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Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru October 24th 2013

Had a slightly later start today and caught a taxi to North Bridge Road just after 09.30H. Did a lot of bartering for a new mobile phone which took a couple of hours. The vendors don't seem at all flexible on price so had to push quite hard for a half-decent deal. As always seems to be the case, we eventually went back to the very first store and bought there. Caught another taxi back to Wangz and got ready for the 'River Safari'. We were collected by mini-bus at 1.30pm and taken to Temple Street in Chinatown where we registered on the tour. They then kept us hanging around for over an hour whilst chaos reigned. Eventually 8 of us were put on a mini-bus and taken to the Zoo. The River Safari is a ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru October 23rd 2013

On our first full day in Singapore we decided to explore the local area around our hotel (Tiong Bahru), visit the Botanical Gardens and then finish the day in Little India. Wangz Hotel staff are exceedingly friendly and over breakfast we were welcomed by Sylvia, the hotel PR rep who told us about the local attractions. Some years ago I bought Hazel an Alaskan gold nugget Seiko watch. It was old when bought and had never worked well. We thought that we might find a Seiko repair watchmaker in Singapore. A search of the internet showed that there was such a place in one of the streets near to the hotel and armed with a steetmap on my I-pod, we headed off to the watchmaker. When we eventually found the place after asking around, it was ... read more
Tiong Bahru market - fishmonger
We found this large cricket on the pavement in a backstreet
Orchid Garden

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru August 3rd 2013

I have began exploring my new home a little bit. One of my first observations of my part of the city is the smell. There is a constant slightly pungent, slightly pleasant smell I think I will miss when I leave. I would guess it is due in part to the hawker center and market across the street. Hawker centers are, apparently, a Singapore staple and the place to go to get good, cheap food. This morning after having breakfast at an Indian restaurant who's name escapes me at the moment I decided to venture to the NTU campus. A short walk from my hostel I hopped on the mass rapid transit (MRT) train and was on my way. This was my first experience on the MRT and I was quite impressed. It's fast and cheap ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru August 2nd 2013

So I made it to Singapore in one piece. Flew Des Moines to Denver, Denver to Tokyo, Tokyo to Singapore. Had a long and very boring layover in Denver because the Tokyo flight was delayed three hours. The only problem was my layover in Tokyo was only two hours. I was convinced there was no way I was going to catch my flight to Singapore but lucky for me I wasn't the only one who was going to Singapore so they held the plane an extra hour. Singapore Changi airport was impressive from what little I saw. Spotlessly clean with easy to read signs everywhere. Very efficient. Quick cab ride later and I'm at my hostel. From what I've seen of the city it's clean, quiet, and organized. I have to keep reminding myself to look ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Tiong Bahru July 9th 2013

Today was our first day exploring the city/state/country of Singapore! We had a bit of a leisurely morning because Jemi had to do some paperwork for her upcoming trip to Canada, so she had to get that straightened up before we could hang out for the day. She has taken Tuesday and Friday off to hang out with us and we will see her husband Jeremy in the evenings. They live in a really nice condo complex about 10 minutes from the airport. It feels like a resort in Florida, where there are multiple buildings that are situated on a very green and treed lot all surrounding the common amenities, such as a kids wading pool with a pirate ship to play on, playgrounds, a beautiful pool, a sandy manmade beach, tennis courts and a big ... read more
This Is How They Pay For Parking
We Let Them Loose and Off They Went in the Hunt For Food
Jemi Is Negotiating Us Some Food

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