Photos from Taipei, Taiwan, Asia

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It was love at first sight
Feeding a feisty feline
Scooters are common in Taipei
Huaxi night market
Huaxi night market
Funky sales promoter girls at Shilin night market
Imposing statue at the Museum of World Religion
Not the Grand Hotel
Finally we arrived the beach, one wants to play the water~~
Candy, my super cute student
Taipei National Theater
Tai Chi at 35 degrees
Beautiful lane in park
Read the Sign
101 taipei
You are protected
Modern Toilet
Taipei 101
08-06-2007 062
our lunch -
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The girls
Landy, Veronica and Ann
Landy and her niece and nephew
Landy and I at Luxy
Longshan Temple
Front of Chiang Kai-sheck Memorial
Chiang Kai-sheck Memorial
Presidential Palace
Beware of Falling Rocks
Tattoo Statue
Meidan hostellin takapiha
Planning a Route
Nightmarket vor dem Regen
National Concert Hall and Theatre
Portal zum CKS Park
Park der Präsidentenresidenz
Taipei GP!!
Taipei 101
Me and the Generalissimo
Guarding CKS
Eternal Springs Shrine - Taroko Gorge
The beautiful Taroko Gorge
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