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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka April 7th 2009

Today started with a very civilised breakfast in the courtyard, everything from fried rice to boiled eggs to toast. Then a wander around the town. How many museums can one place have. Didn't venture into any, i could breathe the culture from outside! A visit to the tourist info to find out how to get to Tioman Island - where South Pacific was filmed. I need a beach. Have decided against Indonesia, so doing this instead. I can catch a bus from Melaka to Mersing that will take about 4 hours give or take. Then catch a ferry or speedboat to the Island which will take about 2 hrs. There is nowt to do in Mersing so best to get there around midday to catch a ferry straight away on the day. They run til ... read more
Hotel Puri
Museum of enduring beauty
Portuguese fort

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka April 6th 2009

Well, I left KL at 1 today, a 2 and a half hour journey by coach to Melaka for a couple of days. Was sick of the travellers hotel so have booked into a v nice boutique hotel for a couple of nights. I think 5 days in the same place was a bit too much. This place is lush. Sitting in the hotel courtyard with a waterfall behind me drinking coffee and writing my blog and emails. £30 a night so probably blown nearly a weeks budget - i need a comfy bed and white towels, breakfast in a courtyard and its all very sedate! You gotta do it!... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 21st 2009

We arrived in Melaka city late Friday night and found a guest house to stay at for the night. Melaka is an old Dutch colony in Malaysia that was overtaken by the British before Malaysia became independent, its almost like being in Europe, in Asia!! The next morning, we started sightseeing about our guesthouse, and quickly began a quest for breakfast. We were looking for the Geographer Cafe, which was recommended by Lonely Planet. Once we finally found it (and got some good sightseeing in on the way), it was just opening, but they let us in anyway. While we waited for the kitchen to open, we split a piece of banana chocolate cake, which was delicious! After breakfast, we did some shopping in the quaint shops around town, and did some sightseeing of all of ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 16th 2009

Day 58 17th March 2009 Get up and bid farewell to Kathi who has to leave early to get to Singapore for her flight...sad times. The rest of us plus Irish who decides to join our journey to Melaka and then onto Singapore mess aorund until finally making our way to the bus terminal...but don't make it that far and just get ticket from man on street...which luckily for us turns out to be legitimate with one catch - the boarding process....he doesn't explain that when it comes to boarding the bus, the bus does not stop as in you have to run alongside it backpack and all and leap onto it. It was worth it though...leather massive leg room seats. So off to Melaka. Get to local bus station...local bus to hostel and empty dorm ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 13th 2009

Sorry about that - it took me a while to find a stable connection. Had to go to Malaysia! Anyway - this is what I've been up to: After a few hours watching the surfers, swimmers and posers doing their thing on Bondi, I headed up to the promenade to grab some late lunch. I ordered mussels and fries in 'Nicks' which overlooks the beach. The idylic setting and gorgeous food was offset by a 'band' sitting behind me. No idea who they were, but they quite clearly felt that they were 'somebody' - all they did was yap yap yap about how great they were and told 'top that' stories. Clues to their identity don't add up to much - American, $20 a night tickets and maybe had an album called 'The Circle' which they ... read more


Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 10th 2009

I should have really called this blog, 'LANTERNS I HAVE KNOWN' - the photo diary of someone with too much spare time on his hands. {Lynn told me off for taking endless photos of hanging lanterns and I had it coming. Of the ones shown here I think I must have photographed and deleted another twenty thousand} We stayed in Melaka for 10 days in total and it turned into a holiday from a holiday. For a change it was just good to be able to stay in the one place for few days. Good to get everything washed, good to find some of the prerequisites of civilization here like wood fired pizza, nice pasta and cold draught lager. We weren't being very good backpackers, staying in the Hotel Puri with its crisp white sheets. One ... read more
Jonker Street
Great tiling and work in the window frames
The Geographer Bar

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 9th 2009

We are now in India, and there is a lot to be reported on that, but, just to tidy things up we need to make mention of Melaka. Unfortunately we were only able to spend a few nights in Melaka in the southern part of Malaysia but it was not a time that we want to risk letting be swallowed by the Indian experience - which is promising to be spectacular. The original, original plan had us spending some time in Melaka staying in apartment of a friend from Darwin. This plan had to be changed and, now that we have experienced Melaka, that is unfortunate. We needed to stay for a period in easy striking distance of an Iranian Embassy. We had been led to believe by our agents,, that we could confidently expect ... read more
Morals are Important
Not Cyclos
The Plaque

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 4th 2009

Melaka, a good introduction to Malaysia Wednesday 4th March 2009 Melaka was a good destination choice for our first stop in Malaysia. The four hour bus journey from Singapore was very comfortable in a spacious air conditioned coach, passing through spectacular countryside, jungles, green hills, distant mountains and miles and miles of palm plantations (for palm oil). Melaka is a lively little city, steeped in history and the locals are a cheery lot; even the Trishaw peddlers have a sense of humour, for example, “How about a ride on my BMW?” They don’t hassle either! It is such a contrast to Indonesia. Here one can browse around the shops and market stalls at leisure with no pressure to buy. We have a cheap, clean budget room on the edge of Chinatown and close to the old ... read more
Cheng Hoon Teng Temple
Jonkers Street

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 2nd 2009

Hi guys, Singapore is a shoppers paradise-malls everywhere;lots of sky-scrapers; a very well kept subway; very clean-substantial litter fines in place; and a very spacious, futuristic airport. We stayed in Little India-a great place-buzzing with energy. Sunday night seems to be the big market night-it was packed on the streets-everyone stocking up on their vege and spices or just standing around chatting. The food was great-eating off a banana leaf with your fingers-nothing like Indian at home-much nicer and lighter! The Ancient Civilsation Museum was well worth a visit-we learned a bit about the different religions and cultures of Sth East Asia. Singapore's downfall I guess is it's expense in comparison to it's neighbour-Malaysia. I reckon a lot of backpackers limit their stay due mainly to the high cost. Our first stop in Malaysia was Melaka- ... read more
Tea plantations Cameron Highlands
Taman Negara jungle
Pulau Tioman

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 26th 2009

Well everyone this is my last blog, thank you very much for joining me on my journey for the last 6 months, it has been brilliant receiving all your comments and feedback. Since leaving the Philippines and encountering a minor problem at Manila airport (them telling me I’m not booked on the flight and my ticket is invalid!), I spent a couple of days in Singapore sorting out what I was going to do for the next 10 days. I eventually decided on heading north on a train to Kula Lumpar. My plan was pretty flexible so on the advice of two Canadian backpackers I met on the train, I ended up staying in what turns out to be one of my favourite hostels. It was small but in a great location and everyone there was ... read more
Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Melaka by night, south Malaysia
The temple guard

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