Day 69: Wax Appointment

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May 21st 2009
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It was easier to follow this second time around.
Day 69: Wax Appointment
Thursday, May 21, 2009

8:00am: I woke up, got ready, and rushed out the door.

9:17am: I was in the class and started on my test.

10:30am: I was finished and practiced my skit with Martin.

11:00am: Everyone performs their skit. I recorded mine. Then, we learned more kanji.

12:30pm: I ate lunch at GL-Net and Candy tells me how to get to Shreya's place.

1:00pm: I left and went to Shreya's place in Nishi Kasai.

2:30pm: I made it to Shreya's place, early. So, I asked if I can have my appointment early. Her bathroom was leaking due to the number doing something upstairs, so she was quite busy. And things took longer because Shreya is not fluent in Japanese yet. But I think she's pretty good.

3:00pm: My appointment begins. I got my legs waxed and threaded my eyebrows. I really look different with my eyebrows done. I wish I knew how to wax myself and thread...

5:30pm: I finally headed home.

6:30pm: I made it to Zoshiki. I ate dinner and talked to my host family.

9:00pm: I do my homework and fall asleep.

Note: I wrote this on Saturday, May 30th, 2009. My details may be a little inaccurate.
I am finally writing postcards and letters, please send me your address, so I can write to you!

My Japanese Class: We're in break.
Candy & John Presentation: John is funny at the second skit.
My Skit with Martin: lol, like my mask?
Stefan & Sam's Skit: These are nice guys.
Frank's Skit
Paper Scissor Rock: It's harder than you think. Jan ken pon?
Random Partners: We get our partners by matching the number on our card. 2 groups had repeating partners, so they had to play this paper rock game to change partner. But they both choose paper every time. Neither wanted to "lose."


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