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Asia » Nepal » Gorepani June 26th 2013

Today we woke up early (at 5:30) to start our second day of trekking. On the plus side, it wasn't raining; in fact the weather was gorgeous and sunny. Unfortunately, all of our clothes were still wet from the thorough soaking we got yesterday. Since we really only brought two pairs of clothes we decided that we would put the wet clothes back on for the hike so that we would have dry clothes to change into when we finished for the day. But we waited till the last possible minute to put those cold wet clothes on. We went down for breakfast and another look at the view in our dry clothes before changing. Breakfast was great! Eggs, hashbrowns, toast, juice and coffee for 5 bucks. Not bad considering the only way to bring supplies ... read more
View from our room in Ulleri
Good morning from the Himalayas
The Village of Ulleri

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani April 18th 2013

Met our friendly trekking group with 2 Canadians and 2 Australians in Pokhara (plus the guides and super-fit porters) and took a minibus up to the starting village. The first two days were spent climbing challenging stairways up into the mountains (around 2000m up in total), crossing wobbly suspension bridges over fast-flowing rivers and staying in basic (outside bathrooms - brrrr!) but characterful teahouses. Reaching Ghorepani (rewarded by tea and chocolate cake) had a pre-dawn start to join the slow queue of people ascending Poon Hill, the steep ascent and freezing temperatures easily justified by the gorgeous views as the sun rose over the high mountains, gradually illuminating the whole range including 8000+m Dhaulagiri. Next on to Annapurna base camp...... read more
Passing leaf carriers
Inquisitive goat

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani November 30th 2012

OK I'm proper hating this now. I went to bed so early last night and slept well in -7 degrees celsius but was awoken at 4:15am. By 4:30 Jinsi was leading me up a relentless set of stone stairs. Within minutes I couldn't catch my breath. He had already told me it was an hour and a half up the hill. Unlike the other days I was overtaken regularly and those that did this ignited my fury. I am a very peaceful person and try hard to be kind, polite and generous. Not in the mountains. Here I'm a vicious wounded animal seathing hatred into the world. Holding onto just enough energy to to fuck up anyone who hampers my ongoing survival. Here I am a monster. After 45 minutes I began kicking things, swearing, bemoaning ... read more
smoky mountain

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani April 4th 2012

Up at 5AM to make the 45 min trek up to Poon Hill. In the past, I have been so disappointed by anything that required me to get up so early. I have yet to see a sight that was truly worth getting up this early. It had poured rain the day before, but the weather was clear this morning. I wasn't really sure what we were supposed to see from Poon Hill. I thought we were supposed to watch the sunrise, and while we started out in the dark, the sun soon rose and we were only 15 min into a crowded 45 min trek. I struggled with the uphill in the beginning. A lot. And I was secretly wishing I'd just stayed in bed a while longer. I soon understood why so many people ... read more
People on Poon Hill
First Glimpse of Annapurna South
Photo 5

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani April 3rd 2012

The pictures in this entry are actually from Day 1 to Tikhedhunga. Got my days mixed up. Pictures from Day 2 are in the last entry titled Day 1 Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. Woke up at 6AM again and had our usual - muesli and hard boiled eggs. But once we saw what Nabin and Madhur were having, we decided to have that tomorrow! It was spicy curried potatoes and beans with this gorgeous bread. Will definitely have that tomorrow! We started walking at 7:30. We'd already been warned about the steep uphill for the first 2 hours or so of our trek today. What we didn't realize is that we would actually be going uphill all day! Just not as steep as the beginning. Lucky for us it was perfect trekking weather again and the ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Banana Tree


Asia » Nepal » Gorepani March 19th 2012

When our pockets are emptied and we are eventually forced back to reality, potential employers will no doubt ask what it is I’ve been doing since my graduation; why is there a gaping hole in my employment history? I’ll tell them that, amongst other things, I’ve been hiking. I’ll say it proudly, “Well, to you sir or madam who it may concern, I’ve been hiking in seven different countries thus far”. Is it reasonable to put that on my C.V.? Then perhaps I could remove “playing squash” from the hobbies and interests section, as in all honesty I haven’t actually played squash since I was twelve, but included it to seem more “well rounded”... Well, just look at me now, all rounded out, hiking! “There is no rest for the wicked.” Then I must have been ... read more
At Ulleri
Glacier Waters

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani October 28th 2011

Tihar is a five day festival celebrated by Nepalis in late Autumn. As luck would have it, I arrived in Pokhara on day two of this colourful, noisy and generous celebration. Tihar means the festival of lights, much like Diwali across the border in India, but the five days of this multi-ethnic celebration all account for different celebrations. Whether the locals are Thakali, Sherpa, Newari or of Indian descent it is a real community event. Day one I was oblivious to as I was crammed into a tiny bus for my eleven hour journey to the city by the lake. Kag Puja, as day one is called is the worship of Crows. The crows are worshipped by offerings of sweets and dishes on the roofs of local houses. The cawing of the crows symbolises sadness and ... read more
Climbing towards Machapuchare
Hill Farming

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani March 19th 2010

(Jeff) After a few days of getting oriented, settled, and geared up at a few of Pokhara's ubiquitous outdoors shops, we were ready to set off on yet another fantastic adventure within an adventure; we decided to go on a trek in the Annapurna region of the majestic Himalaya mountain range. We acquired all the necessary permits and a trekking map, checked in with the embassy, packed one bag with our essentials (plus a small daypack full of provisions), and early one morning we caught a taxi then a bus and headed for the hills. We decided on a trek called the Ghorepani - Gandruk loop. We'd read that it was possible to do the trek in 5 days, but it turned out that this was only if one had superhuman hiking abilities, and no interest ... read more
On the way up
Ulleri: Sweet Relief
Mel diggin' the Dal Bhat

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani July 30th 2008

I’ve only got about 36 hours left in Kathmandu before I start the (incredibly long) journey home. Esther left this morning, and I’m pretty much stuck in the city. We visited Chapagaun yesterday, and I was very lucky to get out of there this morning. The fuel shortages are getting out of control, and there are still lots of strikes going on. But let me back up a bit and talk about my trek. Esther, Sarba (our guide), and I set out for Pokhara early last Tuesday, and spent the night there. We had our last decent meal (though it was pretty sub-par chicken tikka masala), and got ready to leave the next morning. The Baglung bus park is where most trekkers catch buses to their various starting points, but we showed up there on Wednesday ... read more
climbing up the stairs to Hile

Asia » Nepal » Gorepani March 31st 2008

Day 5 - Tadapani to Ghorepani (2,860m) After yet another yummy breakfast we waddled out of the Tea House several pounds heavier and started our trek off up into the forest. Today was a 6 hour trek with lots of up (there's a surprise), but we still had plenty of time along the way to enjoy the views and do a spot of bird watching and plant ID. Every so often we would get a glimpse of the pristine white mountains through the trees and would grab for the cameras yet again. I don't think I could ever tire of these views. It was lovely to enjoy the coolness of the forest and trekking was easier because of it. We were following the path of a river below us and as we started to climb higher ... read more
Sun coming up behind the mountains in Nepal
Worth getting up early for
Morning has broken...

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