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Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Song Kol November 18th 2013

Voici quelques photos de notre 2e étape au cœur du Kirghizstan en septembre 2013. Nous avons trouvé la grisaille à Kochkor, au centre du pays et un peu de neige près du Lac Song-Kol, mais cela ne nous a pas empêché de rouler à vélo et profiter des grands espaces. Nous avons également bénéficié de la chaleureuse hospitalité Kirghize dans la famille de James à Kochkor, et sous la yourte en altitude. Nos hôtes ont à chaque fois disposé des corbeilles de fruits, de biscuits, ainsi que des chocolats et d’autres petits snacks de très belle façon sur la table avant de nous apporter le repas. Nous avons mangé du mouton bien cuit, ou des pates avec du bœuf ou des abats, et au lac évidemment c’était poisson au menu. Nous avons même eu droit à ... read more
Kyrgyz Yaks
Kyrgyzstan 2013
Thank you for having us!

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Song Kol September 20th 2013

Na een wat onrustige nacht werden we met het ochtendgloren om 6 uur wakker. Ik had het niet koud gehad deze nacht, Esther wel. De auto gaf aan dat het momenteel -3 graden was, dus erg koud. Gelukkig kwam de zon al snel achter de heuvel vandaan en konden we aangenaam ontbijten en genieten van de besneeuwde bergtoppen (4000 meter). Brood wordt hier overal verkocht en lijkt veel op het ronde brood wat we ook in Marokko aten. De tent was natuurlijk ook bevroren die nacht, dus deze moest eerst drogen voordat we weg konden rijden. De zon heeft nog veel kracht, dus dat ging voorspoedig. Onze eerste stop was een monument voor de sterkste man van Kirgizië, Kojomkul. Deze man was in begin 20e eeuw de sterkste worstelaar van het land en heeft tijdens de ... read more
Even tanken
De kudde koeien

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Song Kol September 24th 2010

What can we say? This has been one of the trip highlights for sure. The pass on the way to Son-Kul lake is at an elevation of 3450 meters, the lake itself is at approximately 3000 meters and it is Kyrgyzstan's second largest lake. Pretty much as soon as we arrived it started raining and then eventually it turned to snow. We opted to stay in a cozy Yurt that slept six. In case anybody is interested, the yurts are heated with a coal burning stove. Most of the afternoon was spent hiding inside the Yurt playing cards with a few of the others from the group. We woke up early the next morning to a beautiful sunrise and clearing skies. Since the rain/snow had finally stopped, it was really our first chance to have a ... read more
Son-Kul lake
Yurt camp

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Song Kol August 8th 2010

The public minivan exploded with excited questions in broken Russian when they realised there was a foreigner onboard. "What's it like in England?" "How is life in England?" "Can people live normally there?" "Can you actually live there?" "Here you just can't live, there just isn't enough money..." "Is that vodka?" asked the man next to me, pointing at my water bottle. "Just water," I replied. "What's that in your bottle, vodka, eh?" he asked me again a bit later. "Yes, actually it is," I said jokingly. His glazed over, seemingly unseeing eyes came to somewhere approaching life and his involuntary jaw movements increased in frequency. "Give me some then!" he said in a cracked, wheazy voice. "No, sorry, I was only joking," I apologised. "Come on, seriously, is it vodka or not?" he asked me. ... read more
Tinchtekbek's grandchildren, Song Kul
Mars' mum and wife, Song Kul
Tinchtekbek's son Solto, Song Kul

Asia » Kyrgyzstan » Song Kol July 10th 2010

Song Kul lake is a mountain lake located in the Tian Shan mountains at an altitude of 3016m. the lake is used by people in the summer as a jailoo, a pasture during the summer months. It is considered the pearl of the Kyrgyz jailoos. The road to Song Kul winds through mountainous terrain until it seems to disappear into the skies. This is probably why Song Kul is translated from Kyrgyz as the last lake. From Kochkor we left our homestay after breakfast around 8am and walked to town to the CBT office, where we were supposed to meet our guide for our horseback riding trek to Song Kul for 3 days. The CBT office was still closed, past 9am already and no one was still there then the (bitchy)lady whom we dealt with the ... read more
Kyzlart pass
Song Kul trek on horseback day 1
Kyzlart pass

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