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Asia » Taiwan March 23rd 2014

Waiting for the rest of the crew to come to yoga and potluck. Janice is already here please coming shortly and hopefully trudy and Lucy will join us before this is all before supper.#This is a vegetarian supper for everyone to enjoy🏡. Waiting for the morning and cannot sleep. Everything is packed and I am revved up. Plane leaves at 6:23 and my great friend, Trudy Kapiniak is picking me up at 3:45. Now that is a friend:)... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei » CKS International Airport March 14th 2014

If there ever is a rocket that can get to a destination faster, you heard it hear first, I will gladly sign up for that test. I sat in the middle seat between my two friends and lets just say, the seats are only 16 - 17 inches wide...HAVE YOU SEEN MY APPETITE? On a 14 hour flight, I probably slept only 7 hours as it was a bumpy ride due to turbulence. The rest 7 hours was spent looking out the window wondering if the Lakers lost, why someone can buy 50 watermelons in math problems and no one questions them. We reached the Taiwan Airport at 6AM (TAIWAN TIME) and man...they have some legit stores here open AT 6AM IN THE MORNING! Who is shopping at these stores at 6AM!? Oh wait, Cartier didn't ... read more
Airplane Seats

Asia » Taiwan » Hsinchu March 13th 2014

你好! Belofte maakt schuld. Het is nu meer dan een maand sinds mijn laatste blogupdate. Volgens mij is dat een goed teken, we maken er hier in Taiwan een kunst van onze weken zo vol mogelijk in te plannen. Dit blog zal ik een omschrijving geven van het “Campus-Life on NCTU” en zal ik proberen om niet al te lang uit te wijden over wat ik zoal meegemaakt heb. Na mijn weekend met Thijs en Loes naar Yilan en Fulong, was het tijd om me naar Hsinchu te begeven. Hsinchu is een middelgrote stad ten zuid-westen van Taipei. Hier is de 2e universiteit van Taiwan gevestigd, National Chiao Tung Universitiy of kortweg NCTU. In Taiwan moeten lokale studenten erg hard werken om op een universiteit als NCTU te komen. Hoge gemiddelden, weekendschool en een speciaal examen ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung March 5th 2014

Once back from Borneo, we settled back into the school routine, up early, have breakfast, then Linda heads off to school and Maurice cleans up, does travel research, and looks after all the details of daily living. Maurice also managed to sub a few days in December and really enjoyed his time with the students. On December 12th, Maurice left for the airport and home. He and Luc had meetings scheduled in Calgary on the 15th and so he had to leave prior to Linda's Christmas Vacation. Maurice arrived home in Saskatoon to find that our home sitter wasn't fulfilling his part of the bargain! Also, Tai, our grandson, had experienced a stroke affecting his right side on December 9th, and was in hospital. Arriving home around midnight, Maurice made the mistake of opening the mail ... read more
Such a handsome Couple
Saydi's Christmas Party
Tyler and Marc's Work

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei March 2nd 2014

Ni Hao!!! After Ghana I went back to the Netherlands where I spent one week and saw some family, friends and acquaintances again. Then I left from Amsterdam aboard China Airlines to Taipei, Taiwan with a quick stop in Bangkok, Thailand. I didn't originally plan to visit Taiwan but since I had an option to stay there a few days, I took advantage and did it. I spent 6 days in the country. I found the country to be clean and very modern, the people I dealt with were friendly with superb customer service which the rest of the world could learn from! Taiwan is also known as "Republic of China" because officially it's not an independent country. China still considers Taiwan as part of its territory. It's a very complicated issue, but I consider it ... read more
Ximending area
Longshan Temple
Taiwanese Dollars: 1600 TWD = 52 US$ (1 US$ = ca. 30 TWD)


Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 23rd 2014

One of the downsides of having a full-time job is that you have to give up your flexibility as far as schedule is concerned. The past three months have been an exercise of ingenuity in scheduling, especially considering my unorthodox working time (night shift, from 8p.m. to 5a.m.). As a result, I’m only left with weekends for trips out of town. One of the trips I can squeeze in is a trip to Taipei for two days with a couple of my cousins. The flight and hotel were booked last year through a promo so there’s no backing out now. Besides, the trip itself fits right in with my schedule, so no worries. And it has been a month since I left Manila and it has been driving me crazy to the point that I’ve been ... read more
Taipei 101
National Palace Museum
Shilin Night Market

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 19th 2014

Its Day 2! After a good night's rest its off to Tian Ma Farm. Trip took around 45mins from Tai Chung. Looks like a wild life park. Its basically a Llama wildlife park with other minor animal species. There is a newcomer to the farm, its a 160-year-old tortoise (claimed by the keeper). Looking at him makes me think that in his current lifetime he had lived through 2 world wars and more. Among other animals is this cute ground hog. There are many other animals like snakes, birds, camels, ostriches etc… Next we went to one of the most beautiful attraction of our trip. (Zhong She Hua Shi). Also known as "Hua Hai". Its like the beautiful flower meadows in Holland. They even had a wind mill there. Lol. After that, we travelled to a ... read more
Tian Ma Farm
Tian Ma Farm

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei February 9th 2014

Bon soiré, want het is inmiddels alweer avond hier. We schrijven 9 februari 2014 en mijn avontuur in Taiwan is een feit. De 6e vertrok ik met een cityhopper naar Frankfurt, ben ik overgestapt in een intercontinentale vlucht naar Hanoi, om de 7e te landen in Taipei. Ik had al wel eerder gevlogen, maar nog geen jetlag gehad. Na 18 uur in het vliegtuig te zitten, had ik de eerste twee dagen in taipei wel een flinke jetlag te pakken. De Taiwanezen zijn enorm gastvrij. Ik landde in een stad naast Taipei, om met een bus te worden afgezet bij het main station van Taipei. Hier ging ik, lichtelijk gedesorienteerd, op zoek naar mijn hostel. Het duurde 10 minuten voordat een Taiwanese knaap van een jaar of 16 met een vlassnorretje me aansprak om te vragen ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Taichung February 4th 2014

It's been a while that I last traveled to some place cool. I decide to travel to Taiwan during Spring, thinking it might be somewhat cooling (20 degress and above) but didn't expect it to be that cold (below 10 degrees). 8 Days in Taiwan (17 Jan - 24 Jan 2014). From East to West Taiwan. This is my third time there and decide to post my trip here. Took Tiger Airways to Taiwan. The plane as usual, wasn't really on the dot but wasn't too late either. From Tao Yuan International Airport. I ate lunch at some eatery in Tao Yuan and off to Taichung. Trip took 2 hours there. First stop to Cai Hong Cun, Rainbow Village. Its a village where there is this old man who draws "graffiti" on almost "everywhere" in the ... read more
Feng Jia Night Market
Taiwan - 8 Days (East - West)
Cai Hong Cun

Asia » Taiwan » Taipei January 27th 2014

For this winter break, I decided to take a trip down to Taipei, Taiwan. It was a last minute decision and was well worth it. I had yet to visit the island, and this was a great time to take the trip. I stayed in Taipei during my adventure, with a day trip down to the southern tip of the island to Kenting, Taiwan. I arrived on a Tuesday and spent my first evening getting acquainted with the neighborhood where my hostel was located. I stayed at the Eight Elephants & Dreaming Dragon near the Guting station. I walked around the neighborhood and found a tiny restaurant. I ordered noodles with pork dumplings. Afterward, I walked to a local night market and experienced the sights and sounds it provided. I started my first full day in ... read more
Little Bay Beach
CKS Memorial Hall
Noodles and Dumplings

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