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March 16th 2008
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Japanese foodJapanese foodJapanese food

very different, but tasty none the less!
Had a pretty quiet Sunday, I didn't actually sleep after posting last night/morning still; don't know what thats about! went into Shinjuku briefly, but there wasn't much more to see. Also went to a Japanese pub, which is NOTHING like a pub here, its more like a bar/restaurant, and the food is pretty good! had some weird chicken stuff, and raw salmon (which is definitely not as bad as it sounds)

This blog, and probably the next couple of Sunday blogs, will just be about random thoughts about my trip so far, as I probably wont be doing much apart from recovering from staying out all night! so here goes..

* Weather is here GOOD. Had one night of rain, but other than that its been great! Spring here is like Summer back home.

* People here are really polite and helpful; even the the ones who cant speak English still try to help us get around.

* Navigating around Japan is pretty damn complicated; everything is all over the place, and as most of you know, I have no sense of direction. If Ian wasn't here it would take me twice as long to work my
From the hotelFrom the hotelFrom the hotel

This guy moved here from the states to be with his Japanese wife. Quite a talented musician (it was his career after all), and he's retired and just lives in the Hilton!
way around here.

* If I wasn't here, I reckon it would take Ian twice as long to get around haha. He never tries and talk to anyone because he's 'ill' hehe, but he's gonna have to start either learning Japanese super quick, or not have a problem about sounding like a dumb tourist (like me!). Ian will be fine though! Unlike him however, my direction ineptness can't be fixed, so I hate wandering around on my own because I ALWAYS go the wrong way.

* The women here are REALLY good looking... Honestly didn't expect to see so many fit birds wandering around the city all the time! (I love Tokyo)

* Surprisingly, it hasn't taken us long to get used to the rail system (which is also really complex). The trains are very efficient and not that expensive.

* I'm having a bit of a problem with food here. Its not expensive at all, its just that they put ham/pork in pretty much everything! I don't mind fish, but I don't love it either, and I don't wanna live on junk food, so I'm gonna go to the grocery store later to work out

From the hotel
what I'm gonna live off for the next 4 weeks.

* Theres no crime here. Seriously. Theres vending machines in the street, and they AREN'T smashed up. The police have pretty much nothing to do, so they're just walking information points for people. Also, I lost my wallet in the nightclub, and had a big panic, went to the bar and frantically told the barman about it, and someone had returned it to the bar...with all my cards and cash still in it (which was about £300). And apparently everyone carries loads of cash around; its not a problem. I'm not used to there NOT being charvas stabbing each other for no reason on every corner.

* They are very particular about garbage here; everything has to be separated into burnable, non-burnable, recyclable, and organic. Even in McDonald's you have separate bins for everything. Good I suppose, but its taking a bit to get used to, since we're just used to the good old lazy way of chucking everything in the same bin!

* Finally, just gotta mention and thank our flatmate here, Travis, who's been really helpful especially with giving us directions to places, translating the

it was a pretty fancy hotel garden!
written Japanese for us (Kanji I think its called?), helping me with phrases and pronunciation, and general tips about living here! Cheers!

Got the photos from Ian's camera, so I'm just upload a bunch of them that aren't just from Sunday, but from random days too. Also I'm running a bit late with this blog, so I'm gonna update it around midnight (which is 3pm today, UK time) with stuff about today.

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Train tripTrain trip
Train trip

From the hotel to Shinjuku to get the keys for the flat
Crazy foodCrazy food
Crazy food

Bagels that are probably filled with ham.. seriously.

Looks pretty good during the day too

Some guy getting a parking ticket
Shinjuku againShinjuku again
Shinjuku again

another pic of the city

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