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Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Kegalle May 17th 2014

In Pinnawala, on the outskirts of the town of Kegalla, Sri Lanka, there are moments along the day when it is better to be careful going out to walk on the streets. No problems with crime or the sun burns. No more than elsewhere. Traffic is not particularly aggressive. But it is the time when the elephants go to bathe in the nearby Maya Oya River. In 1975, the Sinhalese Wildlife Department decided to open a space where orphan baby elephants, coming from the jungle and from the Natural Parks of Yala, Bundala and Udawalawe were welcomed and carefully breed. Just on the first year six small proboscis, the two males Vijaya and Neela and females Kumari, Anusha, Mathali and Komali, already lived in the newly established orphanage. Initially the orphanage had several locations, including the ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Ratnapura May 10th 2014

Hello dear readers, Well it's another day in paradise for me lol. Im had a restful nights sleep drifting off in my camp bed to the to the sounds of crickets, frogs chatting to each other and other local wildlife noises. All vet peaceful and not a car horn to be heard ahhhhhh! So I got up had a shower in the shower block with the sun shining down and then had brekkie. Garlic sausage and fried eggs and toast. A lovely cup,of Sri Lankan tea and a plate of fruit. The sweetest small bananas inhave ever tasted and juicy fresh pineapple. Not so keen on the water melon and guava though. So after breakfast I took to the water to go kayaking. We, me and my two companions from the Boarderlands team, were taken by ... read more

So it was time to depart and head to my next location. As usual Lala and I chatted, he pointed out various things along the way, flora and fauna, birds etc and of course I nodded off along the way. About 30 mins before arriving at the new hotel we stopped off to check the timing of the safari 2.30pm which gave me time to settle in the hotel, use the wifi and get some lunch. Also along the way we stopped off for a tambil. This is a yellow coconut which they top off and you drink the juice out from a straw. Then then cut it open and you scoop out the flesh. Lala said it was very good for you and very refreshing. He parked on one side of the road and crossed ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Pinnawala April 22nd 2014

Our first schedule in Sri Lanka was in Elephant Orphanage which was located in Pinnawala. We rode a bus and headed toward the Pinnawala for about three hours. There were a lot of elephants. There were lots of foreign tourists in there. People were able to see the elephant right next to them. In addition, they could feed them and help taking a shower of them. It might be quite good and interesting chances for people, but when I saw elephant babies which chains in their ankle, people seemed to be so rude. Also, I was sad to see those poor elephants. The most impressive experience in Elephant Orphanage was elephants' shower in a lake. Countless number of elephants had to wash them self in a lake every 10 a.m. At that ... read more
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Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Udawalawae NP January 12th 2014

I arrive in Tissamaharama (shortened to Tissa henceforth for obvious reasons) after two stinky, crammed local bus rides. A few tuk tuks and guesthouse touts are already waiting for me. While I try my best to ignore them, one is particularly persistent. He follows me on a motorcycle, trying to steer me towards his (or his family's) guesthouse. "Where you stay, sir?" -"Oh, I can't tell you. It's a secret." "Why you say that? I'm honest." -"Well, you have a guesthouse as well, so you're competition." "Yes, but I just ask you, no problem. Which guesthouse?" -"*blah*" "Oh, ok. Actually, I know the place. The father of the owner died last week. They have funeral there tonight. My family and me, we're going to pay our respects. I don't think it's open for business at the ... read more
Green bee-eater
Elephants taking a sandbath
Mongoose hanging out


Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Udawalawae NP December 22nd 2013

The gorgeous mountain town of Ella is known for its walks, so I was up bright and early to walk to Little Adam’s Peak. It is an easy walk, meandering through the tea plantations, until the last ten minutes, which is a steep trek up the very top. It’s all worth it when you get there, as there’s a lovely view over the hills, and it’s the perfect peaceful spot to start your day. I had it all to myself, so drank in the views. I was also very happy that I got up there so early, because not too long after I arrived the mist crept in. I must’ve been feeling a little bit too pleased with myself, with my mind elsewhere, because as I was walking down the narrow pathway near to the summit ... read more
Tamil tea pickers on their way to work
Wily old man
Beautiful Ella

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Udawalawae NP November 25th 2013

Against the doctors orders, I headed out on the road for Tangalle on Saturday morning. My energy level was good, but I just had this cough that just wouldn't not go away... At least, I had a good rest day behind me and a good cocktail of drugs to try and put this to rest. :-) On our way out of Galle, we stopped at an HSBC ATM to get some cash and to my pleasure the bills came out in 2,000 Rs (around $16 CAD) notes rather than the usual 5,000 Rs notes. This is an issue, because no one in this country has change! It is so bad I have to hide my small dollar bills (100s and 50s) when I pay for something, as the person I am transacting with will always ask ... read more
Fruit Bats

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak May 15th 2013

Du haut de ses 2243 mètres, le pic d'Adam dévoile une empreinte dont l'origine y trouve son compte dans chacune des religions: les musulmans et chrétiens y voient l'empreinte d'Adam qui, après avoir été banni du paradis pour ses pêchés, se serait tenu sur un pied le temps de se faire pardonner (d'où la provenance, vous l'aurez deviné, du nom du pic); les hindouistes, quant à eux, y voient la trace du Dieu Shiva; tandis que les bouddhistes y voient l'empreinte de Bouddha laissée lors de sa dernière visite au Sri Lanka. Soit, tout le monde y trouve une raison pour vénérer l'endroit. Le pic d'Adam est donc la montagne la plus sacrée du Sri Lanka avec, à tous les jours, de nombreux pèlerins la visitant. Avec ses 5500 marches, et entre 3 à 5h de ... read more
... avec superbe balcon vue sur le pic
En fin d'après-midi nous partons en éclaireurs afin de voir le début du chemin à la lumière du jour
L'une des nombreuses statuts

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Adam's Peak April 6th 2013

Arrived Friday in Ella by train, the journey was fantastic. The scenery from the train was something else. We worked our way high into tree tea plantations where we saw workers busily toiling,in the sun. The workers earn a pittance with the women getting 450 rupees a day and the men 600 rupees. So in effect £2.25 for women and £3.00 for men, so think on everybody,! Today Wew climbed little Adams peak, it is a small hill that looks over Ella. Hard work in a very hot morning sun so a cool beer was a small reward after the climb. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and every new town or province has a brand new experience. Oh and the foods is always good, something that is always high on my list. Tomorrow we travel ... read more

Asia » Sri Lanka » Sabaragamuwa Province » Kitulgala March 4th 2013

25th Feb – Today in the afternoon I went into a freezing river but it didn’t feel freezing because the sun was boiling. When I went in I was greeted by some older boys who were singing along with some drums. Then I had to dance (very embarrassing). After we went canyoning where you jump in from tall rocks into natural water also you slid on rocks into the water. I thought jumping in was more scary probably because I looked down. When we were going home I saw a centipede and if you touched it, it curled up to protect itself. Jonathan Today we relaxed because we were so tired. But there was a problem I was badly sick. It was horrible. I nearly forgot to tell you we were going canyoning which is jumping ... read more
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