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Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando November 15th 2011

Nothing really too new at school the last couple weeks. Brandon and I are involved in the Christmas program, singing in the choir. So we've been practicing for that a lot in the past few weeks. It’s alright. We’re just both used to singing in really good choirs, so it’s a little different going to this community one. And Brandon is one of the four tenors. The program is in a couple weeks, so hopefully it will all get pulled together by then ☺ Last weekend, Marissa and I decided to go to the beach. Brandon didn’t really want to go sit in the sun for the weekend, so he stayed home. It actually turned out very well and everything worked according to plan. We decided just go down there on Saturday morning instead of leaving ... read more
The beach at the hotel
The beer came with koozies
By the rooms at the hotel

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando September 6th 2011

I’m always passing by to La Union whenever I travel from Baguio to Manila and vice versa but I never had the chance to stop by and explore La Union because I was so focused in discovering those off the beaten track Philippine destinations. But I was given a chance to explore it for free, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sy for inviting my Grandfather Armando Leyva as a principal sponsor for their wedding. And I accompanied my Grandpa to the said occasion. So the reception was held at this fabulous resort named THUNDERBIRD RESORT, it is of greek architectural design facing the vast South China Sea where you can see the strong waves splashing into the rocks. Its setting is windy and romantic. Truly, Love can be felt in the air and as ... read more
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union
Happy Loner Traveller In Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando August 14th 2010

Thunderbird Poropoint Resorts is one of the most luxurious hotels here in the Philippines. Its Grecian style building set amidst a golf course, and casino are both truly breathtaking. It is the perfect getaway for honeymooners, group of friends or families who are looking for the beautiful architecture in Santorini as well as the glitzy gamerooms in Vegas. However, there really isn't much to do around the area but swim by the pool or surf at the beach. The main purpose of this resort is to play Casino. The food at the Olives is appetizing, and I advise you to order their Steak because it is quite superb. The hotel has a nice view of the beach and the room amenities are excellent. The service by the staff was efficient and outstanding. You will really have ... read more
the beach

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando November 30th 2008

We went to yet another out of town trip; the main destination was Baguio and then La Union to try surfing (Me, wanting this so bad more than anyone else, I think). We went to the bus station to buy tickets but we were not able to anticipate the number of people going out of town for the long weekend. Monday was a public holiday so the busses for Baguio were fully booked and the next trip would be 05:00AM the next day! Is this the beginning of a disaster? Of course there was no Plan B, just an immediate Plan B made on the spot -- we had to revise the itinerary. We would go to La Union first before Baguio, or find another route, maybe go to Dagupan, then to Baguio and to La ... read more
Surfing Lessons
Let's get it on!

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando August 1st 2008

It was my 1st time in La Union and it was a good place to visit. People are very warm & friendly and the food are great. Enjoy the pix... read more
Inside Macho Temple
Facade of Macho Temple
Buddhist Pray


Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando March 30th 2007

I was going to the US again 2nd time this year to visit our kiosks this April for 3 weeks. We decided to spend our vacation in La Union and Baguio since I shall be parted from them for 3 weeks. We learned to love going Long Beach in La Union before going up to Baguio or coming down from Baguio. This time we decided to stop by the beach first before climbing up to a colder climate. Well, it has been two years since we have been here and it was till the same. I liked it hassle, no frills. One can stay for one day or overnight with a room and enjoy the beach. Aaaaaahhhhh...i loved the sea wind..just sat there in the restaurant situated few meters from the was hot ... read more
the beach
Symbol of Beach Persons
Den enjoying the beach

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando January 22nd 2007

I've dreamed of an Asia trip for a long time now. Let me tell a little bit of how this trip finally happened for me. For a decade, I've accumulated travel miles with Northwest Airlines. Last year, in June 2006, I met the brother and family of my friend, Donald. Jojoff, his wife and three children were in the US visiting family. Jojoff invited me to come visit them in Cebu City, so I began to plan the trip. Since the winter is a slow time in real estate, I decided to make it quite a long 'working' vacation. I guess I can call it a working vacation, since I also made plans to speak at some schools in LaUnion Province, and in Cebu City. Speaking to students comes easy for me, since I have taught ... read more

Asia » Philippines » La Union » San Fernando January 22nd 2007

Monday, 22 January, 21:37 Philippine time (Monday, 22 Jan, 08:37 Eastern US time). Settled in at Sea and Sky Hotel, in Barangay Pagdaraoan, City of San Fernando, La Union Province. Long drive from Manila, but enjoyed every minute of it, with Mr. Austria, the father of my good friend in North Carolina, Daumier. We relied on a skilled driver and tour guide, Ronnie. I'll see them again tomorrow, for more touring. Time to sleep now . . . early start in the morning to drive farther north to Vigan City and Laoag in the Province of Illocos Norte. I'll have to take more time later to give details, and some day find time to access the pictures on my camera to show you. Internet access while on the road is not easy, but I'm thankful for ... read more

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