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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park February 3rd 2014

Another early start. Boat ride and landing on the beach to do some trekking in Bako National Park to hopefully see more monkeys including the proboscis monkey, which is indigenous to Borneo, and other wildlife. If the OUs were awesome yesterday this was doubly awesome and probably the best day of the trip so far, unbelievable! Trekking in the rain forest at 30+ degrees C was challenging but so rewarding, seeing so much wild life in the natural environment – wild pigs, a venomous viper snake, a flying lemur and some close encounters with proboscis, silver leaf and macaque monkeys, what a day. The quick dip in the South China Sea was a well needed break before heading back and a well earned Tiger beer! Our time in Borneo was coming to an end but with ... read more
Beach landing
Flying lemur

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 2nd 2014

Early breakfast and speedboat to catch a flight to Kuching in southern Borneo to go in search of Orang-utans! We are leaving a hot sunny morning behind……….Flight to Kuching was good with stopover at Bintulu. If you are ever in Kuching you must go to the Top Spot, fantastic sea food for 111 ringgits (£22). Don’t be put off by the lift to the top of a car park! Also time for a haircut - 8 ringgits (£1.60) - and with a scary cut throat razor!... read more
After haircut!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching February 2nd 2014

Day 22 Kuching city tour today with Eddie. If Top Spot was a must do yesterday, the Cat Museum is a must not do – they must be having a laugh! A whole museum dedicated to cats, including cat food! More interestingly we think we met an important soldier, the Chief of The Malaysian Armed forces this morning at our hotel, a very nice man trained at Sandhurst, also had two daughters and wanted to chat! Off in search of orang utan tomorrow - v exciting.... read more
Cool for cats!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching January 2nd 2014

After the mandatory visit to Malaysia's capital, it was off to neighbouring Borneo (or put simply the east island of Malaysia). We chose Kuching (a 90 minute flight from KL) in the largest Malaysian state of Sarawak as the reviews of all of the Orang Utan sanctuaries seemed to be more focused on keeping the animals wild and away from humans, rather than kept in cages as a tourist venture. You can only imagine my delight when Matt told me Kuching meant 'cat' in the Malay dialect - and what's more, there was cat statues all across the city (even the world's only Cat Museum). After seeing hardly any ACTUAL cats in the city (and mentioning it to our lovely taxi driver Hamitaf) we actually found out the city was more likely named from the Chinese ... read more
Cat Statues
Top Spot
Ling Loon at Top Spot

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 29th 2013

Another yummy breakfast with something to please each of us. Eggs to order for Wayne, traditional Vietnamese for me, pancakes for Nic and lots of fresh fruit for Tash including a little lime salads in shot glasses. A city walk to replenish Tasha's Choki Choki supplies (tubes of chocolate goop that she apparently first discovered back home but can't get any more - she was very excited to find some yesterday in one of the supermarkets). We got some giant pretzels, booked a sunset cruise then after Starbucks Nic headed back to the hotel while Wayne Tasha and I went to the museums. The private museum that charges for entry is not worth the time or money to see a few chunks of petrified wood in mouldy rooms. The museum of Natural History and the Cultural/Ethnological ... read more
Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise
Sunset Cruise


Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 28th 2013

We planned to head out to Bako National Park today but injuries combined with poor weather conditions for the boat crossing to the park mean I will get time to update the blog and maybe even book flights home.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 28th 2013

Taking it easy was the plan considering the damaged toes. Wayne suggested a quick walk to get some lunch and take photos of some of the cat statues around the city and the kids were pretty agreeable to the idea. After a wander around we ended up down at the waterfront where Wayne's notorious bargaining skills got us a trip across the river that divides the city for MYR8 (usually 40 sens each). The revised plan was to visit Fort Margarita although we had been fairly clearly told the fort was closed for some restoration work. Not surprisingly when we reached the fort the site was closed. Rather than returning to the jetty and heading back to the hotel to continue the promised rest day Wayne led us a 'better way'. After roaming around what appeared ... read more
Kuching = cat
Don't pay the ferry man

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching December 27th 2013

Delicious breakfast at Lime Tree then collected by Rainforest Trekking for a visit to Semongoh Orangutan Conservation Centre. It was a bit rainy and as there is loads of fruit around at this time of year we only saw 2 orangutans - the Matriach of the group, a 44 year old grandmother and her newest offspring. They were enjoying some fruit and mum decided to make a hat out of a few handy leaves. Bub tried to follow mum's lead but with limited success. So cute and we felt happy to see these and even happier that the others in the program must be doing well enough in the jungle not to have any need for the prepared fruit provided. We saw some groovy pitcher plants and headed to a local village to embark on the ... read more
Seduku with her youngest
Hanging around in Semonggoh Rehabilitation Centre
Rainforest Kayaking

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park September 20th 2013

Sarah and I had decided we wanted to go to Bako National Park together for some trek time. After visiting the orangutans yesterday, we were supposed to go and enquire about booking accommodation to stay there but the office was closed. So in the morning, we went with fingers crossed there was space for us. Joined by Jimmy from New Zealand, we managed to grab the last chalet with 3 beds. Lucky for us! We all had to get some last minute things before catching the local bus, including a towel, mozzie spray and the use of an ATM. Sarah and I lost Jimmy in the mall, so we thought rather than searching for him, we would meet him at the bus stop. Logical thought right? However, only having 5 minutes to go and catch the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kuching September 19th 2013

Salia left early this morning to head for Bako National Park. I met up with Sarah who I had met in Singapore and we got a local bus to Semenggoh Nature Reserve to see the Orang-utans in their natural habitat being fed. This was a pretty awesome experience as there were so many. We saw the main man himself, the rather large male king of the jungle. He had to cross the road from one side of the jungle to the other and we had to stay far back due to the fact he 'likes' people. Sarah, myself and a group of others from her hostel got a small boat over to the other side of the river for dinner in a large food court. Salia left us early after dinner as she wanted to do ... read more

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