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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City July 6th 2014

MALACCA, it has always sounded very exotic & a bit weird to me. And so it is a little bit. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with an extraordinary history of ancient power & wealth mixed in with European history & empires. Malacca is a famous seaport situated on the Malaysian side of the Straits of Malacca. It was sort of the old capital of Malaysia before Malaysia really existed. For many many centuries the Straits of Malacca offered safe passage between the major trading partners, China & India. The city of Malacca was a strategic & politically important post. And marriages were arranged with the children of the Sultan of Malacca, to ensure security & safe passage through the strait formed between Sumatra & Malaysia. Islam was brought down to Malaysia & lndonesia from ... read more
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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City April 26th 2014

Melaka is a lovely little town about 1 hour south of KL but you should only visit on the weekend! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday they have a fantastic night market, luckily we turned up on a Saturday so we got to enjoy the market twice and then watch on Monday as the town emptied of all tourists and visitors and became a bit of a ghost town. The town itself was very nice and very Dutch influenced with a little canal running through the centre and a square aptly named Dutch Square complete with windmill. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and our fan only room didn't do much to cool us down. One other little story from Melaka was Carly becoming friends with a rat! On her way to the shower which was in a ... read more
Kuching Waterfront

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 30th 2014

HE SAID... I woke early to the rumble of the train outside our KL hotel window. We headed down to breakfast around 7am and went for the conventional option of juice, coffee, cornflakes and toast, as we had a two hour bus trip to Melaka ahead of us. We checked out of our KL hotel (Ancasa Express) and jumped on a public bus to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan on the outskirts of KL, where we boarded a bus for Melaka at 11am. We arrived around 1pm, jumped into a minibus and headed to the Hash House Hotel, where we’d stayed only a few weeks before. We checked in, dropped our bags and walked to Nancy’s Kitchen for lunch. We eventually sat down at 2.30pm and ordered popiah (carrots, turnip, bean sprouts, lettuce and shallots drizzled with a ... read more
devil curry
cheng hoon teng temple

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka March 18th 2014

HE SAID... We woke early and headed down for what I thought would be a light breakfast at our KL hotel. However, the scrambled egg, hash browns, milk–boiled corn and noodles were too much of a temptation, and we had a long bus trip to Melaka ahead. We checked out of Ancasa Express and jumped on a public bus to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (a monumental bus station on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur’s city centre). We stocked up on a few snacks (including bbq Curry Dude twisties) and boarded a more comfortable public bus to Melaka at 10am. I love bus and train travel, as it’s an ideal time to catch up on travel notes. We arrived in Melaka at midday, jumped into a minibus and headed straight to our accommodation – the Hash House Hotel. ... read more
chicken rice balls
pineapple tarts
our street in mahkota melaka

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City December 22nd 2013

We started our day with a visit to the Swift Discovery museum where we learnt how this magical combination of bird spit and feathers is made into soup, drinks, etc = yuk. To escape the heat for a while we headed to the Mega Mall. Did a little shopping. Aced the indoor carnival complete with ring-toss, poorly sited air rifles, chocolate wheels, darts etc. Ate lunch in the mega food court then split up. Nic and Jesse went to the cinema to watch the new hobbit movie with delicious caramel popcorn. Tash and I got manicures and pedicures back at the Baba House. Wayne continued his self-guided walking tour and lined up (along with people from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and even Korea) for the best Chicken Rice around. If you are interested in trying it for ... read more
Don Wayno taking aim
City lights from the Menara Taming Sari revolving tower
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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka November 26th 2013

One of my favorite place to spend a weekend is Malacca or Melaka due to it's quite near and easy to access via highway and normal roads...the distance is around 142km from Kuala Lumpur. There are few places IMHO are very attractive and peaceful such as Kuala Linggi, Kuala Sungai Baru and 'happening' such as Bandaraya Melaka which has various attractions in terms of historical, cultural and social activities. I would like to share some photos which I've taken during my Melaka trip some time ago since a picture would tell a thousand words.. Surely in my photos you are wondering why there are so many Sungai, Kampung and Kuala.. actually 'sungai' means river, 'kampung' means village and 'kuala' means the mouth of a river.. Please also visit my page at read more
Kids at the beach
Waiting for sunset..
View from chalet

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City September 25th 2013

Bruce's Blog 6 Shenzhen and Typhoon Usagi A postscript : after our Hakka Village debacle I described in the last blog, Liz and I went for a walk around the corner from our hotel, and guess what we came across? Of course, the very same Hakka Village we'd been looking at earlier in the day, the same one that the taxi driver organised by our hotel staff, charged us heaps to drive around the city then back again, wanting to take us 90km to see another Hakka Village!!! The hazards of travel. We arrive back in Shenzhen with Typhoon Usagi battering the whole area from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. We dont know much about it. When we leave the bus we find the Metro Station and travel to our hotel undercover, even including a walkway from ... read more
Shenzhen in Typhoon
Cheng Ho in Malacca
Formosa Malacca

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka August 27th 2013

I have now decided to write this blog as our diary as writing both is proving too demanding and too time consuming. The entries will record our trip, experiences and opinions. If the entries are too long, self indulgent or just boring and our friends stop reading then we'll understand. We hope they will continue to log in from time to time and send the occasional message. Thursday 23rd Up at 5.45 to catch the local bus to the bus station for our coach connection. Soon through the border into Malaysia and the scenery soon changes to magnificent trees lining the road on both sides for as far as you can see. The landscape is beautiful. Spend my time alternating between sleeping and listening to my MP3 player until Christine digs me in the ribs to ... read more
Our cell
Quail eggs
Murals along the river

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 15th 2013

On our first morning in Kuala Lumpur we ventured out of the Swiss Inn Hotel and into the mind-spinning kaleidoscope of Chinatown. One of the first things we came upon was several street vendors selling garlands of marigolds, which made us think "Hindu celebration" and then we spotted the extremely ornate Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple, one of the very oldest in Kuala Lumpur. I felt I was channeling our friend Selvaraj as we approached it and were encouraged to go inside, first depositing our shoes at the shoe-holding booth. Amazing place! It was a Friday and a service was going on, so of course no photos inside, but later we went back and took some from the outside, as you can see. Kuala Lumpur is a sparkling city crowded with new high-rise buildings of all ... read more
Ganesh detail on temple
Temple in urban context S
KL Bus terminal

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City August 2nd 2013

Malacca or Melaka however u wish to spell it is our first stop In Malaysia so were both pretty excited to see what it has to offer, after we arrived In one piece (just about ) at our new hostel we settled in, the hostel is pretty cool very minimalist which I love and on a quite back road just off the main drag. We arrived on a Sunday and the main attraction in malacca is the weekend market so we were just in time, so that evening we headed down to the market and decided to start at the food end as we where both starving from a day of traveling. There where loads of food stalls lining the road and all the food looked amazing we just weren't sure what any of it was ... read more
Sultans Palace
St pauls Church
Our hostel (Blue door)

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