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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 24th 2013

Sunnuntaina sisäinen kello yritti hiipiä takaisin kotimaiseen aikaan, kun sain pitkästä aikaa nukuttua kunnolla ja ryömin sängystä joskus kolmen paikkeilla iltapäivällä. Lampsin viereiseen Castle Peak-hotelliin kokeilemaan, josko vielä saisi aamiaista - ja saihan sieltä, kun kokosin sellaisen itse. Hintakin oli sitten sen mukaista - koko settiin meni 550 pesoa, ja esimerkiksi tee, joka oli siis kuppi kuumaa vettä ja Lipton-teepussi, kustansi 85 pesoa (vaihtosuhteella 1 euro=50 pesoa voitte laskea oliko halpaa). Aamiaisen jälkeen tarkistin reitin toimistolle ja sen vieressä sijaitsevaan aika hulppeaan Ayala Center-ostariin, jonka marketista kävin hakemassa lisää Gatoradea ja hedelmiä. Ostarissa näytti vahvasti siltä, että näinkään katolisessa maassa ei lepopäivän pyhittämiselle paljon painoa laiteta, kun kaupat olivat auki yhdeksään asti ja kaikki paikat täy... read more
Tree in Ayala Center
1,5 Litres of Gatorade

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 23rd 2013

Aamulla mentiin minuuttiaikataulussa - aamiaiselle piti sännätä heti kun sinne pääsi, buffetti vedettiin naamaan hirveällä hosumisella (joka ei oikein sovi mun ruoansulatukselleni etenkään kun valikoima oli laajanpuoleinen ja kaikkea piti kuitenkin ottaa), sen jälkeen tukka suorana checkouttiin ja siitä lentokenttäbussiin, joka lähti suurin piirtein heti kun ehdin istua. Lähtöselvitysrumban ja turvatarkastuksen jälkeen olin lähtöportilla täsmälleen lippuun merkityn boardingin alkamisen hetkellä (tosin eihän se sitten kuitenkaan tietenkään heti alkanut). Sain hädin tuskin oikaistua jalkani ja vetää hiukan henkeä, kun viereiseltä penkiltä alettiin huutelemaan ihan nimeltä. Cebussa pitkää keikkaa tekevän kollegan (eli siis - tiedoksi niille joille nimi mitään sanoo - Pohjolan Jarkon) jo ennestään tuntemani sisko perheineen (eli siis - tiedoksi niille... read more
Approaching Philippines
Still Approaching Philippines
Strawberry Residences

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 23rd 2013

A glimpse of Cebu City A walking tour photos...... read more

Asia » Philippines » Cebu February 20th 2013

All flights land in Mactan Island in Cebu.Before landing the captain ordered to turn off the lights to see the city in light harmony. We stayed at Diplomat Hotel in every visit, cheap, fully satisfying and very central. Ayala Mall is the best shopping and entertainment point although it is quite far. We generally used jeepneys which is the main local transport. Taxis are also very cheap. On arrival from Bantayan Island we made a day trip to Mactan+Olanga Islands . On the Bohol side of Olanga Island there are few floating restaurants ( actually they are not floating, built huts on the sea, one or two hundred meters away from the land). They serve extremely expensive sea food. We didn’t eat anything and return to Lapu Lapu town. Then we had a nice lunch at ... read more
Cebu City
Cebu City
Cebu city

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal February 16th 2013

Another magnificient tourist destination is Moal Boal, specially for divers. Although we are only snorkelling we enjoyed the town at best. There is a turtle wall just about 50 to 100 meters on the beach where one can dive in the town and snorkel easily. Delicious sea food , fun in the bars and calm evenings. We enjoyed dinners at Silver Ray, Chili Bar , B&B’s and Lantaw reastaurants. Hotels on the beach are generally for the divers and relatively expensive. We stayed at the other side of the road where we paid around 1300 PhP / night w/o breakfast. Best breakfast is at Lantaw , it is divers place. We attended the party on Valentines day on a bar.Some live music and entertainments. One day we went to White Beach by tricycle and spent few ... read more
Panagsama Beach
Panagsama Beach
Panagsama Beach


Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan February 11th 2013

We made Bantayan from Malapascua Island in around 4 hours by boat+bus+ferry, 400 PhP / each although ferry ticket cost 170 pesos, as seniors we paid 120 instead, but only when we were leaving the island. There is also 20% discount on every transport if you are senior over 60. A very beautiful island and very sincere people. We stayed at Marlyns Beach Resort which may be the best for budget, 1200 PhP including breakfast for two. The staff was so friendly and helpful. The islands economy best for chickens 1,400,000 and produces 1 million eggs/ day. Tourism has just started and in the first decade I think will hit the peak. We visited Virgin Island 1 hour sail by the resort’s boat with a German family. We had bought our fish, vegetables and fruits before ... read more
Santa Fe
Santa Fe
Santa Fe

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Oslob February 11th 2013

Whale sharks, rice terraces and Mcdonalds Well, it is time for an update on our travels in the Philippines. After having said goodbye to Katrine and Daniel we went to Dumaguete on Negros by ferry. The ferries are quite good and a rather cheap way of commuting. We arrived in Dumaguete at 2 am. But since this is the Philippines, there is no problem in getting transportation or accommodation at this time of night. Dumaguete is a university city and rare for a Philippine city, it actually has a lot of charm. Dumaguete is certainly our favorite “major” city in the Philippines. We enjoyed the western restaurants at the water front and we found a fantastic massage place called Lotus Spa. In this spa you could actually buy a monthly card with unlimited use ... read more
Crinoid shrimp
flamboyant cuttlefish
Juvenile frogfish

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Bantayan February 9th 2013

We arrived in Bantayan after a 4-hour bus ride and an hour-long ferry, which were both extremely cheap and well-organized, and the porters were easy to dissuade and no one tried to steal our luggage from the bays under the bus (you fearmongering travel bloggers, please stop writing useless advice!). We were picked up by a driver from our resort (this sounds much fancier than it is, though it did involve a printed! A4 sheet with our names on it) and soon realised that in our haste to get a nice place to stay that was not fully booked we had forgotten to check which side of the island we were on. However, it ended up being totally worth it, even though there was no beach to speak of really, and most of the time the ... read more
Sundown at Bantayan
Young passenger
Bantayan church

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal February 9th 2013

Our trip over to Cebu and up to Moalboal was an eye opening and beautiful one which took us along the East cost of Cebu. It was only a short 20 minute hop over to Cebu from Sibulan to Lilo-an (P65 for the ferry or P45 for a banka), then a tricycle up to Bato and finally a bus to Moalboal. The coastline that we saw on this 1¼ hour journey was stunning, we were met with crystal clear waters when we got off the ferry and this continued on uninterrupted all the way to Moalboal and probably beyond. Admittedly at times it was quite hard to see what we were passing as our bus driver seemed intent on breaking some sort of speed record to get us there and we were literally on a white ... read more
Kawasan Falls
Sleepy Panagsama village
Catch of the day

Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Cebu City February 5th 2013

Singapore had been loads of fun but as any city of its size and modernity (not that there are THAT many) it had also proven rather frenetic, and we were excited at the prospects of the next stage in our travels: two weeks in the Philippines, where we had allowed ourselves to only choose two major destinations without any flying in between, and where the only major thing on our schedule was not having anything on our schedule. These, of course, were hard rules to abide by when each island seemed, upon closer inspection, to provide its own brand of endless activities, be it snorkeling, mountain climbing, driving around, or even sorcery. But we had decided this would be our «vacation» before heading to Australia (and completely changing our way of travelling), as well as of ... read more
We agree
Arriving Bantayan

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