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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu February 17th 2014

Namaste from Nepal, for the last time, whomp whomp. So! In between my adventures to India, the West, and trekking, I hung around Kathmandu and checked out all the marvels that can be done within a day or two of home. It’s pretty nice having a home base for once, where I can actually leave stuff and come in and out of. Plus, there is actually a lot to see in the Kathmandu Valley itself! So in no real order, these are some of my lovely adventures in and around the ‘Du! One day I took a short cab out to the East of the city to Pashupatinath and Boudha. Pashupatinath is along a river, and basically it is a sacred cremation site. Yes, for burning bodies. And yes, there were burning bodies when I was ... read more
Changu Narayan
Gorkha Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Lazimpat January 26th 2014

Hello all, I have been in Nepal more than three weeks and have gotten mucho flack for not having written a blog yet. Well I’ve been busy! I’ve checked in with my mom many times, so it’s not like Sue’s been worried. But I have been writing as I went, so here it goes, as the start of my Nepali Adventure!!! Having made the epic trip across the Pacific Ocean, and then across a few more Asian countries, I landed in Kathmandu International with a runny nose and bag full of dreams, or something like that. My first introduction to the Nepali bureaucratic system was getting my three months visitors visa at the airport. All of the foreigners had to line up having filled out forms, pay one guy, and then go into another line up, ... read more
Monk in Durbar

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu November 27th 2013

Arrivo finalmente a Kathmandu, con oltre 40 anni di ritardo ma eccomi qua! Quella che segnava la tappa conclusiva del grande viaggio verso oriente e l'apertura delle porte del paradiso per migliaia di giovani ippi partiti dall'Europa, si e' oggi trasformata in una sorta di mecca per gli appassionati di escursionismo di tutto il mondo; la storica zona attorno a "Freak Street", che un tempo era il fulcro della vita sociale di ogni viaggiatore, ha perso oggi gran parte del suo lustro (ma non del suo fascino), offuscata dal piu' recente sviluppo del ghetto turistico di Thamel, regno del trekking dove uomini e donne in perfetta forma fisica possono trovare tutto quello di cui hanno necessita': alberghi a poco prezzo, negozi di abbigliamento tecnico, bar ed agenzie di viaggio. Scordatevi dunque abiti colorati e collanine, fumi ... read more
In pellegrinaggio a Bodhnath
Bhairava: Shiva nella sua forma piu' spaventosa
Kathmandu vista dall'alto

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu November 23rd 2013

We saw a rhino in the wild, munching a bush by the side of the river. There are sometimes marsh muggers and garials by the river. The former are standard man-eating crocodiles and the latter are narrow-nosed bird-eating crocs. Toni and I saw both on our (short) jungle walk; those on the longer walk did not. We also saw monkeys, spotted deer and peacocks and other birds. We saw holes dug by bears to find termites, tiger claw marks on trees, fur-filled tiger dung, and tiger and rhino footprints. The morning of the election we went for an elephant ride and because of the curfew imposed from th night before, could not ride in the truck. Only bullock cats were allowed, so at 5.30 am we rode in three carts to reach the elephant place by ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamal November 22nd 2013

And then one day you find ten years has got behind you No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun ….. The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older Shorter of breath and one day closer to death Time – Pink Floyd After over 30 years absence I had the opportunity to revisit Kathmandu on an Indian visa renewal quest, just for 10 days and in the midst of an election campaign. Nepal has only recently emerged from over 40 years of what can only be described as a brutal civil war in much of the country, with the Maoist insurgents eventually being brought into shared government How naive I was in 1980 thinking I was trekking in an idyllic little peaceful kingdom in the Himalayas. I was ... read more
Nepal votes
Pointed message?
The new Prime Minister


Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu November 16th 2013

Resumo: Achei um lugar para focar em mim e no meu projeto; Permacultura! Estou bem. Ontem enviei um email perguntando da possibilidade de trabalhar em uma Fazenda que pratica Permacultura*. Ontem mesmo eu obtive resposta positiva e hoje fui lá. Demorou um pouco, mas cheguei na "SunRise Farm". Fica muito perto de Thamel, centro dos backpackers. Fui apenas visitar e conhecer o local, mas logo gostei, arregacei as mangas e comecei a trabalhar hoje mesmo. A filha do dono da fazenda (não sei como escrever o nome dela ainda) disse que trabalha-se pouco por lá. Grande parte do tempo será para leitura. Ótimo! era disso que eu precisava. Tempo para ler os meus livros. Pois é, não tenho muitas roupas, mas livros tenho de sobra!! Este post é para fazer só uma mini reflexão do dia ... read more
"Little break"
Big Oranges
Beautiful Garden

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 24th 2013

October 2014, continuing the sponsorship of 13 Nepal children the 4th year. To support a child's education will empower the children and enrich their lives and hopefully improve their lives now and in the future. It gives me great pleasure to help children obtain an education. I am sponsoring the children through Bethlehem Kathmandu Church and 100% of the money goes directly to the child's education. The Church is affiliated with .... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu October 18th 2013

Arriving in Kathmandu after spending time in Europe is a bit of a shock to the senses. There is so much chaos & disorder, from the persistent beeping of traffic whilst weaving through the streets constantly on the lookout for obstacles to the steady haggling from taxis, rickshaws and shop vendors vying for your business. But there is also such a rich culture to indulge in with endless shops selling different spices, teas, luxurious silks, and brightly coloured dyes bringing so much colour and life to the streets. The heavy pollution from the traffic & dusty roads is unavoidable but the occasional wisps of smoke from incense burning offers a welcome contrast. Battling the roads around Thamel can be exhausting and you soon need to retreat to the comfort of a cafe or restaurant to recharge. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Durbar Square October 1st 2013

Having said goodbye to India from Delhi’s surprisingly clean and modern airport, we were just a short hour and twenty minutes from our next destination, Nepal. Kathmandu was to be our first stop as it is for pretty much everyone who comes here, and we were looking forward to the challenge of a new country. Hearing that Kathmandu was a busy and hectic city, Donna and I were undeterred. After all, for the past 2 and a half months or so we had been living in a place where busy and hectic are personified. This therefore should be a breeze! As we left the airport with our pre-paid taxi, subtle differences were already starting to show between here and India. The air was cooler, the architecture was different, and the traditional Saris of India were replaced ... read more
Cafe de Patan
A few cables...
hanging out

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight September 26th 2013

As much as I love to label myself as adventurous, I know that it's almost certainly impossible for me to ever climb over Mount Everest, NIML:). That's why I was really excited about the flight over Mount Everest, thinking that might be the closest I could ever get to the highest peak in the world. Well, the title can be misleading, since we didn't really fly over the summit of Mount Everest, just circled around the Himalaya Range. Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable experience!... read more
The Parking Apron
View from the Pilot Cabin
The Himalaya Range

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