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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Prambanan November 5th 2013

Prambanan temple ruins was our first day of temple exploring. Prambanan is a 9th century Hindu temple compound so there were many areas to see. As you may remember from previous temple blogs, I love ruins so I was very happy here. We paid a small amount of money to hire a bike for an hour to get to the temples that were further away. This was fun, as I had not been on a bike for a while. The lads enjoyed cycling tandem and of course they made a video. We finished in the temple complex at 10am, had some breakfast and made the long journey to Borobodur consisting of 3 buses and a motorbike ride. We collared a guy to take us to the sunrise point in the morning at a split cost for ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta November 4th 2013

Today we explored the sights of Yogyakarta. With chameleons on shoulders, we visited the Palace, Tamansari water castle, the underground mosque, the Sultans Palace. So good day of tourism and learning a thing or two. Later in the afternoon, we got a local bus to Prambanan. The funny thing was, Benny was holding the chameleons in their cage and the bus ticket man said we were not allowed on the bus with creatures. So we walked away down the road, squished down the metal cage and put Dewi and Jonny in Benny's bum bag (fanny pack if you prefer). The bus journey was long, but once there we found a hotel right opposite the gates to Prambanan temple ruins. Nate and I chilled with a beer and ate in a local warung down the street, sat ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta November 3rd 2013

In the morning we all had a lie in until 9am. Much deserved I think. Leaving the guesthouse early afternoon, we headed for the bird market. I didn't really know what to expect of this place. We used the local bicycle carriages to get there as it was a fair few kilometres. This market was basically a giant pet shop. Birds, fish, bats, reptiles, rabbits, cats and dogs. The guys loved it, Benny kept saying "'s great, you never know what's going to be round the next corner". When it came to the cats and dogs, it broke my heart to see them in their cages. Yes, they were being fed, eye drops etc but still. They all looked pedigree too, such beautiful creatures. However, there was a fun aspect of this day. Nate and Benny ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bromo Tengger Semeru November 2nd 2013

A jeep picked us up in the morning and took us on the rocky path to sunrise viewpoint. It was rather cold so a coffee was in order at this time. The place was packed full of tourists. I had a few photo shoots with people from Sulawesi, Indonesia. They obviously saw my white skin and blonde hair coming out of my beanie as if they had never seen a westerner before. But they were all so sweet, mainly young girls telling me I was beautiful. The clouds in the sky were moving fast and the sun was rising. A lovely sight. Back in the vehicle, we got driven down into the Plain known as the 'Sea of Sand' where we walked through the desert like plain to climb some steps to see the volcano from ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta November 2nd 2013

so this is our last day of travelling. After much discussion we have decided to get a cab into the centre and find the what seems to be the only famous landmark in the city, which is strange for a vast capital. Taxis can take as much as 20 minutes to move a few hundred yards in Jakarta as the traffic is so bad. Currently there is no mass transit system so most people either walk or drive. Fortunately the cabs are trip and 1 hour trip cost sat little at £4.00. The cabs generally start on this back home. We got to the monument which is in the centre of Jakarta's main park. It's certainly a lot bigger than we expected and towers over most other structures nearby. The National Monument other wise known as ... read more


Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta November 1st 2013

Today we were collected by the taxi at 9am to take us to Denpasar Airport. We are flying from Bali today to Jakarta where Louise and I will spend some time exploring the citi before going home. At the airport we both had some foot reflexology in one of the massage booths. This wasn't the most pleasant of experiences as it was very firm and felt more like every sensitive area on my feet was being given a once over with a garden roller. It actually left my foot tingling after for a while. Certainly not the best of treatments I have experienced on this treat. We arrived at our swanky apartment in Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia at mid afternoon) (wiki on Jakarta) the apartment is really plush and we are very high up so ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Ijen Plateau October 31st 2013

Today I left Bali for Java. A local bus and a ferry journey. How happy was I to meet Nate and Benny. Two guys from New Zealand rock up in the tour shop I was in and wanted to do the same tour. Ijen Crater, Mount Bromo and Yogyakarta. Yes, this really made my day. The guys are film makers, who were filming their travels in Indonesia to make a short documentary. We had a vehicle drive us to a hotel close by Ijen, with a stop off on route to check out the coffee plantation and the rubber trees. After our rooms were allocated, we walked through the village to a big crazy waterfall, then stopped off at some hot spring baths where we took time to relax our muscles ready for the volcano climb ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali October 31st 2013

Today we travelled back to Bali by fast boat. We got the early boat as Louise and I wanted to buy something made locally for the house. We ended up settling on a hand carved long boat which will sit proudly in the front window space once it's arrived in a few months time. This has been covered by house warming present money from Mum and Dad. We went around the shops a little but decided to go back to the hostel as the area is just so hostile. Shop keepers will chase you up the street and hit you and abuse you for not buying something. in the evening we went out for our final meal as a group and then made it an early night as me and Louise were flying out to Jakarta ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Yogyakarta October 30th 2013

I went to Yogyakarta this past week with Natasha. We arrived on Wednesday morning and went straight to the hotel. We stayed at a hotel called the Kangen Boutique. Usually when I go travelling, I just stay at some shithole hostel in a dorm room. This way is great for meeting people when you go traveling by yourself. But this time, because I went with the Mrs, I thought I should splurge out on a nice place. The place was great: the room was huge; décor was really suave; and the room had fox sports, which meant I could watch the UFC on Sunday Morning. After we dropped out bags at the hotel, we went straight to the centre of the city. The three famous sights there are Malioboro Street, Kraton and Taman Sari. Kraton was ... read more
Star Hill
The Mrs

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gilli Trawangan October 30th 2013

Today we went on a snorkelling trip around the islands. This is about the strenuous thing we've done since being here. We had 3 separate sessions of the boat and saw lots of colourful fish although the reef itself wasn't too colourful. We also some turtles swimming under water which made it quite special. At lunch the girls ordered a potato salad that took the best part of an hour to arrive and when it did finally get to the table it was just a plate of boiled potatoes with some herbs sprinkled on them... Apparently this is an Indonesian version of a potato salad. We were tired after the snorkelling so we went back to the pool for a short rest before going out some drinks. It was an an early night though as the ... read more

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