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Asia » Indonesia » Bali July 11th 2013

Days 284 – 285 (Tues 18th – Wed 19thJune) Nusa Lembongan I booked my speedboat first thing when I found an ATM that worked, so many of them on such a small island but it seems when one doesn’t work, none of them do. Paid for my speedboat ticket which was to take me to Nusa Lembongan, then in a few days I could use it again to get to my final destination on Bali. I then relaxed in my room, packed slowly as I had clothes scattered everywhere and listened to some music before heading for the boat. The speedboat was a lovely boat, could get about 30 tourists on it and flew across the water first to Gili Air, then Lombok main island before getting to Nusa Lembongan maybe 2 hours later. It was ... read more
Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 29th 2013

Note: I wrote this at the end of the stay in Ubud, Bali. It is not intended to be a generalization of the island, nor the religion of Hinduism, in general. _____________________________________________________ I think Jenn captured it best, “I want to subscribe to the Balinese religion”, referring not to the island’s majority religion, Balinese Hinduism, nor to the country’s dominant religion, Islam. (At this point, if you haven’t yet done so, check out my blog entry on Jakarta, then come back and follow along. The Indonesian islands of Bali and Java are vastly different places). There is something so seemingly simple, yet fundamentally obvious about how the Balinese people live their lives. Strangers, upon greeting you, clasp their hands together against their chests. This symbolizes harmony between good and evil at the moment. They will also ... read more
Typical Balinese greeting

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Bukit Peninsula June 23rd 2013

Hi folks, Well we've had a pretty busy couple of weeks since our last update. Well, actually busy in terms of moving about a bit, we've spent most of it lying on a beach and in the ocean, so not really 'busy' as such!!! We had an over night in kl after Cambodia, spent a great few hours seeing round the city. Nipped up their sky tower for a great view, then went into Chinatown for a phenomenal meal on a simple street pavement cafe. On our first day in Bali we decided to have our engagement dinner, we hadn't had a nice night out and dinner together since we got engaged, primarily as Nepali cuisine is pretty average, so we went to a swanky place on the beach called Ku De Ta. Awesome seafood salads ... read more
Chinatown in KL
Gili islands
The view from our beach on Gili Air across to the volcanoes of Lombok

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud June 23rd 2013

A Primer on Balinese Naming Conventions: In this entry, I make reference to three people named Made (pronounced "ma-deh"). A quick discussion of Balinese naming conventions may be in order first. Balinese names usually begin with "I" (for males) or "Ni" (for females), followed by Wayan, Made, Nyoman or Ketut to signify birth order, and then followed by their given name(s). Our guesthouse owner, I Wayan Karja, for example, is a man and he is the firstborn in his family. Some Background I first visited Bali 20 years ago when it was mainly a backpacker destination and long before Elizabeth Gilbert hit that midlife crisis that led her to write Eat Pray Love. I planned on staying only a day or two thinking it was a tourist trap, but I ended up staying nine days. Like ... read more
Day 1: Walking Into Ubud
Day 2: Pre-Breakfast Walk, Penestanan
Day 2: Ayung River Gorge Hike

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Padangbai June 20th 2013

We arrive into Bali late and jump in our taxi to Padang Bai, which is a small fishing village on the east coast of Bali. First impressions are similar to that of all non-western cities, crazy traffic and a lot of beeping horns, it’s hot and humid and the taxi provides some welcome air conditioning. The hostel is up a big flight of stairs; James and I pretty much crash when we reach our fan cooled room. In the morning we walk out onto the veranda to check out the view and it is stunning. Our first taste of Asian scenery and it does not disappoint the bluey green ocean on one side with rolling hills of tropical forest on the other. We head out to explore and quickly get lost finding ourselves walking precariously on ... read more


Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 7th 2013

Bali 83 Secret Bay Am At breakfast I change my idea of doing my last 2 dives in Puri Jati and last minute I decided to go to Secret Bay and try to get a better shot of that baby dragonet/mandarine and to look for the cute blenny instead of trying to look for something new. On the way we stopped at a resort with WiFi and the owner ended up being friends with Mr Yono and they let me take photos of their facilities which were very nice, clean and within the budget. When we arrived at Secret Bay the water was flat like a plate it was perfect to do some top side wide angle and it was high tide. Lucky me!! I headed under the pier straight to the baby mandarin/dragonet ... read more
Another kind of Blenny

Asia » Indonesia » Bali June 6th 2013

Dilema: What to do on my last night dive? Go get a better shot of something I have already seen (almost for sure: mating dragonnetes) or go see something I have never seen (Not for sure: Mating mandarin)…I switched back and fwd when I think half of the island or more think there are no mandarine fish in Bali… 06 06 2013 Bali 80 Secret Bay am I didn’t really care much for going back to secret bay but I really really wanted a potrait, award winner shot of that cute blenny with puffy cheejs I saw earlier during the week. So I decided to at least do one more dive there. It was raining all morning, Mr Yono stopped at an Internet place in Gilimanuk while waiting for the ... read more
Another view of the special find

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Pemuteran June 6th 2013

The run off rain in Tulamben had ruined the visibilitly and I made a last minute turn and decided to explore the West side of Bali. Komang my new driver arrived early and was super nice. Ricky complaint to much. But my main issue with Ricky was that he was pressuring me to decide what to do and when. I want to decide..Its my trip. He wants to force me to do what he wants and some how everytime he manages to talk me out of doing what I want ending up very convenient for him. This time Wayan helped me get another diver and encourage me to try the west side and if I didn’t like it I could always come back. We pulled a map, threw in some dive site names and made a ... read more
Beach View
Mountains + Ocean

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Pemuteran June 6th 2013

I have 6349 images taken in 84 dives in Bali 2013. 2953 of them are already marked as Rejected ready to be deleted when I am in a cleaning mood. I learn to wait a a few weeks and keep them in the freezer in case I change my mind. 2599 I haven’t looked at because they are mostly boring. I have flagged only 88 to look at and only 4 that I am really happy with so far. My first night at the airport in Taiwan I was playing taking photos of my computer screen at low light and I set my ISo at 3200. Then I did about 30 dives with my camera like that. A complete Amateur mistake. Unforgettable! I was concentrated in playing with snoots and finding a hairy shrimp and doing ... read more
My first Harlequin!
 Can't skip a Tiger Shrimp
 Typical Shrimp

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta May 29th 2013

For the last day, we decided to take it slow and simply spend our day just chillaxing at the beach. We slept till it was really late, and slowly made our way to this nice little diners for our breakfast - Warung Totemo. We slowly had our breakfast and people watch for a while. We came to realised that there were alot of aussies there, and everyone seems to get around on a bike. This kinda reminded me of Macau. When we got to the beach, there were alot of people and makeshift drink stall owners. They were the ones responsible for the sun chairs as well. Do beware and remember to check for their pricing before taking up their offers. Some had drinks and shade for a certain price. While some of them have separate ... read more
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -12
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -13
Collage - Bali Exploration May 27-30 2013 -14

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