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Day 30 – Perhentians and onwards I woke up the next day and relaxed until 11am. I took my stuff to Coral Bay, caught the next ferry to Kuala Besut, the public bus onward to Kota Bharu, and finally a taxi to the airport. First I flew to Kuala Lumpur and changed airports to fly to Manila and onwards to Cebu in the Philippines. Day 31- To Malapascua From Cebu, I caught a taxi to the Northern Bus Terminal, and had a 4.5 hour bus ride to the port town of Maya. Just as I arrived a boat to Malapascua was leaving, but one ended up leaving 20 minutes later. I arrived on Malapascua, found my hotel and settled into the first bed in over a week. I washed all my clothes, set up diving for ... read more

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Asia » Philippines » Cebu » Moalboal August 9th 2013

Borneo We left Gili T and had a night in Lombok before we flew to KL and from there to Kota Kinabalu in Borneo. We found a hostel and booked our trip to Mount Kinabalu; we had a few days wait so we explored and visited the cinema a few times. The climb was the worst thing I've ever done but I'm not going to detail it all here as I don't want to bore you all with it. Basically we walked for 6km uphill and it was relentless! After a night of absolutely no sleep and a banging headache we started the summit climb at 2.30 am and eventually made it to Lowes Peak 4,095m above sea level; my sister recommended this trip for us and said it was the best trek she had ever ... read more
English Tea House Sandakan
Orangutans in Sepilok

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Gilutongan Island Special... read more


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I was amazed that the event place went bigger wilder and crazier than ever. The place went bigger just to cater a new set of party people. Before it was just full of La Sallians partying, but now that it became more famous than ever the crowd was full of different types of people from ages 18 to 28 years old. I was shocked with the crowd. I think people from last year’s Sinulog were jealous so most of the people booked a flight. Baseline’s Street party started at 12:30 and ended up till 4 in the morning. The crowd was even wilder than ever, everyone kept putting facepaint on strangers and most of the people was throwing beer and water at the crowd. I’ve seen so many people who got wasted and just passed out ... read more

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I feel an air of excitement tingling across my face and the back of my neck as the shoreline of Bantayan Island comes into view. I have been on the ferry for an easy and short 75 minutes, and arrival at the island is already imminent. There is a refreshing light breeze across my face as I sit on the forward facing bench, taking in the shoreline of my soon to begin vacation destination. To my left I can see several miles of white sand beach with buildings I can only assume are resorts. To my right, as we get nearer the pier, is the Santa Fe Resort, aptly named after the small town of Santa Fe, which hosts the pier and a majority of the resorts and restaurants on this side of the island. There ... read more

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After our break in Hong Kong we head to Cebu, Philippines. The first thing I notice is the poverty in the city. It is under developed and dirty with lots of people loitering on the streets. It is however hot and sunny and the people are happy and friendly. Unfortunately for me the biggest attraction seems to be me! I have never been stared at so much in my life. I'm not quite sure what sparked the overwhelming interest in me but it kept the natives entertained. I was greeted by 'hello mam' at every corner. Michelle was lucky enough to blend in a little better than me. Our first day was spent wondering the city where we visited a temple, a church, a native cross and tried to find some food. One thing that has ... read more

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From one island- we move to another, Mactan. Once we arrive in Mactan we are instantly ripped off by a taxi driver at the port, typical. Always always insist on a meter and never ask how much as they instantly make up a price and turn the meter off. At times you might have a battle on your hands but always go with the meter if you can. Our taxi driver, although a rip off merchant did get us to our resort. We were greeted by the staff who had no idea we were coming and tried to set us up in a more expensive room. I shouted loud enough that the owner gave us an upgrade (so he says) for the same price I originally booked for. His wife was a real life cruella deville. ... read more

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Budlaan Kabang River. 050513.... read more

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