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May 27th 2007
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Sitting with all the schoolies, having a bud, watching the game.
Looking at my map of Singapore i noticed that there was a large park near my hotel and the national stadium was at the edge. Decided to go for a walk there to see the area. It was closer than i thought, but since jaywalking is a crime it almost doubled my time waiting at all the traffic lights. My biggest pet hate here is the length of time you stand waiting at the lights for the green man. There is never any shade and by the time I finally get anywhere I almost always have a big sweat patch somewhere.
Got to the park and had a stroll round it. Even in the shade it was still hot, but bearable. Their was tennis courts everywhere, a small running track and a badminton hall around the place. Saw the stadium ahead and i could hear lots of noise coming from it. I walked over out of curiosity and saw a lot of school kids moving about. Saw an offical and asked what was happening. It was the School football finals at every age level. Anyone could go in and watch, so i did my nosey.
Walked in and three quarters

This was some of the flags that were displayed in support of the teams
of the place was empty. I went up the stairs at the bit facing the stand that had most of the crowd. Went round half the stadium to sit with them as it was the only shaded bit. Saw a few boys running past me to place their school flag over groups of chairs.
The games were very good quality. I have watched a lot of local football(park life) at the pitch next to my hotel and the adults are quite honestly p@#%. The School kids were a lot better and the oldest ones had a cracking match. Best i've seen in all of Asia so far. The atmosphere was lively as well. Most schools supported their pupils very loudly. One school had all their pupils banging two stick things together all through the match. Their oppenents had vocal cheerleaders. Girls and boys and the only uniform was a red T-Shirt for those expecting pom poms. They were singing lots of songs and the cheerleaders were getting everyone involved. They even physical dragged a few people to stand up to sing or to do a mexican wave. Was waiting for them to try it will me, they were that eager.
It was an enjoyable afternoon and I was made to feel very wlcome. Most tourists who happened to bypass stayed for a while as well. The one downside about the football. The person who ran the most all day was the physio. The ammount of rolling about after every tackle was funny at first, but it did get a bit annoying. To much watching the EPL i think

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