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April 4th 2012
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Hey sorry it has taken me a while to update this! We had such a good time in Singapore it was so nice and clean compared to everywhere else is Asia!! but it had the craziest laws just some of the things you could get fined for were jay walking, we could only cross where there was a zebra or pelican crossing. Chewing gum was illegal, no eating or drinking on tubes or in the stations and the list goes on. It was so funny because in shopping centres and other places they had machines where people went and paid all their fines.
Firstly we checked into a hostel called 'beary good hostel' which was really cute because they had teddy bears all over the place. We walked around the main part of singapore to see all of the main attractions like the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, little india, Raffles hotel where you are supposed to get a singapore sling cocktail which is what it is famous for but it was a total rip off so we never ended up going in.
One of the nights we went to Clarke Quay which is by the river and it has lots of little restaurants and bars. It was really like Camden in the day and then at night it was really lively. We went to Hooters for a drink but it is so expensive in Singapore for alcohol we could never stay out very long.
On our third day we went to Universal Studios which was amazing!! We had bought each other the tickets for christmas and we had the best day!! We went into Far far away which is where shrek lives. In there was the Donkey show, donkey picked me and Michael out of the audience and made us get married in front of everyone we were both sooo embarrassed and bright red haha!!! I got my picture taken with shrek though so that made up for it :-) we stayed there all day and then they had a parade at the end of the day. I think I took about 300 photos. I definitely want to go to the Florida one now!!!
On our last day we went to Singapore zoo which was also amazing it had all of the best animals and a lot of them mostly the monkeys were just free to wander round the park. I was so happy because I got to see the orangutans :-)


16th April 2012

Shrek the wedding!!
I laughed out loud when I read about your marriage at universal studios ha ha! Wish I had been there to see it, could just imagine your faces. I hope this will now be the theme for your actual wedding!!? Sounds like you are having an amazing time and really getting the most out of every place you visit. Lots of Love xxxxxx
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