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December 4th 2008
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We got up relatively early as we have a lot to get done before noon when we get picked up for the airport. With final loads of laundry in, Evy and I headed off for the post office to do our mailing while Benjamin headed up packing patrol and Joshua did the breakfast dishes. As always, it took a great deal longer than we expected to get all our parcels wrapped, taped, labeled and posted, so we ended up rushing back to the cabin for the final pack up. In the end, the taxi was late so we had lots of time.

At the airport we did our usual weighing, moving stuff around, and reweighing ritual to make the now familiar 20 kg/bag 7kg/carry on limits. Our flight was not until 3:45 pm, so we had a fair bit of time leading up to check in.

When we finally boarded our Air Malaysia flight, I have to say that it was a bit disappointing after being pampered on Emerits airline on the way to Australia. They did though, have lots of movie and TV choices so the 8 hour trip went fairly quickly. Because of the direction that we are travelling, we spent several hours flying over central and then North West Australia before finally heading over ocean. A shame we couldn't really see it! The flight hit a fair bit of turbulence and the flight crew were hard pressed not to spill the coffee !
Sometime shortly before our arrival, we passed the equator making our first move to the Northern Hemisphere since September.

The airport in Kuala Lumpur is incredibly modern and slick, though a bit confusing for the novice traveller. Thankfully the signs were in both Malaysian and English. The instructions we had been given about where to meet the shuttle for our hotel were poorly worded though, and we spend a lot of time going up and down elevators and escalators before finally ending up in the right place an hour and a half later. The kids bought some corn in a cup (for $1) while we waited for the shuttle. Not your typical airport snack, but they were both happy. We had opted to have our luggage put directly on the flight for Hanoi tomorrow, so we didn't have that to deal with.

We finally got the shuttle and headed off to our hotel. With the incredible humidity, it felt like we were in Fiji again. Due to the time change, it was only 8:30 pm there but 11:30 in Australian time so were were a bit zapped and crashed quickly in two separate rooms.

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8th December 2008

welcome to malaysia
yes welcome to Malaysia, even though it just for a short stop. Hope you do come back and really spend some time with us...... Cheers! The Malaysian Explorer
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