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Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 10th 2011

So today when I went to get breakfast I realized I couldn’t find my meal card. So I ended up just walking in anyways and eating my free meal. Because we were leaving today for Guangzhou we all had to be packed and ready in the lobby by 9am. Today we went to the Macau museum for another lecture on Macau from a cultural perspective. After that I bought another shot glass in the museum souvenir store. And then we proceeded into this very interesting tourist town. This part of Macau that we were in resembled the European style of architecture even down to the tiles they used instead of tar. I found a dairy queen!! So naturally I order a kit-kat blizzard, it was amazing! Then we ate Japanese style in some building and after ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Macau July 10th 2011

Our last day in Macau was about its Portuguese cultural heritage. Even though Macau is known for its gambling, there are parts of the city where its heritage can be seen and appreciated. Today we heard a lecture about Portuguese cultural heritage and how it is visible in the architecture. We took a quick tour through the Macau Museum and then had free time to explore the shops near the historical center. I was able to snack on pork buns and almond cookies, which Macau is known for. We took our last field trip as a group to an old Catholic church, which is from the Portuguese presence. In order to get from Macau to Guangzhou we had to go through immigration. It was a process because we had to depart Macau, then wheel our suitcases ... read more
Macau Museum

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 9th 2011

We departed Hong Kong today for Macau. It took us about an hour to get to Macau on the ferry. We again had to go through immigration, because Macau is also a special administrative region. It was given back to mainland China, from Portugal, in 1999. Macau is known for its gambling which I experienced first hand today. The students were given a lecture on gambling and culture in Macau at the University of Macau. It is interesting to think that 80% of Macau's revenue comes from gambling, and its 32 casinos. After lecture, I had Portuguese food for dinner. The Portuguese have excellent desserts. I had a vanilla type pudding with crushed cookies. I also sampled some almond cookies. After dinner, I went to two casinos. The Venetian was my favorite, but we also visited ... read more
A Ma Temple
A Ma Temple
A Ma Temple

Asia » Macau » Taipa Island July 9th 2011

So we entered Macau today. We entered by ferry. It was about an hour long ferry. Once we entered Macau the first thing I noticed was that everything was trilingual. The instructions were in Cantonese, Portuguese, and English. It was so strange to see streets and buildings in Portuguese in Southern china. So we board a bus and head towards a fancy restaurant but meanwhile all you can see are casinos everywhere! And I mean EVERYWHERE. Every other building was a casino! This gaming industry in Macau was definitely no joke! So we eat at this fancy restaurant and after that head to our hotel. After that we had a lecture on gambling and “Macau the sin city”. I’m going to skip the lecture because in all honesty nobody paid much attention. I actually videotaped everyone ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Macau July 7th 2011

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- macauAsia » Macau » Macau July 4th 2011 Published: July 7th 2011 « Previous EntryA PRIVATE BLOG ENTRY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct 26 Macau Took a catamaran ferry over to here. Fast, but rough. For an hour we all either slept or quietly starred out the window…anything to keep the stomach intact. Not too much in Macau. It is on old Portuguese settlement that has been turned into the Vegas of Asia. 33 casino on this small rock. The downtown core was interesting as it is old, but other than that it was just another long day. Back in Hong Kong our group of six went for a Mexican dinner and desert. Best meal since coming to China. China is quite the country. We were definitely shown what the government wants to show off…t... read more


Asia » Macau July 6th 2011

Wow, I can’t believe it’s come to this, the last few days of this monumental adventure. It seems like only 5 minutes ago we were sitting down first thinking about the idea. Well here we are back in Bangkok, our hub for Asia and probably the heart of this winter. The reason for our brief return is twofold, it’s about 5 times the price to fly directly from Saigon to Macau rather than back to Bangkok then over to Macau, which is double the distance. What it does do though is give Lisa the change to ‘Jimmy Choo’ shop. Yep, the ladyboys of Patpong market are in for a visit. As this is our last ‘proper’ Asia stop on the tour, pressies need to be purchased and where better than the knock off stalls of Bangkok’s ... read more
Slumming It
Not too shabby
Senado Sq

Asia » Macau June 12th 2011

Macau The second half of our Spring Holiday was spent in Macau, 60 kilometers across the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong. The ferry trip was pretty uneventful, not much to see until you actually get there. Macau consists of a peninsula and a couple of islands. The peninsula is almost part of the mainland and the two islands are practically one due to land reclamation. In the 1580s, Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci wrote "It is better to call it a protruding rock than to call it a peninsula." It was a backwater until the Portuguese set up shop in the 1500s. It went from about 3 sq. km. then to about 30 sq. km. now. Who says they don’t make waterfront anymore? I associated Macau with gambling and therefore had little interest in going there ... read more
Hotel courtyard
Indoors too
Fortress Park

Asia » Macau May 6th 2011

I got up early and headed to the harbour to catch the so-called TurboJet to Macau taking 75 minutes. Upon arriving I checked the score of the Nashville game on my ipod using the wireless that the city of Macau had set up for free for tourists. Satisfied that we were winning, I walked along, seeing clear blue sky for the first time since leaving Canada. I had started to forget what the Sun looked and felt like. Macau is a tiny city of about 500 000. It was also pretty hot and muggy. I walked around and up to the highest point in Macau, on the location of one of the two old Portuguese forts overlooking the city and the harbour. There was also a lighthouse. I wandered around, and there even was free wireless ... read more
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Asia » Macau » Macau April 16th 2011

Tourism is a huge part of Macau’s economy. It is considered the Las Vegas of China and home too many of the same brands of casinos. The Wynn, MGM, Venetian, and Hard Rock are all brands that can be found in both places. This brings a lot of weekend trippers to Macau and it was much cheaper for us to travel there during the week. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Macau and they also had a casino on the 3rd floor. Although we did no gambling, the casinos were still interesting places to see and explore. They are their own micro culture within the city, very different from many other traditional Chinese areas. It feels a lot the same as being in an American casino, with the largest difference being Language.... read more
Wynn Fountain

Asia » Macau » Macau April 11th 2011

The first day of the trip we flew to Zhuhai, China. This city shares a border with Macau and we walked through customs there. The weather was much warmer there because it is south of Shanghai. I traveled with two friends who are local Chinese people; their names are Wang Shi Kun and Lixi Zhou. Wang is my friend who helped me get settled here and they were going to Macau for the first time like me. After we found the hotel, we went to a popular bakery that is known for being the original maker of Macau style dan ta. Dan ta translated means egg tart and Macau is famous for this treat. Dinner was at a popular Portuguese restaurant and this was one of the two times on the trip English was more useful ... read more
Dan Ta Shop
Dan Ta
Portuguese Restaurant

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