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April 29th 2010
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In UB, the typical thing to do is to go on a tour to the Mongolian countryside. The standard easy option is to hire a jeep and a translator and head out to see some sights and visit some nomadic families. These all inclusive tours can be sorted out by most of the guest houses, the one important point being that the more people you have the cheaper it is. Having met up with my Irish friend Andrew ... Read Full Entry

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My camelMy camel
My camel

around the flaming cliffs
camel playcamel play
camel play

around the flaming cliffs
our hostsour hosts
our hosts

around the flaming cliffs

6th May 2010

so what are byarlalaas? whatever they are I like the camels better - was the newborn a camel or a bayarlalaa?we are enjoying your adventures xx mummy
7th May 2010

The Journey so far
Am gobi smacked by the photos. As you head for China we head for a hung parliament. Just keep smiling and see what tomorrow brings.
9th May 2010

Sorry, been out of touch
Thanks to "Orange" our internet has been off so I have not been able to keep up with your adventures, I am now up to date and vey impressed. Wonderful writing and illustrations, very exciting, glad your mummy was not there during the dog attack - any way well done, your idea of living in a ger might be a good idea after I have seen pictures of what has happened to your house ! Lots love and keep safe x
9th May 2010

Hi T, Apologies for not leaving you a message before. We have been following your posts with great interest, in fact I really quite miss the Gobi reading about it. The main problem is that you write so comprehensively that it takes us a week to find enough time slots to read it all. Sounds like your having a fantastic time. Look forward to your next chapter. :)
16th November 2012
camel play

Never seen a camel like this! Beautiful photo!
18th February 2013
camel play

slightly delayed response...
but thanks!

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