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December 23rd 2012
Published: January 13th 2013EDIT THIS ENTRY

Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister Kristen! We hope you have a fantastic day and we will be thinking of you lots. We got up early, I felt very weak and still a bit sicky but we had a bus to catch so got washed, dressed and packed. We went down stairs but it was dark and the gates were locked. We had to wake up the security guard that was asleep on the sofa and the waited while he got the receptionist. We checked out and got let out to find the bottom gate was also locked so we shouted up and the security guard came running, opened the gate and the offered to walk us to the bus. Despite politely refusing, he walked us anyway and then waited for a tip when we arrived! We were told to sit on the two seats at the back, what we didn't realise at the time was that the two seats in front of us were the only two seats broken on the bus. Therefore the whole journey we had the chairs in front practically breaking our knees. We stopped a couple of times for loo breaks and food, although I didn't eat and couldn't bare the smell of food so sat outside while Aidan ate some vegetable Biryani. We arrived in Pokhara at about 2.30pm at the tourist bus station before getting into a taxi to Tara Hotel. We were warmly greeted with with smiles and a Lassi (which I couldn't drink :S ) and then were shown to our amazing room with one hell of a view. We lapped it up for a bit and relaxed. I managed to Skype with Kristen to wish her a Happy Birthday and said a quick hello to Beth, Eva and Em before heading out for a walk and getting some food for Aidan. I still wasn't 100% and felt very weak during our walk. I managed to eat some bread for dinner and although it initially made me feel sick it gave me a bit more energy.


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