Photos from Melaka City, Melaka, Malaysia, Asia

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Singapore Flyer
Jungle Canopy
Kuala Lumpur
Singapore Nights
Tourists destroying culture
Mallacan Love
Photo 11
Photo 4
Photo 3
The Sultanate Palace
schöne Fassaden
die sind nicht nur schön geschmückt, sondern haben auch alle laute Musik
Die berühmten Rikschas
Holzschuhe gibt es hier alle handgemacht
wuseliger Nachtmarkt
Melaka locals
Melaka sights
Melaka sights
Melaka sights
Melaka sights
Kenny the diligent letter poster
Drinking Dragon Fruit juice
St Paul's Church
St Paul's Church
The fort wall at the base of St Paul's Church
Melakka at night
Melakka Locals
Me on the River Cruise
Storm water
getting ready for luge
Indian temple at Batu
Christ Church
Melaka meratime museum
Red/Dutch Square
die Hollaender lassen gruessen
Tauben im bunten Hindutempel
2007-03-22 17-57-28
2007-03-21 11-52-00
Batu Caves
Horny Goat!
St Pauls Church
Father New Year?
Monks are at it
Everything's set for
Pretty as a picture
More of the Dutch remains
Christ Church Melaka
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