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July 13th 2011
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The next morning i got picked up by Dennis and drove by the large beautiful mosque on the way to Dennis' home. I met Dennis' wife, 3 young daughters and the whole extended family. I had lunch and the wandered around the little local district with the eldest daughters, ages 9 and 10. first stop was a table of men sitting around a chess game drinking bako, a home brew made from palm trees. i had some and it didn't have a strong flavour but it wasn't that good. the girls got bored so we left and wandered around a bit. almost everyone would wave and say hello. Children would run up and practice their English phrases, such as the ubiquitous "Hello Mister" as well as asking my name, where I'm from, and what my hobby was. The girls would fight over who would get to hold my hand and then would show off to their friends and family saying something to the effect of "Hey look! I am with a bule (means white person)."
we ended up at the home of the daughters aunt with their cousins. i played ball and Hamilton with them for a bit before we headed off. they took me to their small school.
it was a fairly clean but simple school typical of 3rd world. There was no school that day but some teachers and the headmaster were there working. By chance one of the teachers
there was an English teacher so I had a long conversation with him and the headmaster through him. We talked alot about the differences in schools, teaching, teacher education, philosophies and the like. It was quite interesting.after we headed back to the home and Dennis came back and then took me around the town on his motorcycle.
We stopped at a little quaint fishing village on stilts. Then onto a shipyard were boats were being repaired and then onto the top of the hill for a panorama view of samarinda and the sungai (river) mahakam. We went back and stopped by some local.men drinking the bako who poured me a drink. After i finished i went back to Dennis' home and shortly after the German couple that I was doing the next trip arrived. We had a couple of beer and then head to bed for the long trip ahead.

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