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Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Colombo April 16th 2014

10thApril Colombo, Sri Lanka Another early morning arrival into Sri Lanka, we berthed at their container port and when we got onto the coach for our trip it took about ten minutes just to get to the port gates. Colombo is Sri Lankas capital city and is at the crossroads of the great spice routes where cultures and races have combined for centuries. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) became a British colony in 1802 after being ruled by the Portuguese and latterly the Dutch. Plantations were established (coffee) and was a leading export until destroyed by disease. Tea was introduced and Sri Lanka is now the fourth highest producer in the world. The majority of the country’s earliest inhabitants were Sinhalese from northern India, the Dravidian (Tamil) invasions from southern India caused the Sinhalese to abandon the northern ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka March 19th 2014

Donnerstag, 13.03.14 - Sonntag, 16.03.14 Die paar Tage bei der Familie verbrachte ich hauptsächlich damit, meine Wäsche zu waschen, Sachen aufzuarbeiten, mein Gepäck neu zu sortieren und zu packen sowie ein kleines bisschen meine nächste Reise zu planen. Doch leider fehlte dazu völlig die Zeit, sodass ich einmal mehr ins kalte Wasser springen muss. Ich bin richtig froh, dass ich hier wie ein zweites Zuhause habe. So habe ich nette Leute um mich, kann gut schlafen und mich erholen. Montag, 17.03.14 Gegen 08.00 Uhr verabschiedete ich mich von Anna und Martin. Matthew brachte mich wie immer zur Autobahn. Dieses Mal klappte es wieder besser mit trampen. Der erste Fahrer fuhr zwar nur bis zur Hälfte der Strecke, doch auch danach klappte es sofort wieder. Dieses Mal nahm mich eine Frau mit und brachte mich netterweise direkt ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Mount Lavinia March 3rd 2014

03.03.2014 - Day 2 Woke up from a well deserved 15 hours sleep!!! Boom we are now on Sri Lankan time!! Woke up to a power cut so not even the fan was working in the sauna, sweaty betty messes!!!! Freshened up and headed out to find a supermarket, never thought we would have to risk our lives to get some sun cream and razor blades! Zebra crossings in Sri Lanka are not the same as England!! Deano spotted a lovely old local lady crossing the road and decided to use her as a shield, as a result we made it back to our hotel safely, however we soon realised that our shopping bag had a hole in the bottom and only managed to get 1 of the 2 bottles of sun cream back safely, 430rps ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Mount Lavinia March 2nd 2014

02.03.2014 - Day 1 Heathrow to Colombo to Mount Lavinia Flight was delayed by 2.5 hours :-( . Dani slept pretty much thee whole way while Deano was wide awake on his own. Arrived at Colombo airport and changed money and got a taxi to the hotel. Thought the taxi was going to be 3000rps but quickly worked out that you get charged tax on top of everything so ended up paying 3828rps, rule number 1 - always check receipt before getting in pre arranged taxi!! Dropped our bags off in the sauna / room freshened up a little and headed down to what can only be described as the busiest beach this side of the Indian Ocean!! Walked through a lovely dark alley, across an actual train track and down some rocks to get on ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Northern Province » Jaffna February 22nd 2014

Boarding the bus in Vavuniya was an assault on the senses: loud Indian-produced Tamil-language music blaring out on the subwoofers, images of Ganesh pasted above the driver’s seat, and the smell of burning incense. After just over two weeks travelling around Sri Lanka, I was on my way to Jaffna in the north, five years after the end of the civil war, to see how the city and Jaffna Peninsula were recovering from decades of war. It was an opportunity, I hoped, to see a much different side of Sri Lanka; in the south, there is very little evidence of there ever being a civil war in the country, and in two and a half weeks travelling around the majority-Buddhist areas of the country, the subject of the civil war never once came up in conversation. ... read more
Clothes seller, Jaffna market
Houses, Jaffna Beach Road
Keerimalai spring


Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo February 12th 2014

Last day in Sri Lanka of the (non) cycling holiday. Hot day again at 33 deg and no cloud. Spent 1/2 hr bagging up my bike for transit then walked into town to visit the massive market which sells everything from a ladle made from a stick with a coconut shell on the end to a metal pan scrubber. Clothing for ever, and more food than you think could ever be consumed. Fruit and veg, many of which are unknown to us and then the fish market. Once seen never forgotten. Half an acre of fish drying on the sun on coconut matts, fish being gutted by women in tents on the sand and fish cut up in front of you from tuna to little silver fish, prawns, octopus and swordfish but to name a few. ... read more
Beach cricket
Pickle seller

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province February 11th 2014

Cold shower again tonight, good job this cold is not like Lancashire cold water. Other than that the Silva's Beach Hotel is very nice and the staff extremely friendly. I was struggling to get a Wifi signal and they let me sit in their office alone to send the blog at 10pm. Always smiling with a little shake of the head. We followed the coast around the southern tip and up to Colombo on the 3 month old motorway then on to Negombo, near the airport for our return tomorrow night. We stopped at Galle, which along with many other coastal towns was badly affected by the tsunami of 2006 and has had a lot of rebuilding done. It reminded me if a French Colonial town with its yellow buildings and shuttered windows but find it ... read more
Fishing boats
Gun turret Galle

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Galle February 10th 2014

COLUMBO – SRI LANKA Thursday 6thFebruary 2014 Got up at 07.00am as we wanted to do our mile around the deck and go to the gym before breakfast – and also see if we could see any whales as Blue Whales are somewhere off the coast of Sri Lanka! There was quite a strong wind whipping the sea up so predictably no joy on the whale front!! The sea calmed back down by about 9.00am and the wind dropped leaving another scorching hot day and after a lazy day we got to Columbo about 14.30pm. (Docked at Passenger Terminal Ports Authority 19, Chaithya Rd) None of the palava of the Indian Ports and we were able to stroll off the boat at around 15.00pm where we walked into town to negotiate a tuk-tuk for the afternoon. ... read more
The 'White House'
Moslem children at the beach!
Temple on the Island

Asia » Sri Lanka » Southern Province » Tangalle February 10th 2014

When you live in the jungle you have an obligation to share it with the wildlife. I got into my bed last night with my head torch on and saw a 2" cockroach up on the inside of the mozzie net. Needless to say it had to be transferred to its own quarters, outside. The mini ants were a different case due to the shear number running up and down between the back of the mirror and the washbasin carrying soap. I had to surrender and accept their presence with grace and humility. However, tonight I realised that they were using the exact same path to and from the mirror, bumping into each other when going in opposite directions. I wiped across the track with a tissue and they were totally lost and went haywire going ... read more
Water buffalo
Myna bird
Water lilies

Asia » Sri Lanka February 9th 2014

Why Sri Lanka? Well, it's all Deans fault really, (I'm only joking) he met a couple in Vietnam during a recent bike trip, who had had just finished traveling through Sri Lanka and really enjoyed it, and as neither of us had been ourselves, and we had a few weeks to kill before our motorbike tour through India, we decided we would have a look see. Well not totally true really, I had stopped here a long time ago as a child on our way to Australia and I remember being quite scared by what, to me, was something so very different, and a very long way from my countryside upbringing in England. I'm pleased to say that after being here for several weeks it really is not that scary! The flight into Colombo is really ... read more

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