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May 4th 2012
Published: May 4th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I've received some inquiries as to how I'm doing, and the answer is I'm very, very tired but it's been a great trip so far. I was at an onsen for two days, which was relaxing (especially loved the massage) but no Internet access. Yesterday I was out all day to look at areas of the coast -- very hard to see, but important to see as well. Anna's volunteer group HANDS went in a trip and we went to several temporary shops to support the economy of the coast.

Today once Anna wakes up, I will be visiting the ATM (budgeted a withdrawal two days ago but didn't have time, so I literally have 1 yen (approximately 1.2 pennies) to my name right now. We plan on visiting Morioka today. They are having record rains here so volunteering was canceled.

Although they aren't high quality, I am linking two videos I took with my little camera last Monday when we were with Soya-san.


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