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June 3rd 2008
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For visiting Taipei, the first vehicle you will choose is MRT system for tourists. It is basically tool to visit around all Taipei and Taipei county . If you could know the way to translate public bus, it will be fun to travel in Taipei. But unluckliy, the bus system does not support English well including the route map. So for foreigners, it is not easy to take .
MRT system information here :

Notice:1- Do not drink, eat in station, otherwise you will be banned
2- Please try to keep in line when you are waiting for the train.

1- Take MRT Brown Line to Taipei City Zoo Station and visit the Zoo. also
visit the MaoKong Gondola to view 101 or have the tea meat on mountain.
But, Please do not take the gondola at hot day, it is quite humid without air-con
(and try to take in the early morning, because it is few tourists then)
2- Take red line to XinBeitou to take the hotspring in winter.
3- Take the red line to Danshui. That used to be a small fish habor, but now, it is the place for
seeing sunset and there are many snacks on the street for tourists.


9th September 2008

Taipei MRT
Taipei MRT System is efficient. And I always enjoy taking the MRT trains because Taipei people always queue up properly while waiting for the trains to come. I agree that Maokong Gondola is nice. And the view of Taipei basin is fantastic at night. Worth the long waiting time.

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