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Asia » Mongolia » Terelj November 25th 2012

Pour faire changement, cette fois-ci, ce n’est pas d’un train que j’écris. Il est 22h, j’ai un beau feu de foyer à mes côtés et je suis dans une yourte dans la campagne mongole à profiter d’une soirée d’une belle soirée comme j’en rêve depuis longtemps. Le grand air à ma porte, le bruit et le tumulte de la grande ville n’est plus qu’un souvenir. Bien entendu elle reviendra vite, mais pour quelques jours je me permets de l’oublier. Vous vous-en doutez certainement, ce rendre ici ne s’est pas fait en criant ciseaux! D’abord, il fallait quitter la chine et juste d’y penser me rendais plus qu’heureux pour deux raisons. Premièrement, il était plus que temps de laisser les chinois derrière moi et deuxièmement, notre traversée du contient eurasien s’amorçait avec le Transmongolien, trajet de train ... read more
Notre cabine - Train
Paysage mongole - vue du train
Un autre paysage vue du train

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 13th 2012

We arrived in UB safe and sound – the scenery on the train on the way in was pretty amazing. Lots of wide open planes, seen some camels and wild horses. We’d heard a few horror stories about the Russian border crossings and hadn’t bothered to register our visa’s but had no problems. Navigating UB was pretty tricky our map was a few years old and already out of date, lots of construction, new roads and buildings etc… 4 hours later in the freezing cold we found our hostel and couldn’t wait to get nice hot shower … No hot water god dam it L!! Our mission for the first day was food, arrange train for Beijing (only two go a week so wanted to get this sorted) and book a nomadic Ger stay. Got some ... read more
Photo 2
Big banana feet
26 meter Buddah

Asia » Mongolia » Darkhan October 13th 2012

We headed off with Gary to Tiaga where the reindeer tribe known as the Dukha live. The Dukha are one of the most remote nomadic people in Mongolia and have been virtually unaffected by the outside world. The only information we had was a paragraph in Garys book and some information from a Belgian couple who had just returned from a stay with the tribe. We got onto a public bus that headed from UB to Moron. Due to the 670km journey we were expecting a luxury coach, but instead we got a 1960s school bus with no head rests, no heating, a 42” TV strapped to the ceiling, washing machine in the isle, rolls of sheet metal and car bumper along the back seat. We were waiting for livestock to be loaded on next. Set ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 9th 2012

I woke to a heavy frost and a few snow flakes in the air. After a very cold night in the ger it was time to pack up and leave for the capital city Ulaanbaatar. I said my goodbyes including the horse master who was still texting, spitting and smoking all at the same time. The ger camp had been a great experience. Nassa estimated that at least 70% of the population still live in gers. She lives in a ger with her husband but complained that they had little space, probably because they have a 42" LCD tv that he watches the premiership on and a front loading washing machine (she was very proud of her television). The drive to the city was bumpy and slow and seemed to take an age. The great views ... read more
Gold Feet
Bird Woman

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 8th 2012

To my surprise the fire in my tent was lit again at midnight and again at 6am with the staff just walking in unannounced. When I went to bed I was very warm but by the morning I was shivering in my two/three season sleeping bag and was very pleased to get up and go for breakfast. The food was again all local and very tasty, the pumpkin marmalade and yellow berry hot juice was a particular favourite. The temperature had dropped considerably from the day before and the wind was bitterly cold. Layered up, Nassa took us to visit a local nomad family. After walking for about thirty minutes in the cold wind we arrived at a young couple's tent. We were given fermented mare's milk (cold) to drink, cream and stale bread and some ... read more
Mare's Milk
Horse Master
Stop Stop Stop!


Asia » Mongolia » Gobi Desert October 7th 2012

Welcome to Mongolia The smell of cooking pork was slightly stronger than the stench of cigarette smoke when I woke at 9am. The rhythmic motion of the train was relaxing and I slept well all night. Chaos in the corridor this morning with an overnight influx of Mongolian tradesman I can only assume going to market. Within half an hour they were off the train and peace had returned. The commandant has a small area where she cooks for herself and any other passengers she likes. There is a large fridge freezer in her room and a sink with a good flow of water for her exclusive use! One of the cabins was stacked full of new ikea furniture (very dated black ash) all in the packaging on route I suspect to a Ger camp somewhere. ... read more
Village Life
Rolling Stock

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 7th 2012

The train pulled into to Ulaanbaatar station exactly on time at 1332hrs. As I left the train I said goodbye to the commandant who was clearly delighted to have shot of me and off I went. I was greeted at the end of the platform by the local guide Nassa a short plump Mongolian woman who just about spoke English. The Aussie sisters were also coming along to the Ger camp and off we we went to a waiting 4x4 car. The locals had to give us a push to get the car going, we were then on our way. We were taken to the Flower hotel to freshen up. I nervously followed as I was led through a dingy corridor to the sauna room. I was handed a towel and with my backpack still strapped ... read more
Fire Please
Ger Camp

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 7th 2012

On the road again. Dromen, organiseren en doen - reizen, ik ben er gek op. Wat wordt onze volgende bestemming? Hoe komen we daar en waar slapen we? Wat is jullie goedkoopste wodka? Dat meen je toch niet? Dat zijn de vragen die we onszelf het meest stellen tussen de bestemmingen door. De gekozen vervoersmiddelen zijn al talrijk: te voet, met de tandem, trein, bus, taxi, liftend in een bus(je) of auto, roeiboot, metro, tram, kano en niet te vergeten de waterfiets. Zowel doelmatig naar bestemming als recreatief op plaats van bestemming. Ik zat even te twijfelen over welke van deze ik wat verder uit zou wijden – en hoewel ik boeken vol kan schrijven over de voor- en nadelen van het verplaatsen per waterfiets (inclusief zijn historische betekenis) – lijkt de trein me ook wel ... read more
Just cruisin'
Onze lerares Russisch

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 24th 2012

We had 2 full days in UB to recover from the jeep trip and get ready for the next country. We put the laundry in, got the blog almost up to date, posted the Mongolia guidebook home and found a really nice cafe that did really good food. It seemed to be where the office workers went after work. It meant our evenings were sorted and that we got a couple of nice dinners. We visited the National Museum one day, which was good but somewhat overpriced, and the Gandan Monastery the next. The monastery was pretty cool. In the big iconic temple they have a massive 26.5m standing buddha statue, a 2 high row of prayer wheels round the path for circumambulation of the statue and glass cases of small buddhas filling the outer walls ... read more
Sukhbaatar Square
Sukhbaatar Square
Gandan Monastery

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 22nd 2012

Day 57 – Sunday 12th August 2012 to Day 62 Friday 17th August 2012 The Wild Wild West of Asia – Welcome to Mongolia Wild horses, rivers, mountains and deserts. Day 57 to Day 62 takes us through Mongolia and the halfway point of our adventure. We left Irkutsk on the 10pm train to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The taxi ride from the hotel was an adventure alone. The trick must be to go as fast as you can weaving through the traffic. Well that’s how they drive in Russia. The biggest difference is the number of backpackers/travellers on this leg of the Trans-Mongolian. From Moscow to Irkutsk, apart from the 50 odd Germans, we were the only non-Russians on the train. Now, it feels like a Contiki Tour. Our carriage is full of travellers. Swedes, Norwegians, English, ... read more
Our Mongolian Ger
Our Front Door
Crossing the  Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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