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November 14th 2006
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We finally decided that we we're ready to go out on adventures. We teamed up with Vincent (The guy that runs the hostel) and an Englishman called Jason and a German couple.

The plan was to go and see Proboscis monkeys (they only live on Borneo), fish for tiger prawns, ride water buffalos and go python hunting. The plans were of course quite lose, since you will have to rely on different things.

We headed off at 2 pm on Saturday south in a good mood. After about two hours we arrived at our place to stay, the longhouse in the pictures. It is situated by a river where the Proboscis live. There were a lot of chinese tourists there when we arrived and they were quite loud. We took it easy and when night came we went out on a boatride to see the fireflies. They sit in the trees and blinks, very much like a christmas tree. We headed back for a beautiful buffe och local food including crabs, fish and prawns. I ate for hours, at least it felt like it and became quite full. We finished the night by watching a movie about the monkeys.

The next morning at 5.30 we woke up to go out on a cruise down the river to finally see the Proboscis. It was a lovely day and we managed to see quite a few at different spots as well as longtailed macaques and a kingfisher and some eagles. I really enjoyed the wildlife and the surrounding. Two hours later we got back to have breakfast, noodles and pancakes, mmmmmm. We left for a little village called Weston (fishing village in the photos) where we got a boat out on the massive river to a stilt village where we learned how to fish for tiger prawns. It was good fun and the sun was big and warm. When we all had tried several times we headed back to Weston and from there we went to a place called Sipitan.

We were the only tourists here and we had a meal while Vincent took Jason to a hospital (he was suffering from food poisoning and had been all the time). Unfortunatly the friend of Vincent who would be our guide to the pyhon hunting had gone away the very same day so we had to cross that off our list. Vincent found us a nice place to stay with a pool that we used while watching big fork lightnings in the horizon.

The Germans only had 6 days on Borneo and they we're getting a bit nervous, hard company to be around and they decided to leave for Brunei early the next morning. Can't say they we're missed. We headed off to the farm of Vincents friend and planned to go a bit waterbuffalo riding. However, without the farmed there the buffalos were in a different mood. We did walk around and check out the farm, loads of different fruits, goats and buffalos (all in pictures).

We then went on to the seaside where we were supposed to do some nightfishing. We arrived at a really really nice house. It belongs to the Minister of tourism of Sabah (this part of Borneo) and there was a muslim class about selfconfidence. The beach surrounding the place just went on forever. The weather was quite bad, not cold, but raining a lot. It did stop though and we had a walk on the beach watching the millions of hermit crabs living there. The fishing we would be doing was from a big platform out in the sea, however a storm had taken one of the legs off it so it wouldnt be safe. We coulndt find any dry wood for the barbeque so we decided to head back to Kota Kinabalu. Back here we had a delicious meal of fish that we bought by the road.

Vincent was a bit down that we couldnt do the fishing so we might bo back for that. Our plans now is to be here for a while, Amie wants to take her openwater diving certificate and I need some refreshing of diving before we head off to Tawau on Sunday. They are supposed to have some of the best diving in the world.

Oh, and I bought a guitar, I now have my very own Fendar!

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15th November 2006

Du verkar trivas riktigt bra där borta ^_^.. här är väl den första snön i annalkande, och Sverige blir bara gråare och gråare.. way to go, brake a leg! //Lillasyster
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16th November 2006

Halloj. Fina bilder, roligt att läsa men mycket att översätta please skriv på svenska :) Förresten var du och Marcus ganska lika varandra. Ha det gott i värmen där borta och tänk inte på oss här i Svergie där det är mörkt och med spöregn. Brattforsligan
From Blog: Trip one

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