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February 15th 2005
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Food glorious foodFood glorious foodFood glorious food

This was breakfast - note the healthy shakes and fruit. The fresh fruit is yummy, we had watermelon, bannana and pineapple every day. Ps the people in this picture are Brittany and Jordan oh and James of course!
So after the pleasures of the jungle we were planning to head straight for Thailand but we were kidnapped by Brittany and Jordan our new canadian pals who persuaded (okay not kidnapped!) us to hit the beach of the Perhentian Islands on the east coast of Malaysia to recover. These islands normally do not open for the tourists until March due to the monsoon but this year the monsoon had finished early meaning the islands were quiet and possibly a bit of a bargain as they would be pleased for our business. Well so we thought but the beach chalets we stayed in were not particularly value for money despite having a view of the turquoise water and white sands..the water never became hot despite being told it would and the electricity that normally worked all day only worked from 8pm until 8am it seemed. Oh well a cold shower is good when you have been in the sun all day, not so good when you have sunburn though and are trying to wash the sand off. Ouch! The islands (we stayed on the smaller one) are quite small and reached by an hours journey on the boat. The water is
Baywatch shorts!Baywatch shorts!Baywatch shorts!

James in his baywatch shorts keeping an eye out for damsels in distress on the beautifully white sands and turqouise water.
like a warm bath and so clear and we went snorkelling and saw loads of fish just nearby the shore. We also went snorkelling on a boat trip one day..and we saw black tip reef sharks which were pretty impressive. They did not pay much attention to us at all but still quite scary knowing they are swimming next to you! We also saw a turtle from afar did not see any close up sadly and also big schools o fish and little nemos (clown fish) in the anemomes. Ahhhh. James was very funny as he had not really snorkelled before and after his first snorkel he popped his head out of the water and said "blooody hell it's a whole other world down there!'". This was a source of great amusement to Brittany and Jordan. We learnt äwesome"and "sweet"from them and are still saying it now even a week or so on. we also learnt a game of cards called Euka or something like that - played in pairs and the girls kicked arse! However James has made me write the following..Cindy has lost to me playing rummy in dramatic style, 11-2 and 7-2. There were some really nice food places on the Perhentian Islands and we sampled lots of nice food and drink and yes I know I have to be careful for a certain wedding when we get back! Had a nice relaxed time but after 3 nights we had enough. The boat jouney back to mainland was an adventure in itself, we ran out of petrol hald way across and we were stuck in the big blue! Waited for ages the waves were rolling high and I thought we werr going to capsize, people being sick out the window and James and Brittany both feeling worse for wear. The excuse made by the boat cmpany Symphony was that the petrol had run out due to the bad waves...that is what you carry spares for! We were rescued and then our bags arrived about 30 mins later. We were glad to leave Malaysia after that! I cannot believe we had been there 2 weeks, time flies.....and it was horrible saying goodbye to Brittany and Jordan s they were heading for Phuket and we were heading for Bangkok. We really enjoyed meeting you and miss you lots and hope to meet up again !

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Civilised dinnerCivilised dinner
Civilised dinner

We ate at the Lemon Grass cafe which was at the end of Long Beach.And they served alcohol so we all indulged (boys on beer, girls on vodka). The food was good and the place played cool tunes and had big fires lit on the beach and every was dancing. Yeah!

25th February 2005

Hi Guys, Wow is all i can say, that place looks absolutely amazing and yu both look well. I have to admit though i don't know if i could have coped with the cold showers!!! I love reading up on what you've been doing. Makes the ice and snow here (no joke) seem even colder but at least i have pics of the warmer climates to keep me thinking warm thoughts!!! Take care guys and keep sending the journals. Love from Chesca (Simon says hi too!!!) - Chesca Binyon

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