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Asia » Philippines » Boracay December 16th 2008

The end of my 1st day in Boracay is drawing to an end and I feel like I've been here for a week a good way. I woke up at 2am this morning, left the house in Manila at 3am and was at the airport by 3.30am. As sod's law would have it my flight was delayed (yet again), but thankfully it was only for 1 hour this time. I landed in Caticlan at 7.30am and took the boat across to Borcay. The sea was incredibly rough, and anyone who has read a few of my other entries, is aware that I am rather prone to sea sickness, so it wont surprise you that it took all my will power and self control not to 'blow chunks' overboard. Still feeling whoozy from the boat I ... read more
Set up
Over half way done
Finished product

Asia » Philippines » Boracay December 10th 2008

12/7 The Island of Boracay Fantastic idea to skip sleep two nights in a row! But nevermind that cause I am sitting on one of Asia's best beaches... Boracay. Wilma, Tara's Aunt Meir, Tara and I arrived around 7am and checked into our awesome hotel, La Isla Bonita (side note: this became our theme song for our stay). Us girls then head for breakfast and a long walk around the island. Boracay reminds me of Boubon St. in New Orleans or Key West but all the stores and bars are directly on the beach about 50m from the water.... INCREDIBLE. Obviously, this island is more of a party town then a secluded hideaway. And that's perfectly okay with me. After taking a refreshing dip in the clear blue sea I insinuate to Tara that I ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Boracay December 7th 2008

The last week has been pretty cloudy, but still really warm. Me and steve have enrolled in a four day PADI open water course. The course includes both theory and practice. In the theory sessions we have watched videos and we have also been given a textbook to read in order to pass the exam. The practice part includes seven dives, four in open water. During the first couple of dives we had to learn different skills underwater, for example regulated recovery, what to do if you are out of air, how to clear your mask underwater and much more. Me and Steve have a private teacher, he is a cool and very relaxed german guy. But he didn't stay relaxed for long with me in the class, during the first real dive, I think I ... read more
Angel Fish
Star Fish

Asia » Philippines » Boracay November 29th 2008

After a long night of travelling, connecting in Manila airport, we arrived at Caticlan airport, which is the closest airport to Boracay. The luggage reclaim at Caticlan was a real experience, all the luggage was put on a shelf, in front of this shelf was about 50 people trying to push to the front to get their luggage. Steve was at the front of ques doing a pretty good job getting our bags. From Caticlan we took a nerve racking tricycle ride to the harbour where we had to buy three tickets, all in different places; One for the environment, on for tax and one for the boat. The boat trip to the island was very nice and quick, but it no longer stops at the different boat station, nowadays the boat only stop at the ... read more
The Beautiful White Beach
Sunset on White Beach
Awsome storm coming on white beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay October 7th 2008

As with any couple expecting their first child, the excitement, anticipation, and the challenge of the learning curve were colossal. Unlike most couples expecting their first child, we were living a drifter’s lifestyle and had none of the traditional logistical groundwork laid, not even a particular country we could call home. Pragmatism was the new name of the game; our four months in Africa were scaled back to six weeks, our plane tickets to Turkey and Nepal were binned in pursuit of practical considerations like health insurance and jobs with flexible schedules. Our guidebooks were replaced by pregnancy manuals and our backpacks by a one-year apartment lease. In the race towards what for us was a completely off-the-beaten-path destination, our former travel days were usurped by the lifelong journey into parenthood. Despite the tedium of hour-long ... read more
Perfect water for canoeing
We got the sunscreen on a bit thick
White Beach under storm


Asia » Philippines » Boracay October 6th 2008

Dawn was breaking as we drove from Iloilo airport past a solitary cow in its very own field. For the previous half year my spatial awareness has been unconsciously conditioned, my eyes unable to stretch beyond the confines of the grid patterned streets, or the all-pervading quarters that stretch to the hazy sky. If the eyes be the window to the soul, my enforced shortsightedness has doubtless left my spirit wanting; institutionalized behind the blinkers imposed by my voluntary servitude. The long and short of it is this; on that very same field in Seoul, you could build six apartment blocks, a hundred families to each. Assuming that cow is one day destined for the slaughter house, how far would it stretch apportioned equally between those six hundred families? My mind reels away, considering all the ... read more
All set to go...
Sunset from Baras
Boracay Beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay October 1st 2008

Borocay was beautiful. We stayed in a down the alley, on a 2nd floor room just off the beach. As rooms go it was great - 2 double beds, fan, bathroom, shower (cold, but who needs a hot shower? It's ridiculous degrees Celsius outside!), toilet (no seat - that's only in the really fancy rooms!) and a TV, all for 500 Pesos (about US$12 / R90) Not that we spent much time there! {This was the first room we've had with a TV so far, and we turned it on to find... Super-Sport! And M-Net! Direct from SA to Boracay! Incredible! And we turned it on just as the Singapore F1 was beginning, so we watched the first ever F1 night race with a South African commentator in Boracay. Awesome! - Darrell} The main beach, White ... read more
White Beach
Enjoying the water

Asia » Philippines » Boracay August 31st 2008

What to do, where to go & what to eat! Boracay night life I was reading the Cebu Pacific in-flight magazine the other day. In it, it described a much favoured Filipino past time - singing!! Throughout the shopping malls of Cebu, you will see groups of people in Sony centres (even in the Watson’s Chemist) singing to some song on some sort of Karaoke machine (Mind you they were mostly very feminine ‘boys’ with painted fingernails & handkerchiefs in their hands, giggling with their ‘girlfriends‘.) So it came as no surprise to see the same thing in Boracay (I meant the singing, not the feminie boys - but they too were in plentiful supply). Everywhere you walked - there were bars & restaurants with different ‘cover bands’ singing anything from Tina Turner to the Chilli ... read more
Sandcastles on the beach
Riding the tricycle
Flyfish Ride

Asia » Philippines » Boracay August 29th 2008

Planes, Tricycles & Automobiles…..& boats Why restrict yourself to just one medium of transport? For a bit of variety - Why not try everything….And so I did! Planes Cebu now has a low cost airline called ‘Cebu Pacific’ which makes it perfect for cheap & easy travel both domestically & internationally. (perhaps this company promo gives me a discount off my next fare?) My only complaint is this…..Why do you weigh all of your passengers (domestic only) before allowing them to board the plane? I almost died of humiliation as they brought out the big weigh scale and asked everyone to individually stand on it so they could record their weight on a piece of paper. In a country where the word 'small, medium & large' take on a whole new meaning to most western countries ... read more
'No fear' on the tricycle
Sitting on the boat
A walk along White Beach

Asia » Philippines » Boracay July 9th 2008

Borocay, expensive, well compared to the thai islands anyway, but class! Skimboarding was the activity of choice here and so i purchased a board and got a free lesson from a very nice guy from the island and hit the shallows with the expert kids. Now these kids are good and have a good few tricks so found it very funny that i was falling of constantly. Though there was a lot of girls and guys doing the same ......soon got the hang of it though and had four very nice korean girls asking for a go on me board (which was nice :P) and asking how to do it, i tried to help i felt it only right that i did !! We stayed on the island for five days not really doing a lot ... read more

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