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January 29th 2007
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OK So we are actually in Yogyakarta now, but let me back track and start from the beginning. We arrived in Jakarta on Thursday, very hot, where we met with friends, old and new, and promptly left Friday night for Semarang, by freezing train, to join in on a family party, eat fresh Durian and wonder at the plethera of empty dutch buildings covering the old part of town. Semarang is even hotter than Jakarta, and we left there Sunday for Yogya, where we are now, still a bit in shock as we unpacked our stored boxes and marveled at the things still same and the things so different from a year a half ago. Today, Monday, we borrowed a motorcycle to visit some of our favorite haunts. As old memories surprise us the rest of the world melts away and we are floating along in Yogya again, under those incredible clouds, zooming in and out of traffic, grabbing for my helmet as the wind tries to take it from my head.

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1000 doors1000 doors
1000 doors

This is considered the most haunted place in Indonesia, it has 1000 doors. The film crew from "ghost busters" a popular show, left when they filmed a ghost.
Fresh Durian FruitFresh Durian Fruit
Fresh Durian Fruit

This was the sweetest Durian I've ever had. It tasted like candy, after we ate some, we all went to sleep.

3rd February 2007

hi, read your blog and it was nice. it kinda of surprised me tough, that you like durian?? happy to know that :) Oh how I miss durian......
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5th February 2007

I love the photos: the motorcycle, fish sticks, DRAGONS and ghosts did you ever think about writing a kids story to go with all those?? First you eat bread fruit and go to sleep for a million years while it rains and floods. Then you get malaria...just kidding ...something nicer like sight seeing on a dragon, barely excaping the magnetic pull of the ghost house with a 100 doors... I love you guys, please send an address and requests for anything you need til soon xoxoxo
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5th February 2007

thanks :: whew
I love you guys! Thanks for calming the nerves of a midlife crisis which briefly found another reason to freak out. actually, thanks for removing that reason, now it's back to the actual crisis at hand. what were you doing at the executive lounge anyway ;) ? I don't like those places, normally, but I guess if it's one of two places with wireless access it's all right... I will post comments from time to time if that's all right...especially when we are in the provence this summer! can't wait to read more.
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16th February 2007

So glad you sent me the blog address. How great! I agree with Maya about the writing. What great ideas (sans the malaria thought)! The photos anc captions are great. Miss you much.
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20th February 2007

World Peace
You guys are amazing. Thank you for being our US ambassadors and showing the world that America has some great people. I love the fact that I always learn something new from you! Durian, Salak from Yogyakarta. I enjoyed the geography and social culture lesson. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs, Cathy
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