Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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We arrived in Philtranco bus station in @ exactly 6:00am just in time for the bus to leave for Megamall which will directly take us to Clark Airport. The good thing with having Pasay Terminal as your main hub would be less people boarding which leads to less worries of not able to get a seat. In about 30 minutes, the bus arrived in Megamall to take some passengers in. This time, the bus got full and some of the passengers were no longer accomodated. But luckily Philtranco has another bus coming over at 7:00 to pick the rest of the passengers to clark airport.

We arrived in Clark Airport at around 9:00am, which is too early for our flight but it was ok. Better early than late. We paid P1,620 for the travel tax and P600 for the terminal fee. And at 11:45, we boarded the plane bound for KL.

Upon landing, you will be walking in the hangar. There are no tubes connected to the plane if you land in LCCT:

This is the LCCT and majority of the Restrooms here use different kind of bowls which is floor level. The only way to use this is to squat with your legs apart. Even various places in KL have this kind of comfort room setup. So be sure to be prepared for this especially if you are used to the elevated bowl type. There's also the ordinary urinary bowl but is usually placed on the leftmost or the rightmost cubicle.

Upon arrival in LCCT, we took the Star Shuttle bus for RM20 which brought us directly to our hotel in Bukit bintang from LCCT.
Here's their website:

I strongly suggest that you take the Star shuttle bus for RM 15 (PHP195) to save time and effort from hauling your luggages from LCCT to KL sentral to Bukit Bintang monorail and to your hotel. If you will try to compute for the savings, you will only save RM 3 unlike for a measly RM 15, you won't need to haul your luggages in the streets of Bukit Bintang.

Another very helpful resource,

This map helped us getting our way in KL. It also has the sights near each station. Be sure to print it and bring it with you during your stay in KL.

On the day of the arrival, we arrived @ Replica Inn. The facade of the building was nice.

The only thing that i never liked was the requirement to pay in advance all three nights accomodation. RM 465 for the 3 nights stay to be exact. To make matters worse, they wanted us to deposit RM 500 and refund the RM35 upon checkout. Really absurd. We just arrived from the airport therefore the only ringgit that we had was used for Airport shuttle. Original plan was to exchange our remaining USD in Bukit Bintang due to the rates here are higher than the airport. However, since we haven't had the chance to explore our room yet, we didn't not expect to pay right away.

Since we are all tired to argue this over, we gave the receptionist USD50 for temporary storage. After we have already established ourselves in the room, we went to bukit bintang to have our USD changed and went back to the hotel to pay the RM 500.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the room.

Comfort Inn is seen from our hotel:

This is the picture from Pavillion which is a mall connected to Bukit Bintang. This high end mall is our "Glorietta" counterpart in KL. VNC shoes as well as Ipanema are very cheap here. You may find Ipanema in Nike stadium. Almost all products in Nike Stadium are cheaper than here in Phils. Ipanemas are priced @ 900++ here in the Phils while in KL, it is priced @ RM 36 (Php477). Since we are famished due to there were no free snacks in Air Asia, we had our dinner @ Nando's. Even the foodcourt was clean, spacious and elegant looking. Although elegant, the food are priced moderately which is a good thing. If you still have the strength for some sight seeing, you can walk to Petronas Tower from Pavillion. Here, you can have your Night Photo Op on the majestic Petronas Towers. If you no longer have the capacity to walk back to your hotel in Bukit Bintang, you can take the taxi but make sure to inform the driver to charge you only RM 10. Since its just a few blocks to Bukit Bintang.

The next day, we went to Batu caves by monorail and rapidkl train. It would save you time and money if you take the monorail and the RapidKL line. If you opt to take the taxi, chances are, you will get stuck with the traffic and the driver will charge you too much.

How to go to Batu cave from bukit bintang
1. Get to Bukit bintang monorail RM 1.20 (Php 15.60)
2. Get off @ Bukit Nanas(monorail) and transfer to Dang Wangi station (RapidKL). Just follow the direction to Dang wangi. RM 2.30 (Php30)
3. From Dang Wangi station get off at the last stop, Putra Gombak.

4. Take the taxi to batu caves. Your fare should not exceed to RM 10. Before riding the taxi, tell the driver that you only intend to pay RM 10.

There are 273 steps to the top of batu caves. Honestly, there's nothing spectacular when you get to the top. Watch out for the slippery floor. Since it is a cave, water is flowing from the top of the mountain down to the floor of the chapel so medyo wet yung chapel.

It is important that you only take little time in Batu Cave since you still intend to have your trip to Genting right after. It is recommended when you arrive in Putra gombak and before you go to batu caves, to immediately purchase your Genting ticket. The worse scenario would be, getting the much later bus schedule which may lead to less time exploring the place.

In our case, we arrived in Putra Gombak from Batu Caves around 10:30. However, the bus schedule that we got was around 12:30. So we stood waiting for 2 hours under the hot sun. The thing was, Coffee Terrace buffet was only until 2:30 so upon arrival in Genting, we rushed ourselves to coffee terrace to be able to get there before they close the buffet.

Another bad thing was, due to the late purchase, the only available bus going back to putra gombak was 5:30 pm. So we didn't have enough time to explore Genting.

So before you go to batu cave, purchase your Genting ticket then make sure that you will arrive in Putra Gombak just in time for your bus to Genting. Also, there are so many touts within Putra Gombak station who will lure you to take taxi instead of the Genting package. The Genting Package is much much convenient and cheaper. By purchasing the Genting Package, you also immediately reserve for your bus going back to Putra Gombak. Travel time from Putra Gombak to Genting is 30 minutes.

We loved the Cable car ride. The weather in Genting is just like San Francisco only a little bit warmer. We didn’t need the jacket we brought because we found the cold weather tolerable for us.

Coffee Terrace was definitely a treat. Everything was delicious, it was really a well paid reward for us.

When we got back to Putra Gombak @ 5:30 pm, we then proceeded to KLCC station for another night photo op @ the majestic Petronas towers. KLCC station is connected to KLCC suria already. We also had a chance to buy something to eat @ cold storage in Suria KLCC and see some stuff from Vincci and Zara (where prices are just the same here in Pinas)

On our third day in KL, we proceeded to KLCC through Bukit bintang monorail to Bukit Nanas then transferred to Dang wangi station to KLCC station for the petronas skybridge tour. However, when we got there, the our schedule was @ 5:30 which was perfect due to it gave us ample time to tour putrajaya and central market.

For others who want to make the most of their time in KL, i suggest that first thing in the morning, you proceed to Petronas towers to secure your tickets. Take note of your schedule then strategize your itinerary. Visit some of the important places in KL while killing time but make sure that you will get back to petronas few minutes before your scheduled skybridge tour.

How to get to Putrajaya
1. Ride monorail or Rapid KL train to KL sentral station (main hub of all railway system in KL).
2. Proceed to KLIA Transit (RM9.50 - PHP124). They have a very nice express train, it felt like we were seated in a business class accommodation.
3. Get off @ Putrajaya Station then ride the NADI Putra for RM 0.50 and get down when you get to pink mosque. It’s a long walk but definitely worth it when you get there. There’s a food court located @ the pink mosque, you can grab your lunch here before hitting the office of the prime minister which is just beside the pink mosque. Once you have your pictures, you can take the NADI putra bus on the bus stop after the office of the prime minister.

If you want a less stressful tour, upon getting off @ putrajaya station, hire a taxi that will tour you in putrajaya for RM 30 an hour.

When you get back to KLIA Transit Putrajaya station, take the train back to KL sentral for RM 9.50 (Php124).

Then from KL Sentral station, we took again the Rapid KL line to Pasar Seni for the Central Market shopping. Upon entering the market, check out the first stall to the right. It is managed by a Filipina who will give you discount. Her Malaysian name slipped my mind. Hehehe just look her up. She manages the first stall to the right besides the entrance.

Keychain souvenirs are priced @ RM 5 (PHP65) for a pack of 6.

Then after the central market shopping, we rode again the RapidKL line bound for KLCC station. We were just in time for our scheduled Petronas skybridge tour.

Pictures of the Petronas skybridge

Just looking up at the majestic Twin tower could make one very dizzy.

That was our last chance to have our pix in Petronas Tower. Since it was still early that time (7:00pm) we decided to check out Low yat. Never did I imagine I would get crazy with all the cheap stuff in Low yat. Be sure to check out “IT all”. It is an IT grocery same as Octagon in megamall. They sure have very low prices. I almost fainted when I saw a Maxtor 640 GB Hard drive sale @ RM 239 (PHP3,100). Too bad I was not able to buy due to I have already spent my last ringgit.

Also, if you want to be picked up by Star shuttle from your hotel to Airport, you have to call them the day before to reserve for your seat. Price is still @ RM 20 each. This is more convenient since it will directly take you to LCCT from your hotel.

After KL, we then went to Singapore via Air asia which we got for Php800 only.


23rd October 2009

Wonderful guidance. Thanks
7th December 2009

vnc shoes in malaysia
Hi! I'm wondering how much are vnc shoes in malaysia? Is it really cheaper than the VNC shoes sold here in the Philippines? Thanks. Thanks for putting up a very detailed blog!! :)
8th December 2009

Yes it is! VNC is actually a Malaysian shoe brand. Called Vincci locally, it has various stores around bukit bintang. When we were in KL, sale was up to 60% and shoes were definitely cheaper (around P500 in KL). Not my type of shoes though. :)
19th July 2010

Star Shuttle
Hi! How long is the travel time from LCCT to Replica Inn via the Star Shuttle? How do I reserve seats?
21st July 2010

Replica Inn Bukit Bintang
Does Replica Inn Bukit Bintang only accept cash? I was assured by booking.com that bthey also accept credit card payment.
28th July 2010

Yes. They only accept cash. Sadly, only in MYR currency. They won't accept USD.
28th July 2010

It would take an hour and a half to take you from LCCT to Replica Inn.
13th August 2010

rooms in replica
thanks for your travel blog! really helpful. my question though, what's the difference between superior room single/double vs. deluxe room double? the pics on their website kinda look like they have both 1queen and single bed? we're 3 and i'm wondering kasi they also have max no of person specified as well per room. are they strict ba? and the triple occupancy, is that a king + single? pls enlighten me. hehehe. much thanks!
14th August 2010

Replica Inn
The room that we got was a deluxe room with 1 queen and a single bed. As to the difference betweek deluxe and superior, I'm afraid I'm not the rightful person to answer due to we only stayed in the deluxe room. We haven't got the chance to see the other rooms. Better call Replica Inn prior to booking to be sure. Although if you are 3 in the group, you bet the deluxe room will be enough for you. Thanks for dropping by! :)
9th September 2010

replica inn
do they have rooms with private bathrooms?
10th September 2010

All rooms are with private bath
All rooms in Replica Inn comes with private bathroom.
7th December 2010

Thank, it is helpful. As you told, there are many VNC shops, are they in the malls or just the shop along the road in Bukit Bintang? if in the mall what is the name of that mall, so i can directly go there? Thank for your help
22nd December 2010

There's one inside Pavillion. You can also try Suria Mall (the one adjacent to Petronas.
23rd January 2011
Petronas Towers

nice shot!
29th July 2011

i would follow the noted things. this must be working for me too. cheers and thanks for the share.

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