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December 22nd 2009
Published: January 8th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

After the 7 hour incredibly scenic (but expensive 2,200PHP) boat ride from Coron Town to El Nido through a land that can only be described as Robinson Crusoe real estate, we all got off with our sea legs well and truly on.. it's amazing just how long it takes for the swaying sensation of being at sea to wear off! El Nido is really small and easy to walk around in a few minutes so along with Dav... Read Full Entry

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Local girlsLocal girls
Local girls

the kids always ask "whats your name"
Shell in the rocksShell in the rocks
Shell in the rocks

Sophie is always fascinated by these
Sophie on a fallen palm treeSophie on a fallen palm tree
Sophie on a fallen palm tree

Corong-Corong Beach
Dale on the palm treeDale on the palm tree
Dale on the palm tree

at Corong-Corong Beach

8th January 2010

Looks like paradise there! Nice video clips, I've enjoyed a two minute sunny holiday from all the snow here at home!
8th January 2010

hi guys !
I'm really glad that you guys discovered this gem in the Philippines. At the same time, your blog scares me a lot. Knowing our country's corrupt governance and culture of greed, once tourist starts to come in, you can give it 10 years max and everything will go down the drain from there. Boracay was once a true paradise, even Puerto Galera once had live corals very near the shores. I hope Palawan will not be spoiled too by our greedy government and selfish people wanting to have quick cash at the expense of nature.
8th January 2010

that was so sweet. thank you for describing the proposal. thats incredible romantic
8th January 2010

Love your pix and blogs!
Hey guys I just want to say I love reading your blogs and seeing your pix especially through your journey in the Philippines. One of my fave places in the world is El Nido and seeing your pictures brings back so many memories dear to me. I'm an aussie born lad who's mum happens to be Filipino and dad Kiwi and I have to thank you for embracing the Philippines the way you have. I often get asked by people here why go to the Philippines, with a constant comparison to Thailand, Bali and even Vietnam. Well I guess your pix and blog speak for themself, I have travelled extensively myself and there is quite something about the Philippines which makes it unique. Thanks so much guys enjoy your trip. P.S If you get the time head to Iloilo end of January after Ati-atihan for Dinagyang, awesome festival, Guimaras island is gem too!
9th January 2010

i like all your blogs but definitely love this one! I love how you described EL NIDO been there once though not visited all the spots/islands... EL NIDO is just amazing! hey guys, you're already married right? you did not really propose to her? tell me!! :)) if not what really is the fiction :D looking forward to your next blog... hope you enjoyed visiting the Philippines.
9th January 2010

Nice one you two - Rosy
Glad to hear you found the right place to pop the question, I'm sure the lads at work will be pleased for you both. The pix around El Nido look stunning, good luck for the rest of the journey, look forward to meeting up sometime in the furture
9th January 2010

stunning pics! never ending gorgeous beaches. been to palawan once and was already impressed with the islands around puerto princesa, i've seen pics and read about bacuit archipelago, but these pics that you took all the more gave justice to what travelers are raving about. and what makes it more special and memorable is because these islands are almost empty and deserted, you feel like your taking in these natural wonders by yourself. I am a fan of your blog, always looking forward to your next philippine destination. congratulations on your engagement you guys!
9th January 2010

The way you describe the place just makes me jealous, I definitely should go back to Palawan. ... and congratulations for the engagement!
9th January 2010

How I miss that place
Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for that great entry. It brings back very fond memories of my time there (which seems ages ago already). I wish I could have spent more time there, especially if someone had proposed to me :-) I really can't think of a better spot for that!
11th January 2010

guys.........that was so lovely..........
12th January 2010

A sunset. A deserted island. A dinner by the sea. A ring under a shell. Someone seems to know how it's done perfectly. Congratulations to you both! The perfect setting indeed. Those pictures are FANTASTIC! I miss that place! Happy 2010!
15th January 2010

Great Blog
Hey guys Have just been catching up on your blogs, and this one is brilliant. You are giving me so much to look forward to and my list of places I want to visit it getting longer and longer! El Nido looks absolutely amazing, keep up the good work :-) Vicki
31st January 2010

Just catching up with latest blogs as haven't been on in a while! Great proposal Dale... sounds perfect! Glad it was the right answer from Sophie!! Couldn't imagine any different, you've had such an amazing time together... See you in a month!! Wow!!! xxxx
2nd February 2010

Amazing pics and how awesome to have the beaches all to yourself, which is quite a luxury nowadays. Truly rustic charm and stunning views make for a great adventure and memorable backdrop in popping the big one. Godspeed and good luck on your eventual voyage as partners in life.
10th February 2010

thank you for writting such a great article! have to go there myself one of this days. conratulations on your engagement!
23rd February 2010

Great dude! .. thx for the detailed blog.
16th March 2010

Can you tell me where you stayed in El Nido, and whether you'd recommend it (decent bathroom facilities, etc.)? Thank you!
19th March 2010

name of the ...
hi, do you remember the name of the "lovely spanking new room on a beachfront location and owned by a super friendly family"? that you paid 800 php for? thanks!!!!

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