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February 17th 2010
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Great things are happening in life right now. A friend told me about a VEGAN restuarant that opened up a little while ago in Siji, Daegu near the yoga studio... It is called The Loving Hut... How great, right?!

Well I am stoked and I am going there today to revel... Also, I am planning on supporting this place as much as possible.

The link:

There are 2 other franchises in Daegu... They are all over the world and it turns out, all over Korea too^^ Woot.

Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Marukami

First, I want to just state that I love how Marukami weaves into his main character the culture refinement that he does. It obviously a reflection of the author himself, which I respect... However, if someone did a feminist critique of this work... Ummm... It would quite easily be ripped a new hole. One of the characters, a woman, is refered to, through the whole book as "the scientists daughter/chubby woman." She has no name. I enjoy the window into Marukami's head... or shall I say, the main character, but all I got was a sense about the capacity for base love. SPOILER ALERT: DON'T READ AHEAD IF WANT TO READ THE NOVEL... Even when the main character decides to spend the rest of his life with the librarian, there is a sense of only lust/base love. I wasn't pulled in and convinced of any thing deeper. Is there anything wrong with that? No. But for me, I like a love that superceeds the physical. He just seemed to miss the mark for me. Which is fine. I would argue that wasn't the point of the novel, so I am sure he could care less... The focus was on the mind... and from that aspect I found it facinating. Especially from a yogic perspective. To live with "no mind"... To live in the moment... That is what the character succeeded at doing in essence, but at what cost? dun, dun, dun...

About to hop on: (I am full of plugs today)
Suuuuuch a great website for learning Korean... Just sayin... If you have the time... Do it. They have many levels to choose from and the lesson are pretty comprehensive. They even have podcast, free, that you can listen to on the go... I prefer to sit with a notebook handy and write while I listen... But whatever works. I first started by listening on the iPod as I biked to school and home daily... Then I just invested myself even more and sat in my free time to ingest more... Totally worth it.

Things I know:
I want to
-study Korean in an academic setting
-go to France [I will know if this is a path leading me to a different door of opportunity...]
-volunteer [especially with women and animals]
-give love
-do yoga
-create art [drawing/painting/photography]
-eat less [sugar/eggs/dairy/processed wheat/processed foods in general]
-invest more in my life here
-clean my apt.
-have long hair [we'll see if this changes come the heat of summer]
-get TEFL certified [when I leave here, as of right now, in terms of work, all I will have is another line on my resume]

Things I believe in:
People are a mix of good and bad.
Love is the root of life.
People have to work through discipline (vegetarian, etc.) to change
Replace behaviors so as not to repeat.
Possessive love is not love. It is violence.
Talking and writing are just refinements of thoughts.
Getting uncomfortable is a good way to grow.
Finding oneself and making peace can only happen from the inside.


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