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Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung August 7th 2013

Cijin Island is tiny - only about 6km across - and very close to Kaosiung, only about 5 minutes by ferry. I took a rented bicycle across on the boat, which was absolutely crammed full of people crossing on bicycles and scooters, resulting in a frenetic crush to get off the boat both going and coming back. The island itself is easily cycled around following the cycle path along one coast and many visitors rent bikes there. There was quite an amazing range, from normal bikes and tandems through to pedal powered Cinderella-style carriages that seat whole families. The main points of interest are a small beach, a market selling traditional seafood (mostly dried fish) and a small wind farm, which is not very interesting to look at, but which the island is extremely proud of ... read more
Cijin wind farm
Cijin beach
Out to sea

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung August 6th 2013

Following the fight in Taiwanese Parliament over the building of a fourth nuclear power station in Taiwan (which made international news), the topic is much on everyone's minds. All the Taiwanese I have spoken to are very anti nuclear power (though this is a skewed demographic, since those I have met are generally being under 35, and mostly either students or recent graduates, and staying in hostels), though I have witnessed foreigners shrug their shoulders and as what alternative the Taiwanese have, given the lack of feasible alternatives (it is said that in the next few years Taiwan will start to see power outages due to a lack of available energy). The arguments for and against nuclear power are the same used the world over, but in Taiwan people feel especially passionate because of the Fukushima ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung August 5th 2013

North of Kaoshuing is a derelict Sugar Factory that was one of the first built by the Japanese when they took over Taiwan. Situated in a nice part of the city, and has been developed into an recreational park, but in an interesting way: outlying buildings have been converted to galleries, cafes and studios, but there has been no attempt to convert or preserve the main factory complex beyond putting in a few walkways for visitors, so it has become rusted and ramshackle (the old machinery rattles creepily every time there is a breeze). It must be a great site for a film or photography shoot. There were few visitors so it was especially bleak and eerie, though there is an attempt to cheer up part of the site with some comical figures made from recycled ... read more
Ciaotou Sugar Factory
Ciaotou Sugar Factory

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung April 25th 2013

We were off to Hong Kong on Tuesday, January 15th via Vancouver. We flew from Saskatoon at 8AM, landed in Vancouver and then had a 5 hour layover waiting for our flight to HK. That gave us time to read, check our emails, and have lunch. We arrived in Hong Kong on Wednesday after a 13 hour flight. Wow!! It was like 3 in the morning for us, however, because of the 13 hour time difference it was about 4 Wednesday afternoon local time. We have decided to include the currency exchange rates for the various countries we visit. We sometimes refer to local costs, and over time, we don't always remember ourselves. So, the Exchange rate at this time: $1 CN dollar is 7.56 HK. Because Linda has been to Hong Kong a few times, ... read more
The Walk of Stars
Walk of Fame
Hong Kong Big Bus Tour

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung February 1st 2013

So wurde dieses Land im 16. Jahrhundert von portugiesischen Seefahrern genannt und bedeutet übersetzt: „Die schöne Insel“. Nach der Besatzungszeit der Japaner bis 1945 wurde sie anschließend wieder an die damalige Republik China zurück gegeben, bis Chiang Kai-shek mit seiner Kuomintang Regierung den Bürgerkrieg gegen Mao Zedongs Partei verlor und auf die Insel flüchtete. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten betrachtet man in Mainland China Taiwan heute noch als eine abtrünnige Provinz – ganz im Gegensatz zu den Taiwanern. Diese nutzen, wie mir auch schon während meines Praktikums in Peking aufgefallen ist, China hauptsächlich als Wirtschaftspartner. Als ich am 20. Januar in Taipei ankam verabredete ich mich am selben Abend noch mit meinem taiwanesischen Freund, den ich vor zwei Jahren in London kennengelernt hatte – Facebook hat demnach auch was Gutes. Das erste was mir in di ... read more


Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung October 30th 2011

Zjutraj smo sli kolesariti po okolici s Chi in njenim tipom. To je drug obraz Tajvana, saj je okrozje Changhuah precej ruralno in hkrati industrijsko oz. tovarnisko. Tako smo se vozili mimo obseznih rizevih polj, ki so tu nekoliko drugacna od ostalih v (JV) Aziji, vsaj zdi se mi. Pa seveda mimo nasadov drugih zelenjav in sadja, mimo papajinih dreves, zapuscenih his, starinskih templjev, kitajskih napisov nenzanega porekla … Kos mo se vrnili, smo se se malo sprehodili po okolici in odkrili (vsaj jaz) park metuljev, tai chi potko (tisto s spikajocimi in zdravilnimi kamencki, po kateri se moras sprehoditi bos), cudovit lotusov ribnik in med roza lotusi zelo redke bele in rumene, mimogrede resili mucko iz jarka, v katerega je padla … Potem pa pocasi standardna procedura: pakiranje nahrbtnika, in ne tako standardno nadaljevanje: v ... read more

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung August 16th 2011

Even een kort berichtje want ik spring zo weer op de fiets om dag 2 van de 180km scenic east coast tour te starten, jaja, je bent Nederlander of je bent 't niet ;-) Inmiddels weer heeeeel wat meegemaakt. Zo ben ik met mijn hostfamily naar een bekende tempel geweest. Kreeg daar uitleg en een rondleiding van een monnik. Ik mocht ene rvaag stellen aan de god, twee houten halve maantjes laten vallen en verrek, het antwoord was 'Ja' . Moest nogmaals vragen of dit 'echt het antwoord was (you'd better be sure..) en ja hoor, hoppa, weer een Ja gegooid. Dag kon niet meer stuk. Offer gebracht, wierook aangestoken (bij afwezigheid van een kaars) en op naar het treinstation. Kreeg een heel overlevingspakket mee van de familie (incl poncho...euhm..het is 34 C en blue sky....maar ... read more
Fish at the night market
Night out with some friends
Something different than Holland...

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung July 4th 2011

Kaohsiung. Its a City where the sun is very strong and that there are hardly clouds that cover the bright blue skies. Its also a bicycle friendly city where cyclists can ride on roads and that be not afraid of vehicle bullying from anyone. Given a relatively amateur like me, its still a bit nerve wrecking when cars and buses pull up beside me. However, I have to agree with my sister on this part, and that is, kaohsiung is better explored on 2 wheels. From the wonderful university architecture to the wonderful chua bing at AH PO Desserts, its a pretty far distance. And cycling along roads and breakwaters does give one the feeling of being in a Taiwanese idol drama.=P The places where one stop and rent bikes can be found at Si Zi ... read more
Mango Chua Bing at AH PO
From another angle
Taking a Break Along a bridge

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung May 19th 2011

Thursday, 19th May 2011 We got off to an early morning start at the Taiwan Sugar Museum (MRT: Ciaotou Sugar Refinery Station). Located at the northern suburbs of Kaohsiung, this was a disused sugar refinery which operated during the Japanese Occupation. The factory buildings were now restored and the surrounding compounds converted into a large open space. The public was welcomed to roam around the premises for free. The major highlights of our visit was a chance to pose pictures (plenty of them) with the outdoor train cars and locomotives displays next to the main gate. Train buffs would certainly appreciate their visits to this quiet museum and come weekends, visitors could even enjoy an electric train ride experience for a small fee. No visits to the Sugar Museum would be complete without a serving of ... read more
One of the locomotives on display
A rustic walk
One of the many buildings on site

Asia » Taiwan » Kaohsiung May 19th 2011

Thursday, 19th May 2011 After loitering around at the National Stadium and posing pictures with the 2 mascots for the Kaohsiung World Games 2009, Gao Mei (高妹) and Syong Ge (雄哥), we were off to the Lotus Lake Scenic Area (莲池潭) by 4 in the afternoon. Getting to the Lotus Lake from Zuoying Station took us a good 30 minutes by footwork. Along the way, we liked to acknowledge a couple of people for making this journey possible :- 1) We liked to thank SS for using her IPhone Google Map Application to guide us through the way. Without which, we might had lose our bearings. 2) We liked to thank ourselves for ordering a huge portion of egg omelette lunch @ 新光三越 food hall to prepare ourselves for the long legwork ahead. 3) We also ... read more
The Mascots for Kaohsiung World Games 2009
Welcome to Kaohsiung
Taking a breather at Lotus Lake Scenic Area

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