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Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island September 12th 2013

Today, I wake up for breakfast. The hostel has free breakfast consisting of fruit, toast with pots of peanut butter, chocolate spread, butter and kaya (coconut jam) and a cuppa. I decided I was going to head for Sentosa Island today (an island resort south of Singapore). I got the tube to Harbour Point then caught the bus into Sentosa. It was a lovely sunny day. I did not realise it was going to be like a Disney World without the Disney, including Universal Studios. But still, it was nice just wandering around. I met a man named Ruhan from Sri Lanka as he asked me to take his photo, then got chatting and we ended up walking down to the beach together. I wanted to lose him after a while and I was getting antsy ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island July 13th 2013

Saturday, 13th July 2013 We have a magnificent natural harbour, one of the finest in the world. A ride in a cable car will provide the visitor with a magnificent panorama of the harbour. It will, I hope, at the same time make Singaporeans more conscious and more proud of their city, whose economic life blood flow through this great port." Dr Goh Keng Swee (15th February 1974) I woke up on Saturday morning thankful that I didn't have to go back to the office. Before long, I had put on my walking shoes and headed straight to the Cable Car Museum in Sentosa to continue with my museum-quests in Singapore. I chanced upon this museum on someone's blog the other day. He was telling that the admission was free even though the brochures stated that ... read more
The Singapore Cable Car was a hit right from the beginning
Inflation have pushed the fares to SGD26 today
The iconic first generation cable cars

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island May 10th 2013

According to Dad's guidebook which was published in 1985, Sentosa Island used to house an impressive golf course and a maritime museum. Now the whole island is a resort with a monorail which takes visitors from the beach to the hotels and the attractions. When I Googled the island way back in November I discovered that there was a Universal Studios on the island. Seeing as we both had fond memories of Universal in LA with various music tours, it seemed a great idea to kick back and scare ourselves sily. We took the slightly terrifying cable car from the fifteenth floor of a nearby tower across the bay to the beautiful island of Sentosa. The views of Singapore on the way over were stunning. The views of Andrew's pained face as we went over the ... read more
The Merlion
Transformers 3D
Jurassic Park, Singapore

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island January 19th 2013

Monday 14th January Early wake up for us today as we were going to Universal Studios and the largest url= (it's new) in the world on Sentosa Island :D Really excited!!!! Had breakfast and headed for the tube, K said we need to get on the tube for the Harbourfront, so one stop then change towards there, about four stops in she said how many stops have we got left, Dom looked up and went, loads!!!! We had only got on the wrong tube, yes we needed to get to the Harbourfront but there are other tubes which has about 8 stops in all, this one had bloody 20 stops....hahaha, good job we were up and out early, took us about an hour....Woops!! Got to the ti... read more
Jungle Boogie!

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island January 6th 2013

Budicek 8/00,na ranajky opat 4 toasty,docapovanie vody a hor sa za zabavou. Cestu som uz poznal,takze bezproblemova doprava do vivo city a odtial pesibusom na sentosa ostrov. Vo vivo city staci vyjst na promenadu a odtial je uz vidiet pesia cesta na ostrov. Skoda,ze som si to vcera nevsimol. Na chodniku sa nachadza aj posuvny pas,takze kto je lenivy slapat,staci na nho nastupit a potom s mensimi pesimi prestupmi medzi pasmi vystupit az pred vstupom. Pri pokladni treba zaplatit vstup na ostrov v hodnote 1sd. Chcel som to zaplatit kartou ale neslo to,mala suma. Po vstupe na ostrov nikde nikoho,bol som tu uz o 9/15. Prazdnota ale trvala iba do prichodu pred universal.Tu uz stali ludia v rade a cakali kedy sa tento zabavny park otvori. Tak som sa postavil a cakal. Vsimol som si,ze ludia ... read more


Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island January 5th 2013

Natoze som v noci nemohol zaspat som sa dost skoro rano zobudil,uz o 7/30. Behol som na ranajky,4 toasty s arasidovym maslo,lekvarom a maslom. To arasidove maslo bolo super,nie ao tie humusy co predavaju u nas. Este som si docapoval vodu z vodovodua siel na mrt Farrer park a bezproblemov som sa dopravil na konecnu HarbourFront. Na konecnej sa nachadza mega obchodne centrum Vivo city. Tu nastali problemy. Chcel som ist na bus co ide na sentosa island,lenze som sa uplne domotal na znaceni a nakonec som skoncil na najdrahsej alternative na vlaku. Ako som este hladal bus tak som rozmyslal aj nad pesou alternativou ale dosol som nakoniec chodniku a po ceste sa mi ist veru nechcelo. Vlak bol riadne narvany,cez okienko som nakonec videl spravnu pesiu cestu na ostrov,takze zajtra uz vim kade mam ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island November 2nd 2012

Our trip to the island was first getting to the top of Mount Faber - I would like to say we trekked up but we took a cab! At the top is where the Cable car starts. Just the two of us in the gondola so plenty of room they had a VIP gondola not sure what you get as extra for being a VIP maybe champers! Great view over the harbour you cannot count how many ships are waititheir the harbour incredible site. Couldn't get any good photos because of the haze - very similar to Hong Kong. Sentosa Island has Universal Studios, hotel and a casino. Very small so easy to wander around escalators also make it going from one level to the next. They have lovely gardens and a large Merlion. This is ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island » Siloso Beach October 29th 2012

A wonderful, clean, multi-cultural country. :) Photos taken during my first and second visit to Singapore. I was fascinated with the beauty and cleanliness of the city. I could walk around from Lady Hill through Orange Grove Road all the way to Borders Bookstore and drop by Mcdonald's for my favorite french fries on my white soled sandals and still come home unbelievably white. It is probably the safest place I can imagine. Tourists can walk around holding state of the art gadgets without fear of anyone ever trying to take it away from them. I regret having lost my Nokia N70 phone when I returned to Manila as it had most of the other videos and photos I took on board the Cable Car. Having gone through that, Singapore still has left good memories in ... read more
right below Forest Hills
inside the mini gym
the PRECOR machines

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island April 26th 2012

Our cable car ride from Vivo city to Sentosa can only be described as magical. It was a typical gorgeous sunny day, 30ish degrees. After a nice lunch at Vivo, we decided to head over to Sentosa. Sentosa means “peace and tranquility” in Malay. Located across the harbour this island is a theme park for kids, teenagers and adults alike. I would equate it to smaller version of Disney World without the Disney stuff of course. It was the 40 year anniversary when we visited. As you ride over Sentosa by cable car you can see the new resort that opened up there in 2010. Beautiful villas, some with private pools offer families a resort experience with easy walking to the huge hotel and casino on the other side of the island. As you arrive to ... read more
Resorts on Sentosa
Merlion replica at Night
Island in the Java Sea

Asia » Singapore » Sentosa Island » Siloso Beach April 14th 2012

I catch the 5 hour bus from KL to Singapore and I'm in luxury already! Big wide comfy reclining seats, air con that actually works, no music blaring, no karoke... No motorbikes/cucumbers/breastfeeding women in the aisles... I'm on my way back to Singapore and don't I know it! The journey is smooth, crossing borders out of Malaysia and into Singapore is a simple transition of getting off the bus, walking through a huge immigration hall with 127 desks all open waiting to stamp you're passport (Heathrow & Stansted take note!) I breeze through in 5 minutes, am back on the bus and within an hour arrive at Beach Road. I flag a cab to take me to Sentosa Island where my parents are staying, as they're visiting me for a holiday. "Shangri-La Sentosa" I say to ... read more
China Town
The Buddha Temple
at Chomp Chomp!

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