through the business centre of Bangkok and had a really nice lunch there. The weather is a bit cooler today as there is a cold front pushing in from China and Japan. Thank Buddha!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 12th 2013

Late morning I went to the polo club with Susan to meet her friend Carol and two of their Thai friends. The polo club is exclusive, only available to upper members of society and you can only join by knowing the right people and paying a lot of money. It has a 50 metre swimming pool, a golf course and a horse-riding track and a nicely air-conditioned restaurant. Susan invited us to lunch there, and then they exchanged Christmas gifts (well really New Year gifts as Thais don’t celebrate xmas but they celebrate New Year.) I had imported salmon (it tasted norweigan rather than Scottish) and crepe with ice cream for dessert. Susan’s friends were friendly and very interesting people. I learned a lot about the thai royal family and the king’s four daughters and one ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 11th 2013

In the morning I walked around Benjasiri Park. It is a smallish park and commemorates the 60thbirthday of Queen Sirikit, her majesty the queen of King Rama IX In the afternoon I ate my first ever Japanese meal in the Japanese area of Bangkok, in Ekamai. I ate in a restaurant in the shopping centre. The shopping centre was nicely decorated in a Japanese style, air-conditioned and very confusing Japanese toilets with 15 buttons on, one of them being a seat warmer. I bought a book on Thai cooking and an origami beginner set which I can do when I’m on public transport. I ordered mixed sashimi salad, stir-fried bean curd accompanied by miso soup, rice and a mug of green tea. When the meal arrived I had no idea what was what, how to eat ... read more
Benjasiri Park

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