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January 30th 2011
Published: February 5th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

I came to Singapore as the final stop in Asia before departing to NZ. I'd hoped that two days would be enough to explore the country a little and meet up with a work colleague. Little did I know that it was going to rain cats and dogs for two days solid. It was ridiculous.

So I didn't get to explore much, but I did get to meet up with my colleague who I used to work with in the UK. Zohdy had moved to Singapore 7 months ago and had said to get in contact if I was going to be near by. So I met up with him and his family for an evening on Sentosa Island. They had just opened up a new boardwalk allowing you to walk to the Island. Apparently 10 years ago, houses on the island were going for 500k as no-one wanted to commute to the city, now they go for 30m! Nice return if you can get it. Sentosa Island is a fantasy land. Where else would you find a country where they build 1km of moving walkways to an island! The island itself consists of a Universal Studios theme park and
Santosa Island..Santosa Island..Santosa Island..

...from the newly opened boardwalk
a shopping mall. There was lots going on, stilt walkers, ballon artists, live music, DJ's, tattoo artists, snake handlers, parrots, themes characters.... the list went on. We ate some lovely indian food and then some Chinese food, before grabbing some desert at a chocolate shop, where diabetes must be its main sponsor. I had a great night with Zohdy and his family who were most generous with their time considering how much Zohdy travels.

It seems to me like Singapore is a great playground for the rich, its full of shopping malls, amazing hotels, restaurants and is safe and clean. Its not really a backpacker destination, though there is plenty to see. Its just you'll need a small fortune to do anything. One guy I met, Benjamin had managed to spend $600 on beer the night before with a few others. I think they only brought six rounds of beer and six rounds of spirits! Its also controlled tightly by the central government. Everything from 50 warning stickers on anything which might even remotely give you a nasty nip to insisting drivers fill with petrol before they leave the city limits (to stop them filling up on cheap fuel in Malaysia.) Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it just takes a little getting used to.

I'd love to be able to leave you more than just pictures of rain, but thats pretty much all I saw!! Onwards to NZ...

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5th February 2011

Didn't think rain could come in so many different formats!! shame you didn't get down to Clarke Quay quite a wonderful place to sit and eat and watch the world go by:) and China town was fun to see all the amazing things. Enjoy N.Z. love to Jo loads of love Mum xx
17th February 2011

This is amazing, colours are wild. you must have a good eye and great camera:-)
17th February 2011

again whoa
Man what beauty

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