Photos from Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan, Asia

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I told Shenton not to climb that building but he wouldn't listen
The Dome: An Eerie Relic of the A bom
The cool toilets!
The Crane given to me my a school kid
Mother nature's firework display
The red five storey Pagoda
Dusky torii
The red torii
Yet more BLOODY steps
Staff of a Pilgrim
Full moon bridge
Beautiful strolling gardens
The real Madam Butterfly
Past surrounded by the present
The twisted dome
Blue sky, red, yellow & green leaves
A hotel room with a view
A-Bomb Dome Hiroshima
The Power of Life Over Destruction
A-Bomb Dome
Rock Gardens
Hiroshima - Children
Sulphur gas bellowing out of the volcano
Nara - Dragon Boat
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