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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 28th 2011

Back to the beach we go again! We woke up nice and early (surprise surprise), made our way to the LRT, and eventually to the bus station. There was definitely a little part of us that was going to miss KL. After all, as much as we love to be in the rural parts of the world, deep down…we are city people at home. It’s been an unfamiliar feeling to be so spoiled with the high quality of buses we’ve been on in Malaysia! Yet again, we were on a clean, comfy bus for our 5 hour ride to Mersing. Once we got there, we went to the main building in front to buy our ferry tickets to Tiomon. Of course, the man selling the tickets was trying to push us into staying at his guesthouse ... read more
Us on the beach
ABC beach
J outside the temple

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 3rd 2011

"I'm American," I reply wondering, as I often do while abroad, if, 'Canadian' would have been a better answer. The world loves Canadians. "...." The restaurant owner responds by giving me the fish-eye. He wears a Taqiyah tightly around his skull which seems to enlarge his already bulging eyes. "So...your restaurant serves really delicious food. What do you -" "American people seldom come to Malaysia, 'Muslim-terrorist there,' your Mr. Booshe tell to the people. Tell me, sir, do you see any terrorists?" His eyes looking terribly inquisitive. "Nope," is all I can think to say while I perform an exaggerated eye-scan of the room hoping that this will satisfy his question. "Sure don't see any terrorists." "Ah-Ah-Ah," be booms with laughter and turns to leave me to my Nasi Ayam - a Malaysian dish of Chicken ... read more
A Call to Worship
Tapioca Fritter
Batu Ferringhi

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City May 19th 2011

We are currently at the Singapore airport, seating in front of the gate 8 on the budget terminal (it’s actually called the budget terminal, maybe to scare the posh people away), waiting for our flight to Kuching, Borneo Malaysia. We have left Peninsular Malaysia a couple of days before. Prior to that we spent two nights, one day in Melaka. As Polona already mentioned we spent a whole day travelling from Taman Negara to Melaka, using 3 different local buses and a taxi, to take us to the correct bus station at one of the stops. We arrived at Melaka Sentral, a massive shopping mall, bus station, and a huge round-about all in one. As it was pouring down rain we took a cab for the last 10km or so to the Chinatown where we booked ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 6
Photo 5

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City May 13th 2011

Caro: On arriving in Melaka it dawned on us that we were leaving SE Asia in less than 1 week and we had nothing organised for Australia. We planned to stay there for 3 nights as we liked the hotel (it was clean, had a separate shower and toilet and it was not flushed with a bucket of water!) so we had a lie in the next morning, had breakfast and headed out to find an internet cafe. Melaka is a quaint town with a lot of history but it has to be the most lethal place in the world if you want to wander round and take in the scenery. There are huge holes in the ground, due to a 16th Centuary drainage system which has never been updated, this for one smells a lot ... read more
Going home
The streets
Shope front in Melaka

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 10th 2011

We were starting to get used to these smooth bus journeys now and Vietnam and Laos are already starting to feel like a thing of the distant past. We arrived in Melaka or Malacca (for some reason there are 2 different spellings) to more rain which isn’t much fun when you have 2 big back packs on your backs. We arrived at Ringo’s Foyer a kind of home away from home hostel we had read about and was greeted very warmly by Howard the owner; luckily they had rooms and that is where we stayed for the next 5 nights and we loved it; our favourite hostel so far. That evening Howard introduced all the guests to each other and we all went out for Indian food; it was a lovely meal and the company was ... read more
mmmm indian
Ringo Residents


Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 20th 2011

Magical Melaka This 'travel-blog' describes our time in Melaka, Malaysia. When planning our sojourn to Thailand and Myanmar, we decided to also include a short 'side trip' to Melaka; not having been there for several years and always promising ourselves we'd return 'some day'. As always, if you want to 'see' more detail in an accompanying picture, click it to enlarge. Thursday 10 Feb. We departed Coolangatta airport (Australia) early for an 8 hour flight. Knowing we'd arrive about 3pm local time, we (pre)organised a rent-a-car. We chose not to use public transport options here as we figured we'd have our 'fill' later when journeying through Myanmar. Not long after arriving, and a short busride to KLIA to pick up the car, we were zooming along the freeway in the Skoda (an 'upgrade') towards Melak... read more
Melaka housing
Melaka church site
Melaca heritage area walk

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka February 14th 2011

Melaka, or Malacca, is a nice city really. We went to see the palace museum and it was nicely done, I think. It was made of wood to replicate the original palace and had two rooms that illustrated and narrated two specific incidents that took place in the palace. Porta de Santiago is probably the most famous thing here, though, so you can look up its history if you're interested, but I can tell you briefly that it was enormous and had buildings from both the Portuguese and the Dutch (they took it over from the Portuguese and added many buildings). We had lunch at the Geographer's Cafe on Jonker Street before exploring the city some more and even arriving to the coastline. People were there flying kites and having picnics on the rocky shore. After ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka February 13th 2011

By 7:45 we'd taken the #30 bus and arrived at the Petronas Towers to secure a spot in the already substantial waiting line. I bought some sandwiches and drinks at the convenience store located conveniently across the way from the line and sat down to wait. We saw all kinds of people waiting there: Europeans, Americans, Asians, old, young, small, tall, clad in running shoes, sandals, high heels, dresses, suits, pants, shorts, headscarves, burqas (jubah), you name it. As a tangent, if anyone can explain the headscarf thing to me I’d appreciate it. What I’ve been taught is that women wear them as a means of protection from the lust of men. If that’s correct, then I don’t understand why there is so much fashion centered around this piece of clothing – it comes in any ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka February 3rd 2011

This is my first travel blog. I left Singapore for Malaysia night time. I knew no one in the latter and having no Ringgit in my pocket. Nevertheless, one univ guy whom i approached to ask the direction offered me 10 RM. this only signifies that the world is still wonderful. It took me for some hours before i reached JB ( johur baru) where i found my shelter for a night- this was recommended by one of my friend in SG. i left early the following morning bound to KL and searched for young forever in Bukid indang. i needed some time since this hostel is new and no sign has been installed for identification purposes, at last i found it. i met other backpackers in this hostel and had some partying around our area. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 22nd 2011

We did more wandering in Malacca, eating and sightseeing. Tried the "best" rice ball and chicken, which was no kidding, the best. Frank lashed out and ordered us these two huge drinking coconuts, which seemed to be bottomless. We gave up in the end and slithered off, hoping that the aggressive Chinese lady who ran the place wouldn't scold us for being wasteful. Most days were hot, very hot, so we spent them in the air-conditioned room, before venturing out at dusk. This seemed to be the plan of the locals as well. One thing that did draw us out during the day was the fabulous Cendol at 88 Jonker street. Covered in a local palm sugar called Gulah Malacca, coconut cream, condensed milk, with red beans and some strange Pandan green noodle things, these ice ... read more

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