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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 9th 2013

More lovely kids and maybe a sugar sugar sugar tea and the fancy meat meal Each day we would wake up around 6 or 6:30. I think I would wake up from hearing the water pump squeeking outside the window. fAround 7 the power always cut and the ceiling fan would turn off (we were truly blessed to have a ceiling fan). Take a cold shower (I don't think any place in Nepal has a water heater). 7:30 they always gave us sugar sugar tea which I love! Then I go out and play play play. We would have breakfast around 9:30. Breakfast and dinner are the same every day. Daal Bhaat (give or take some "a"'s. It's rice with lentil soup. Then some cooked up curry type vegetables. This house has a garden so the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 7th 2013

A few pictures of the kids and the! By the third day they were warmed up to us pretty well and even the older kids were talking a bit. They are real kids so a picture can't capture anything but they're wonderful. You've got pushier kids who get your camera and take a thousand pictures. The boy who entertains himself constantly with his aerobic abilities. No fear. One kid you can see the spark of misbehavior in his eye but he is usually pretty good. I knew these kids barely any time but I am so sappy. I miss them an absurd amount. There was a month-long holiday so the younger kids stayed home all day and we just hung out and played. Play cards, get crushed in chess by the little geniuses, build card ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 6th 2013

Got off the bus and met a very confusing man. It seems he was referring to another person but he was referring to me...multiple times. I thought we were waiting for another person, then I finally realized he thought I wanted to take a rest before going to the house. I am not a take a rest person. I either sit at my house zoned out on tv shows eating oreos or I am going going going. Then he led me to his motorbike...cause I love touching people...especially with my lap I somehow climbed aboard in my skirt with my backpack and my big bag on my lap and we did not fall over. And then I arrived...I didn't know I arrived but I was happy that the kind faces and two boys smiling like ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 5th 2013

There's one road between Kathmandu and Chitwan-two major cities and it's all through the mountains with very little keeping you from just falling off. I was told numerous times before and after the ride that people die on this road, people don't know how to drive it or are too confident. Buses, cars, motorbikes, they just fall off. It's just wide enough for two opposing cars to fit if they pass each other slowly. Sometimes there's a bit of railing, other times there's nothing except a drop and a river at the bottom. On the way there I saw 2 or 3 cars that had gone too far on the inside toward the wall of the mountain and they fell in the groove there so they just sat halfway tipped into the big gap. I think, ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan June 26th 2013

There’s two ways to get to Chitwan National Park in Nepal, one of which involves a long and uncomfortable bus ride. The other, and much more exhilarating, method is to go white-water rafting down the Trisuli River during the afternoon, then take a minivan the rest of the way. Although the classes of rapids did not normally exceed 2, except for one at 3, our guide worked hard to make it fun by sending us straight through them. He even asked once if we wanted to tip, but we had an older couple in the raft who were not too keen on that idea. Unfortunately, our water proof camera turned out to be not so water proof in Goa when we took it with us into the water, so we couldn’t take any pictures except before ... read more
canoe ride in chitwan
what kind of bird?
chitwan np


Asia » Nepal » Chitwan May 24th 2013

I had heard about this place; a place you can see rhinos and tigers and ride elephants. Why not? Chitwan is located almost equidistant from Kathmandu and Pokhara, to the south. The National Park borders with northern India. After spending a few days recovering in Pokhara, right after having done the Annapurna Circuit, this seemed like a good place to go to on my way to Kathmandu. I didn't know much about the place and didn't really bother looking at the cheap options. I decided to buy a 3 day package tour with everything included. Went for the easy option. If I had known better, I would've probably just bought a bus ticket to Chitwan (specifically a village called Sauraha), gone to the village, looked for a place to stay (there are innumerable options) and booked ... read more
Sunset in Sauraha
Elephant bath

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan May 10th 2013

As predicted, there was no hot water on Tuesday morning, so a cat's lick had to suffice before setting off for Chitwan. I took a taxi with Patricia and Marissa (twins from Germany who were on a different, bus but ended up at the same lodge as me) to the bus station, and we were put on separate buses, headed for the same place. Throughout the five hour journey, I was right up front, next to the driver. I soon got chatting to a woman named Cindy, from the US. She's been travelling for fifteen months. I listened with interest to her travel stories, and we later decided to buddy up and find somewhere to stay. She'd written a list of lodges, so upon stepping off the bus, we spotted a guy holding a sign for ... read more
Don't forget to wash behind her ears!
Spotted deer

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan May 1st 2013

Headed gingerly back down the valley from the snowbound Macchapuchhere base camp, sliding down steep banks where thesnow had compacted into ice from other hikers (even the porters fell over a few times !). Fell over fairly spectacularly myself, luckily managing to break the fall by a combination of my rucksack and watch... Further down the mountain reached the Jhinu hot springs near Tikhedhunga, having an afternoon off hiking to soak and steam in the bath temperature mineral water, occasionally interrupted by freezing dips in the adjacent glacial stream. Later watched some Nepalese style music and dancing, briefly joining in at the raucous and sociable teahouse, with a mix of local villagers, guides, porters and trekkers from all over the world. A couple more days of hillly walking brought us back to Pokhara, passing an impressive ... read more
Moon over Machhapuchhre
Mountains night view
Dawn over Machhapuchhre

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan April 22nd 2013

La journee de ma fete je m'en allais au Nepal. J'ai essaye de negocier une place en premiere classe pour l'occassion mais ca l'air que c'est pas dans les pratiques de Thai Airways... La Thailande et le Nepal ont un decalage de 1h15!!! Le Myanmar et la Thailande avait un decalage de 30 minutes!! J'ai toujours pense qu'il n'y avait que 24 fuseaux horaires sur la planete mais ca l'air que non. Je me demande qui determine ces fuseaux horaires bizarres?!? Mon arrivee au Nepal est mon plus grand choc a date. Le pays est mega touristique avec toutes les options plein air qu'offre l'Himalaya. Je m'attendais donc a une ville developpee, moderne (faut dire que je n'avais pas lu pantoute avant d'arriver, j'avais meme pas de guide, en fait j'en avais un en format PDF ... read more
Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 28th 2013

Once you walk around Kathmandu you can find Chitwan offers practically on every corner. Obviously you don’t need to book any tours and just do it on your own. It’s a matter of choice really. After spending two whole days in bed with my stomach all over the place and crazy Holi soon after, I just felt like I really needed to get away from Kathmandu for a while and since I didn’t really want to waste time searching around for best options, I just went for the easy option and booked the Chitwan package through my hotel. The programme seemed pretty decent and the price more or less also, I thought why not? My bus was supposed to leave at 7am. I got to the bus stop a few minutes before and was surprised to ... read more
at the Breeding Centre
getting closer to rhino

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