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Weekend Adventures Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Kure Friday 3/21 We went into Hiroshima and did some shopping and went to some restaurants. With my rail pass expiring on Saturday, this was a chance to make sure I pick up the omiyage that I needed. It was raining during the day, but we mostly stayed in the covered shopping streets and managed to stay mostly dry. In the evening, we went to a vegan café, a rarity in Japan, and the food was really good. Saturday 3/22 We went to Fukuoka early in the morning and went to Space World, an amusement park somewhat reminiscent of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. We called Brandon to wish him a happy birthday, as it was still his birthday in Utah, from the amusement park. It was really good to ... read more
Space World
Venus GP
Zaturn Roller Coaster

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka March 13th 2014

March 13, 2014 Dazaifu I made it to Dazaifu easily after my misadventure yesterday. It was a bit of a walk from the train station in a light rain, as I walked around the rural outskirts to the east side of the city, planning to pass through the area east to west and catch a different train station home. It was a pretty walk, though, with the clouds hanging low on the mountains and whips of clouds rising from the densely forested hills. After at least an hour of walking, I made it to the Kyushu National Museum, a magnificent blue glass building the rose out of the forest as I descended down a hillside. The first floor exhibit was free of charge, and I examined some displays of archeological sites and an exhibit of wood ... read more
Clouds Rising From Forest
Kyushu National Museum
Taiko Bridge

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka March 12th 2014

March 12, 2014 Fukuoka, Kyushu The Gambler’s Fallacy and How I Ended Up on a Train Full of Elementary-School Kids Sometimes when I’m in a streak of luck I just feel like nothing can go wrong. Unfortunately, they can. When rolling dice, it doesn’t matter how long your streak has been; every roll has the same probability of crapping out. Forgetting this is known as the Gambler’s Fallacy. When I left for Dazaifu, a town just south of Fukuoka and the ancient capital of Kyushu, I was on a streak of good luck. When I woke up, I realized that I only had 1000 yen, so I would need to find an ATM that could access international accounts. The only one of which I know so far is at Seven-Eleven, which is apparently not ... read more
Single Car Train

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka January 20th 2014

I checked out of my hostel in Osaka (sadly as I’ve really enjoyed using the foot-warmer in the bedroom) and started my morning at my usual café which serve me with boiled egg, toast and a milky coffee which always sets me up for the day. I got on the bullet train this morning bound for Hakata/ Fukuoka City on Kyushu. It went at a dizzying speed and I was gripping my seat in fear and had to listen to Pink Floyd on my Walkman to calm me down and distract me. It turned out I’d got on the Sakura Super Express. In the evening I went to the centre of Hakata but it was nothing to write home about. jobs in jobs in korea: Busan... read more

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka November 25th 2013

Fukuoka The last stop. My colleague and friend Maki from the DRO is from this city. It was a very happy coincidence that she was visiting her home town while we were here as well. So I had the chance to spend a wonderful afternoon with here and get some inside information on some of the things I've been seeing on the journey. We spent the afternoon shopping. Maki knew some very good stores which I would never have found on my own. Sake, Shucho, Japanese pickles, umeboshi, teas and of course ceramics! And the perfect artisans ceramics it was. And a heavy bag and empty wallet afterwards I did have. In the evening we at along the river at a typical Yatai. A Yatai is a kind of tent set up that sells simple grilled ... read more


Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka November 25th 2013

Studio Ghibli exhibition. Studio Ghibli is to Japan what Disney and maybe Pixar is to the US. But it is at heart very Japanese. And it is the heart of Anime in Japan. We stumbled on this exhibition our last afternoon in Fukuoka. It was room after room of sketch drawings for different scenes in the films. Sometimes small sections of the anime were shown beside the drawings. It was just incredible. We had the chance to see the source of the magic for films like My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. I wished so much that Frans could have been beside me to see this. He loved Anime. I missed him painfully this day.... read more

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka February 11th 2013

11th Feb: Well I didn't have the greatest night's sleep. The room was pretty cold, even with the thick bedding and having the heat on all night. Get me back to Korea, with its (genius) underfloor heating. We went along to the breakfast room to have our breakfast. it was beautifully presented like yestersay's. I don't know sausages and scrambled eggs were part of a traditional Japanese breakfast, but the tofu, fish, rice, and miso soup were. The breakfast was good. We took a last few photos of the ryokan. After checking out, we were back on the bus. It was a short drive to Dazaifu Shrine. We parked up in the car park and it was a 5 minute walk up a street lined with shops to the shrine. Me and Mel made a mental ... read more

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka January 9th 2013

Seeing that I had a 9 days off from work it was a good opportunity for me to see a new country. I originally wasn’t planning on traveling anywhere. While talking with my girlfriend, she convinced me that she could find inexpensive flights. So I figured why not. In any event, before I knew it I had a round trip ticket to Fukuoka, Japan. On the day we arrived in Japan it was in the afternoon so we just settled in to our room and then went to Fukuoka Tower. It was really cold and windy new the sea. But the tower was pretty amazing. We went to the top of the tower at night time so the cityscape was quite amazing. That was in for day one. On the second day we just bummed around ... read more
The Lights
Hyper Center2
Huis Ten Bosch

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka September 6th 2012

Konnichiwa! Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was an adventure undertaken by two curious, enthusiastic dudes in a land far to the east... a mighty land called Japan... And this is the retelling of that quest for discovery, passed down through the ages, becoming legend among the earth-folk. Although embelishments are sure to result from tales past down over time, let us allow ourselves to be enthralled and enraptured in this departure from everyday life! So we're playing catch up here and I'm going to be posting some stories about my life in 2012 so far, starting with the post graduation trip that I went on with my good, ultra-buzzy Kiwi-buddy, Chris. We finished up our final drama presentations for our respective classes at Playola English School in Seoul, passed on our ... read more
Kyoto sightseeing
Izu roadtrip ocean walk

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka March 30th 2012

We spent our last day of the trip in Fukuoka. I have been super excited because we were going to watch the first baseball match in my life. As we were handed some brochures, I found out more about the home team we were suppose to support - Fukuoka Softbank Hawks. It is the only baseball team based in Kyushu and it has been doing quite well recently. One of the key players on the team is a good looking guy called Honda. Whenever he is on the field you can hear women screaming. On our way to the dome, there are many stores selling accessories such as hat, tshirt, ballons. It seems to be the Japanese way to have a fan with your favorite player's face printed on it. A lot of girls were holding ... read more
game start
game start

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