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Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 19th 2012

Het eerste wat ons direct opviel in Melaka was 'amai zoveel toeristen'. Ok, onze reisgids is al enkele jaren oud en het was ook weekend. Vele Singaporesen komen in het weekend daar op 'vakantie' om te relaxen en even weg te zijn uit het businesscentrum. Groot gelijk! We kwamen aan in Melaka bushalte en niemand kon ons helpen welke bus we moesten nemen richting het centrum en onze bestemming. Het enige antwoord was 'neem een taxi'. Ok , dan namen we inderdaad een taxi. Gelukkig was het een vaste prijs en niet te duur. We waren ook ongelofelijk moe van de rit. Apa Kaba was onze guesthouse. In het begin dachten we een beetje van 'oh my god, waar zijn we nu terecht gekomen'? Het zag er ver uit van het centrum en van alle bezienswaardigheden. ... read more
traditional wedding pics/traditionele trouwfoto's met touristen
Famous Chinatown/beroemd Chinatown
it was just a shop...nothing else/gewoon een shop en niks anders

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 6th 2012

W koncu sie wyspalismy! Nasze organizmy zaczynaja sie powoli przestawaiac do nowego czasu. Co prawda pokoik 3mx2m do ktorego wchodzi tylko lozko pietrowe i mala szafeczka ale czyste i mile. Dodatkowa zaleta hostelu jest fakt ze lezy nad samym kanalem w chinskiej dzielnicy. Wieczorem mozna usiasc i ochlanac dzieki orzezwiajacej bryzie. Okolica zupelnie nie przypomina Malezji. Przywodzi na mysl raczej poludnie Europy. Jedyna roznica sa ponowe szyldy z chinskimi znakami. Malaka od wiekow byla waznym arabskim portem laczacym wschod z „dalekim wschodem”. Juz w XVI wieku przybyli tu Portugalczycy. Potem kolejno Holendrzy i Anglicy. Kazdy narod odcisnal swoje pietno na architekturze, zwyczajach i kuchni tego rejonu. W miescie mozna zobaczyc plakaty przedstawiajace ciemnych skosnookich Malajow w tradycyjnych portugalskich strojach ludowych. W centrum mozna podziwiac kociol katolicki ... read more
Ten sam tatuaz
Swiecace taksowki w Melace
Swiecace taksowki w Melace

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City June 5th 2012

Wczesnie rano musielismy szybko sie zebrac na autobus powrotny. Nie mielismy nic do jedzenia wiec sporbowalismy lokalnych przysmakow sniadaniowych – paczek z nadzeiniem sardynkowym w sosie curry. Wracalismy ta sama droga Kuala Tahan do Jerantut. Potem autobus Jerantut do Kuala Lumpur. Nastepnie musielismy przedostac sie do nowoczesnego dworca Besangar i stamtad wyruszlismy do Melaki . Po dwoch godzinach jazdy bylismy na miejscu. Wieczorem postanowilismy sie przejsc po okolicy i sprobwac specjalow lokalnej kuchni.... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City March 1st 2012

Our second day in Melaka was just as wonderful as the first. The staff at the Malacca Majestic are simply wonderful. It is a funky, wonderful little hotel and so far has been the highlight of our trip. We went on walking tour today and saw amazing back alley sights with a local (Miss Cho) who explained the ins and outs of both old world Malaysia and lots of current political commentary. Apparently, there is lots of political corruption and public funds are often misspent. (not much different than home) The current political party has been in power for 55 years and apparently basically a monarchy of sorts. We met a Kiwi guy on the tour and had lunch at a Nynoya Baba resturant called Jonkers 88. Check out Nyonya cuisine. Tasty stuff. We had dinner ... read more
The Bridge of Hell
Kampong Martin
Along Boardwalk

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 27th 2012

When I was planning the trip, I decided that I'd like to visit this town with two names soon after we left Singapore. Logan determined it was somewhere between 3-10 hours by bus, but it didn't look too far on the map. I read good reviews and quickly added it to must visit list determining we would figure out the details of how we would get there a little later. I booked the hotel based on reviews and few url= images and hoped for the best. Since I determined I would like to come to Melaka, I've been trying to figure out how to say it. Actually, it's a bit less intimidating than most of the other cities in Malaysia, but for some reason I was having a har... read more
inside Bus
Majestic Hotel
Open Gutter


Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 27th 2012

After singapore our next stop was Melaka, a small city once controlled by the Dutch, Portugese and British. We stayed near Jonker street, the main market street in china town. Highlights included a half swiss half brazilian man we met on two nights out who was clearly on a ecstasy fueled weekend. Our hostel owner also showed us that mc lovin from superbad had also stayed at our hostel before, a great claim to fame. From Melaka we bused and ferried to Tioman Island, rated in the top 10 most beautiful islands in the world. We stayed here for 4 nights, the first 3 of which were beautiful sunshine, snorkling and drinking in the evenings. Susan, who we'd met in melaka, had also come and eneded up sharing a room with us. A day trip with ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 25th 2012

MELAKA (MALACCA) HERITAGE CITY, MELAKA, MALAYSIA. Saturday 25 February, 2012. This morning we were off quite early to take the motorway down to Melaka (or Malacca if you spell it the English way). The City of Melaka is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the Straits of Melaka. It has been occupied and controlled by the Portugese, Dutch and the British among others throughout its interesting history. All have left their mark on the city. We arrived and found our way to China Town fairly easily. We cruised around for a while wondering where we could park when we stumbled on a car park at the top of Jonker Street for just 3 RM (60p) for the whole day. Our next stroke of luck was to bump into an Ozzie couple who told us how ... read more
The Clock Tower in the Dutch Quarter
View Down the River Melaka
M Eating Nyonya Laksa

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 21st 2012

Nach den drei Großstädten und vor der nächsten ziehen wir uns für einen kurzen Erholungsurlaub in das kleine beschauliche Städtchen Melaka zurück. Auf dem Weg dorthin treffen wir die britische Opernsängerin Camille, welche zwar in Berlin wohnt, aber nur auswärts Arbeit findet und gerade in Singapur ein Konzert gegeben hat. Nach einem Abend beim Essen beim Inder in Chinatown trennen sich unsere Wege wieder. In Chinatown hängen überall rote Lampions und chinesische Girlanden herum und hier und da mal ein Drache. Nett anzuschauen sind auch die kleinen bunten chinesischen Tempel, wenn zwischendurch dann der Muezzin ruft, passt das aber so gar nicht ins Bild. In den vielen Geschäften in den teilweise schönen und stuckverzierten kleinen Reihenhäusern gibt es nur „Kunsthandwerk“, also Touristenkitsch, zu kaufen. Dieser ehemals bedeutende Handelsknotenpunkt der vorherigen Ja... read more
In der Mittagshitze ist es garnicht so leicht, im Schatten zu bleiben.
furchterregend süße Drachen
Von Mr. Melaka zu Mr. Universe - ein Kind dieser Stadt

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 8th 2012

Malaysia – Melaka – A quiet little historic town that suddenly exploded with people during the bank holiday!! After a flying visit to Singapore (another blog to follow) I jumped on a bus and made my way back to Malaysia to visit a town called Melaka. Whilst in Malaysia the first time I didn’t have time to visit the South so with a few spare days before I fly to Oz I decided to make use of the time by heading back for a quick visit. I only planned on staying three or four days but I liked it so much here I ended up staying for seven. I guess that’s one of the best parts about travelling, within reason when you find somewhere you like you can just stay longer or in some cases get ... read more
Melaka - Very cool artwork on the buildings by the river
Melaka - A little bit of street dancing
Melaka  - Hand made crisps

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City January 26th 2012

Driving half the length of peninsula Malaysia is always going to take a long time. Luckily on Chinese New Year's Day the vast majority of people were already visiting relatives so we had a fairly clear run all the way - until we got South of Kuala Lumpur. Then the heavens opened, visibility was reduced to a minimum, the traffic started to crawl but still several drivers thought they could drive like idiots. Thankfully we avoided any trouble and never witnessed any accidents. After about 5 hours we reached Melaka, or the outskirts at least. Then the traffic ground to a halt! Eventually we parked up at a posh hotel to enquire about their rates (way beyond our budget!), left the car there and walked towards town to find some accommodation. We looked at several options ... read more
Noisy Lion Dancers
Chinese Lanters

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