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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Gwanak-gu March 5th 2013

Well, my time in Korea is rapidly coming to an end. I thought I was ready to leave, but as I sat with my students on my final day of work, I felt myself welling up. The kids were being extra kee-owa (meaning "cute," the first Korean word I learned,) and I started thinking about the daily routine of my life in Seoul that I had grown so accustomed to. How had it become normal for me to receive daily hugs from adorable little Asians as they said "I love you Yenny teacher!"? How was dancing with a group of kids to "Summer Lovin" and singing at the top of my lungs part of my daily life? How was walking into a classroom with twenty pairs of eager eyes staring expectantly up at me, just an ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Suji-gu March 2nd 2013

OK ok ok…. Haha… Christine has been getting on my case about me absenteeism on here, haha. But in my defense it is the end of the school year here and my kindergarten play was last week…. And the kindergarten graduation was this past week. Ugh… Haha. It has been a lot to deal with. Plus, with the weather being cold I haven’t really done many new and interesting things. But I do have some things to cover in this addition. So there has been the Lunar New Year, an Aliens themed noreabang, a trip to the Dr.’s, a trip to the zoo, random bar nights, our musical, and graduation. Just to name a few. First off, on Lunar New Year I got a day off, so that’s cool. Haha. But EVERYTHING was closed on that ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Itaewon March 2nd 2013

It's March 2nd 2013 and it's my last day in the country that has been my home for the past 3 years. Korea we have had some good day, bad day and God damn strange days hahahaha. So today I am going to the boat to China and the lovely Anna has been invaluable in helping me get my ticket for the boat and also lodge a cheque my landlady gave me. What was she thinking oh Korea ^^. So anyway I was leaving the apartment when the landlady wanted to get more money out of me because I didn't have Dave's key. He forgot to leave it and so he gave it to his "Friend" hahahaha. So there was a little argument but I gave her some seaweed (that she gave us a few months ... read more
1. lobby
2. staircase
3. reception

Asia » South Korea » Busan March 1st 2013

1st Mar: Feel sick still thinking about this day. hangover from hell! I woke up to my phone ringing just before 8. It was Andi saying that she had just got on the train and could I bring her a bikini, as she had forgot to pack one. I was so confused and still vey drunk. I had set my alarm to go off really early but must of changed it in my drunken state the night before. Hopped in the shower, vommed, and then crawled back into bed for a bit more sleep. However I couldn't sleep and just lay there feeling like shite. My alarm went off again, and I shoved some clothes on, I couldn't even face putting make up on (I never leave the house without me slap on) and trotted off ... read more
View from the Bottom Bunk
Dalmaji Road
Haundae Beach

Asia » South Korea » Busan February 28th 2013

I didn't know what to expect from Korean food when I arrived, but it's been a delight! My school lunches in particular are amazing and I have tried so many different things with them. First I had to get used to only using chopsticks and a spoon, which took some time. My school uses flat metal chopsticks, and the first time I had lunch it took me 30mins to eat everything! However I quickly got used to them and can tackle most things now apart from de-boning fish which is still a messy process! School provides lunch for the teachers for about w63,000 per month, which breaks down as roughly w3150 per meal or e2.42. Amazing! And they always serve fresh vegetables mostly cold or raw; fish, tofu or meat; and often fruit as well as ... read more
first lunch out with school
Shasha and me
sashimi for Hallowe'en


Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 23rd 2013

I arrived in Seoul from Canada at 4pm last Thursday. (quick note: Air Canada was 50 minutes early upon arrival... a miracle!) The plane ride didn't seem that long, I watched Looper and Wreck it Ralph, as well as a Top Gear episode I had downloaded on my laptop. It also helped that the guy who sat next to me was a fairly decent looking Korean guy. We ended up chatting for a good length on the plane. Turns out he had just finished a semester of exchange in Mexico city, and he has travelled to both Vancouver and Toronto in Canada which was pretty cool. Once we arrived, he offered to help me figure things out, which was really nice of him. He guided me around the airport which was much appreciated since we had ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Gyeonggi-do » Gapyeong February 23rd 2013

23rd Feb: A lovely late start today! We met up in Seoul around 2:30. Grabbed a coffee in Paris Baguette before heading off on the subway to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. When we got off the subway we crossed over tot the bus terminal. We found the right counter to buy the tickets at. That took some searching as it meant reading all the different boards to find the right place. After we had purchased the tickets we had a bit of time as the bus wasn't leaving until half four. Onto the bus, booted some wife out of our seats at the front. Cheeky mare, it's not like can't read that we are given seat numbers on our tickets. The journey took about an hour, maybe a bit longer. Luckily the traffic was good leaving ... read more
The Garden of Morning Calm
The Garden of Morning Calm
The Garden of Morning Calm

Asia » South Korea » Seoul February 23rd 2013

We traveled to Seoul for some more sightseeing and to see my favorite band, BAP, in concert!!!... read more

Asia » South Korea » Daegu February 21st 2013

Having spent two years in this architecturally-ugly/mountain-pretty city, I thought I'd share some lists I made for people newly arrived to Daegu. Regular readers can just skip ahead to the next entry. Most pics are from other blogs--I just wanted to advertise the places a bit ~~ My Favorite Places in Korea: -Ulleungdo (Ulleung Island)--really steep hills, awesome rocks, and beautiful views and water colors -Tongyeong and Bijindo (Bijin Island)--Tongyeong itself is kind of a port city, but it has a replica Turtle Ship, cool mural-covered neighborhood up a hill, outdoor art museum, and lots of ferries to nearby islands like Bijindo, where you can camp on the beach (semi-illegally) -Upo Wetland—nice day-trip to nature; good place for bike riding or a stroll -Waterfalls near Bogyeongsa (Bogyeong Temple)--easily the best small waterfalls on mainland Korea that ... read more
Ullengdo Near Taeha Lighthouse
Ulleungdo Near Taeha
Murals in Tongyeong

Asia » South Korea » Jeju February 21st 2013

My last trip in Korea luckily turned out to be to Jeju Island. Around 2 1/2 years ago, as I was filling out my application for EPIK, I decided Jeju was my ideal placement in Korea. I ended up in Daegu instead. Most of the time I was in Korea, I wanted to visit, but I never ended up with free vacation days. When I went to Ulleungdo last fall, some other tourists said Ulleungdo was just as or more beautiful than Jeju. At that point, I decided I'd be okay not seeing Jeju. Plus, the weather was getting to be too cold. However, one of my coteachers had been trying to get me to go to Jeju since I'd come. She and her husband go there about once a year because they love it so ... read more
Jeju West Coast and Volcanic Rock Wall
"Snowman" at Hallim Park
Island Feel, Even Though It Was Snowing

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