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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo November 2nd 2012

With 3265 mdpl height, Mount Lawu is one of the highest mountain in Java. My team and I start to hike from cemara kandang and went down on cemara sewu way. There are 5 post before we reach the top of the mount. Lawu located is on tawangmangu. Most people says that Mount Lawu is the most mystic mount in the entire java.... read more
flying the red white flag!
at the end of the cloud

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo May 30th 2012

We zijn al enkele dagen in het stadje Solo, ook wel gekend als Surakarta. Het is één van Java's meest vriendelijkste steden. Hier wonen slechts 600.000 mensen, een pak minder dan Surabaya. Hier zagen we ook voor het eerst graffitikunst op een gigantisch gebouw, een pop & jazzschool tenmidden in de Kraton wijk, en hopen jongeren die bijeenkomen op hun brommers op vrijdag en zaterdagavond. Er is hier ook een indoor soccer veld én tegelijk ook dé bijeenkomst als je de zaterdagavond een optreden wil meepikken of wilt weten waar je moet uitgaan. De gesprekken komen vaak niet verder dan 'hey mister , where are you from'? En ook hier zijn de mensen totaal niet opdringerig (behalve de becak chauffeurs). De eerste nacht sliepen we in Istraya Griya , volgens de LP een aanrader. Wij hebben ... read more
there was a muslim wedding next to our café/er was een moslim trouw naast ons café

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo May 28th 2012

Short 1h train ride from Jogja's Tugu station to Solobapan in Solo, the so-called twin city to its more illustrious sibling. Solo was definitely smaller in scale, but still had its fair share of cultural and natural attractions. Stayed at the cheapest place yet, Mama's Homestay at Jalan Cakra at IDR60k, but completely basic -- no AC, hot water, attached bath or wifi!... read more
Mesjid Agung
No Entry for Me
Museum Batik Danar Hadi

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo February 20th 2012

JAVA...Erotic Temples. Solo... (Surakarta)...65 kms NE of Yogyakarta in Central Java... known as the Capital of of the cradles of Javanese culture...also famous for Javan dance. It is also the home of "Jamiah Islamiah"...the radical jihadist group responsible for the Bali bombings. As a result...Joe said...Solo was often avoided by tourists. The bombing of a Protestant Church in Solo in September a suicide bomber...seemingly did not assist the local tourist industry. But 36 kms East of Solo...on the western slopes of Lawu volcano...are two temple sites that are guaranteed to take your mind off fears of terrorism...and cast your mind to another time and place...unique in Java and S-E Asia...the erotic temples Sukuh and like a Mayan pyramid. Built in the 15th Century A.D...they are the last Hindu temples built in Java...before Islam ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo November 21st 2011

My dad tells me it isn't wise to use too many photos here, but as usual my hearing is selective. Candi is the Indonesian word for temple and Solo is the name of the town near the mountains where I visited this past weekend in Central Java Indonesia. The journey through the mountains reminded me of Chiang Mai, but of course it also didn't. I love the landscape in the mountains and talking with the local folks. There is nothing quite like going through the mountains on two wheels. Enjoy........................................................................................................ read more
Dinner on the Street in Solo
Gunung Lawu


Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo November 6th 2011

Eid al-Adha (Bahasa Indonesia: Idul Adha) is the biggest celebration for Muslim in all over the world after Eid al-Fitr (Bahasa Indonesia; Idul Fitri). It occurs in every Dzulhijjah 10, the month and date in Islamic lunar calendar. Indonesia, as the most populated Muslim country, of course rejoices it with both spiritual and festive spirit. Most Indonesian Muslims celebrate it in the neighborhood: preparing the meat and cooking together with neighbors. So basically, people can say that in Eid al-Fitr, they will be busy cooking with family and in Eid al-Adha, they will be busy cooking with neighbors. Then what is Eid al-Adha? For some people who do not have basic knowledge about spiritual and cultural life of Islam may think that it is mere slaughtering activity toward cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo. But for Muslims, ... read more
Omid and Zin before takbiran along neighborhoods
Kids with bamboo torch
Kids were happy to do takbiran

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo October 2nd 2011

If my city, Solo, conducts an event or festival, I then usually give information to my International friends. Like I did yesterday, I posted information through Facebook group of International students of Sebelas Maret University, the place where I work. I also sent text of information to other International students from Indonesian Art Institute, Surakarta. “Batik Fashion on the Street - for celebrating National Batik Day. Oct 2, 2011. In Solo Car Free Day area: in front of Museum Batik Danar Hadi. 6.30 am. Thank you” In fact, so many friends of mine considered that I did mistyping by putting “6.30 am”. They assumed that I supposed to type “6.30 pm” because they believed that there might be no fashion show which was very early in the morning. Sabina, my friend from Slovakia gave respond in ... read more
The atmosphere in Solo Car Free Day
Bicycle Day
Playing badminton and tennis table

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo August 11th 2011

Vastenburg Fort….Hmmm, it was not familiar name for me in the first time I heard during the committee meeting of Solo International Ethnic Music (SIEM) Festival 2007. The head of SIEM mentioned that fort would be used as the venue of the festival. I started to seriously think. “Where was it?” or maybe I had seen before but did not know the name. In 2007, my age was about the beginning of 20s and I never heard it before, my parent and most of my Solonese friends, as well. Honestly, it was very strange. I was so curious and began to do small research. I was surprised when I first time knew the position of Vastenburg Fort. It was directly in the front of my grandfather office, Telkom Solo in Koesmanto Street, in which I often ... read more
in front of Vastenburg.
Vastenburg beauty at night.
Inside the main tower of Vastenburg

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo March 23rd 2011

You know that place in movies where a car of friends breaks down and half of them are saying things like "Guy's we can't stay here." "It's weird we need to get out ASAP." And a couple others are saying, "Oh come on it's fine!" "Yeah nothing is going to happen, stop being babies!" and then they are all murdered in horrible ways, except for one that ends up laying on the side of the road all bloody from her daring escape, that's the place we ended up. We were all joking about the movie thing but I think deep down we really were a bit nervous! No transport out, no internet, probably no cell service and a volcano still decently active! I'd also come up with the scenario that in the night we"d be captured ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Solo July 24th 2010

Oli ihan tosi haikeaa lähteä saarelta keskiviikkoaamuna ja tuli heti hirveät vieroitusoireet sukelluksesta. Maanantai-illalla oli taas bileet ja Markus loisti rummuissaan, kun kitaristi oli palannut lapsensaantireissulta Manadosta. Tiistaina sukellettiin vielä kaks, just ja just 24h ennen keskiviikon lentoa eli tiukalle meni. Viimeiset dyykit oli ihan täydellisiä, nähtiin mm. metrin kokoinen kilpikonna ihan vierestä, merihevosia ja sinipilkullinen rausku. Juotiin illalla vielä drinksut biitsillä meidän sukellusoppaiden Markuksen ja Julietin kanssa. Ja aamulla käytiin vielä vilkuttamassa sukellukselle lähtijöille ennen kuin meidän vene lähti kohti Manadoa. Markus oli hajalla kun lähti meidän sijaan sukeltamaan vanhojen jenkkien kanssa… Ai niin, ne meidän jenkkifrendit olivat sitten löytäneet reissullaan 3 kilometriä korkean merenalaisen tulivuoren, josta oli jutt... read more
Musta savu
C Lawangin kylaa

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