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Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do June 26th 2012

I wrote a blog about my "Korean mother" Maria, more commonly known as my co-teacher at my school. Do enjoy and to my REAL mom, don't be jealous. I love you the most ;) read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Daejeon June 20th 2012

My time in South Korea is almost to an end and I've just been informed where my new beginning will be :) read more

Sunday 17 June - I had decided that a visit to the island of Sapsido was recommended, mostly because it was covered in detail in the Lonely Planet (yes I could strike out where no man has gone before but there are risks.... had had enough adventure the previous day). First of all however I had to change my accommodation. As it was Sunday and the pressure is only really on Friday and Saturday accommodation I walked over to the Motel Coconuts which was advertising WiFi. My purpose was to ascertain the price before I wheeled my bag over. When she told me 50,000 I began to walk away, only to get my stuff and check in properly. However this must have been taken as the old market -- walk away price negotiation thing, and she ... read more
Motel Coconuts room
Sapsido drying garlic
Sapsido minbak (homestay?)

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Daejeon June 16th 2012

Just as well I did not have Internet yesterday 16 June at the Motel If - otherwise I would have wasted my time having a grizzle when I was really tired after a very bad day of travel . However today 17 June, now at the Motel Coconuts a mere 10 minute walk from the aforementioned, I do have WiFi and am in a much better mood -- possibly helped by a few glasses of the rather nice Spanish red I bought in Seoul, but also a damned nice grilled shellfish dinner (more on that later of course). 16 June - well why did I have such a bad travel day yesterday? Well how does 3 1/2 fruitless hours sitting around the bus terminal waiting for a bus that despite schedule never seemed to arrive (twice)?? ... read more
Buyeo -this Big Piggie went to market
Buyeo market kimchi
Buyeo bus terminal

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Buyeo June 15th 2012

It was a late night last night, not really as a result of the raw chestnut/rice wine last night at Nomasaru, more the blogging update! (What I do for you people - or myself). Anyway got myself together and left the motel at about 11:30 AM and got myself a taxi rather than walk across the bridge to the bus terminal. As the buses were more or less every 30 minutes to Buyeo did not even check the times but headed for the local outlet in the terminal of Paris Baguette, an upmarket bakery, which also was at my local Metro station in Seoul at Anguk, but I did not actually try. (Unbelievably there was no 7- 11 type convenience store anywhere near my motel in Gongju - outrage, normally they are about every 200 m, ... read more
Buyeo motel bed
Buyeo motel blue bath
Buyeo blue screen


Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Gongju June 14th 2012

off the bus from Cheosan at the terminal on the other side of the river at about 6:45 PM on 13th. Decided that as all the action that I wanted to see in terms of sites was on the other side that I would walk across the bridge and find a motel there. Which I did with the usual big TV screen and home computer. Once settled in went out to look for dinner and things were not that promising further down. So decided to try one of the Lonely Planet recommendations, Nomasaru which was fairly close anyway. Shuddered at the prospect of my knees and sitting semi-folded on the floor (the joints don't like it any more). Anyway the food was unbelievably fab as you can see from the mixed flower bimibab! And the rustic ... read more
Gongju view to North
rampart path
fortress Lotus Pond

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do » Cheonan June 13th 2012

I started the last post on the train to Cheosan. Getting to Cheosan could have been on two ways, all actually three ways, if I wanted to spend 2 1/2 hours on the subway/metro going all the way to about the seventh last stop of the incredibly long line 1. Instead it took me an even hour or so on the aforementioned Saemaeul express train. I could also have gone by bus but as there are about four bus stations in Seoul from which buses for various cities leave, I decided it was easier to change one subway station and go to Seoul Central Station. I decided to buy a ticket from the machine, which you can at least persuade to work in English . I discovered then that I could get the really fast KTX ... read more
Seoul Station Mr Natty
Cheosan monk and train bar-car
Cheosan Who?? club

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do June 10th 2012

So, I try and take one weekend off every month from the party that is Korea and stay at home doing errands, cleaning my house, exercising, writing, and studying. Usually, weekends in lead to contemplation and contemplation leads to revelations. This is what happens when left to my own devices... Bloggy blog blog is here: read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do May 10th 2012

It would probably surprise many people to know that my biggest dream used to be to become a photographer for National Geographic. I'm a really shit photographer, lots of animals scare me, and I decided early on in my Communications studies that I could never be a photojournalist because I don't have the ability to emotionally remove myself from situations and take photos of grief, violence, etc. I think the reason I was so drawn to this career was because in my mind travel and National Geographic were one. I wanted to have a job where I HAD to go to countries spread across the globe to take pictures of their beauty and culture. I can't remember when I figured out that I liked writing. It can't have been from my emo poetry that I wrote ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Chungcheongnam-do April 24th 2012

I first met Jess on the roof of her apartments during a barbeque. First impression? This chick is cool. She had tats, tight curls cut short, and I don't remember what she was wearing but if I go ahead and guess black, I can't be too far off. We had some crazy times dancing in bars and snowboarding together, but we didn't become good friends until we'd known each other about a year. That's when we started bitches be cookin' with the other girls in our town, a time once a week that we would spend drinking, cooking, crafting, listening to music, and talking shit. I came to see that Jess was brash, energetic, and suprisingly girly. She was also highly motivating and it was because of her that I started doing pilates, yoga, and other ... read more

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